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My musical taste is growing

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    growing up my first and only love ( in musical standards) was hip hop
    now as i grow older i vibe of of other genres
    even if its in a languge i dont understand
    to me the female voice is the best to listen to
    once i heard les nubians it was done
    them sistas can sing
  2. Urban_Journalz
    It's happening to me too. Recently, I've been listening to softer music. I still listen to my hip-hop, but it's more spaced out in terms of when I listen to it. The constant rotation is more Motown-era, or Celtic music like Enya. Sade, Keiko Matsui, Sting, etc. I guess it's about balance. The heavy and light have to be equal. So, I guess the light is getting heavier at the moment. I grew up on all the aforementioned artists, but my soul seems to be reaching out to it a lot more in my old age.
  3. Living-jism
    You guys should all goto more indie/hipster gigs.
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