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The Taboo of pulling resources together

    seems like it's a curse to mention this to others or trying to get this accomplished - how can people, who know about the willie lynch program, let it effect them/us so much ?

    i'll point out 2 problems

    fear and distrust -

    what else -
  2. BornPower
    Just because we point out how we have been affected by something does mean that this is a solution in itself. we need a program to deprogram the falsehoods. we are bombarded with so much contradictory information on a regular basis, it's no wonder the population is confused!
    as many of you have noticed, most cannot even defend the falsehoods they believe in so whole-heartedly. they end up repeating nonsensical phrases and the discussion breaks down due to their dismissal of a logic and truth that contradicts the lies they hold dear.
    what can we do about that?
    what can we do...

    ...not hold onto beliefs so hard

    the nations program is good at deprogramming falsehoods

    however, the enemy has new tricks that might not be as recognizable to the doctors

    keeping the lessons in our head and on our mind is a good start - but we'd have to be deprogrammed to some extent before we can get there to that stage
  4. LHX
    this is a toughie

    the only suggestions i can come up with:
    1. keep giving with no expectation of return
    2. be picky about how and what you give (based on your own judgement of righteousness)
    3. keep moving fast and creating fly shit (let people try and figure out how/why you do it)
    4. aspire to be some combination of the following in your manifestation of Peace:
    - ruthless
    - charming
    - gentle
    - funny
    5. embrace the robots before they revolt - their population is steadily increasing
    how can we embrace the robots when they are programmed to do away with us ?

    a new program ?

    how come there are people who want to cooperate, but they can't ?
  6. SG
    Some don't want to be associated with certain things (fear --> repercussion)

    If you can't have unity, the second best would be a good relationship
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