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    i know nothing about it

    but i'm gonna write a whole bunch of shit describing how i think it works

    may sound 100% ignorant - i might be able to guess and make up some real shit

    i'll say that magnetism splits everything in half - then takes what it splits in half and splits that in half...forever

    it's what made man....man and women.....it's what made black....black and white...etc.....

    if we are shaped and animated by sound, what role does magnetism play in our existance - our continuous breaking and splitting causes constant conflict and friction - does it also eventually bring the split parts back together to bring about a new life ?

    to someone who knows what magnetism is, i must sound real stupid - i know PRO got some info on this - anyone else wanna school a nigga ?
  2. Prolifical ENG
    Prolifical ENG
    The way how you explained it has truth to it. You obviously know when you spit a magnet in half, the sides that were once together are now opposite in polarity. This continues to a subatomic level.

    I guess what people often see magnetism is a magnetic field or magnetic force. Certain objects respond when put into a magnetic field. Either lining itself up by rotating itself or will move to one end of the magnetic field which is a magnetic force.
    my head hurts right now - brb
    i didn't know that if you split a magnet in half, the sides that were once together are now opposite in polarity.

    but that confirms what i had in my mind about it........-

    i gotta look some stuff up now..

    please add on
  5. Prolifical ENG
    Prolifical ENG
    I worded it wrong about reversing polarity it doesnt switch if a magnet is broken.
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