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Groups conspiring against you the individual

    if this vaccine thing is really a trick to poison the peoples, then this poison and trick was not thought up of by one person -

    you as an individual will always get picked off (taken out, destroyed, killed),by groups of people who want to keep you where they want to keep you and have the power to do so - you as an individual believe that you can avoid this by making money, and eating what has the words "100% natural" on it -

    what if the enemy opened up and owns whole foods ?

    the enemy knows that you like fresh fruits and vegetables - he'll sell you some -

    keeping you busy, scared, and unhealthy in order for you to remain a slave for their prosperity
  2. BornPower
    what is stopping us from opening our own grocery stores?
    opening is not the problem...so much

    maintaining them and making a good amount of money without getting strong armed or taken over is the problem

    without a military, it will not go so far
  4. BornPower
    business sense and security are things that are easily obtainable for any savvy entrepreneur...
    nothing is difficult unless we make it so. plan and follow the plan, adapt as necessary; isn't this the hallmark of any successful endeavor?
    yes - who has tried and failed ?

    anyway, it's too late to start building business on that level - it would not be necessary
  6. BornPower
    why is it too late and not needed?
    maybe i shouldn't have used the words "too Late"

    we can put up stores and store up money - but my belief that this thing will fall very hard very soon won't allow me to see opening up stores as a way to building a successful civilized nation - opening up stores storing money will allow us to move around a bit more free - we'll have more money and be more free to buy more stuff - then we'll have to purchase more places to store the extra stuff we bought from other stores - then our time will be dedicated to maintaining the money flow and the stores
  8. BornPower
    the stores could be a spring board into other areas. If we build supermarkets and store that money to invest in real estate, then we can move into entertainment and technology. the stores would allow us to be more free (as you said) to move in more circles of knowledge and influence. in a pyramid the bottom stones are stepped upon but hold up the peak...
  9. V4D3R
    It's too late to be thinking on the micro this is macro now. We basically need to rely on what will the mil Personel do when it does fall hard. Soldiers need to be awakened and protected from potential MK Ultra/Montauk programming when shit hits the fan.

    We need to do this peacefully with the help of the Creator and out of this world help. We have this dude Aled Collier claiming the ETs need 10% of us ( the world population ) awakened and wanting intervention. I don't know...i'm brave but not a leader.
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