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  1. check two
    check two

    The Other Contenders: The Bottom Three

    Open Pit Original Barbecue Sauce was slimy and looked more like hot sauce than BBQ sauce. Chef Hymie Grande's Barbecue Glaze may be free of high-fructose corn syrup and processed sugar (they market themselves as meeting the standards of the American Diabetes Association), but it was far too bland for our tastes. Annie's Natural Original BBQ Sauce did not fare well at all in this taste test. It was unpleasantly grainy, and more like what one would imagine if V8 were to make a BBQ sauce.
  2. check two
    check two

    Additional Taste Test Details

    The 22 varieties of barbecue sauce we tasted are available nationwide in supermarkets or online. They included the following, listed from highest to lowest score achieved in our taste test: Sweet Baby Ray's Original, KC Masterpiece Original, Kraft Original, Cattlemen's Kansas City Classic, D.L. Jardine's 5-Star, Olde Cape Cod Sweet & Bold, Duke's New York Roadhouse, Butternut Mountain Farm, Heffys Original, Hunt's Original, Stubb's Original, Emeril's Bam! Original, Jack Daniel's Original No. 7 Recipe, Organicville Original, Gringo Jack's Mild Vermont Maple, Trader Joe's All Natural, Bull's Original, Lip Licking Sweet & Smoky, Bone Suckin' Sauce, Open Pit Original, Chef Hymie Grande Glaze, Annie's Natural Original BBQ Sauce.

  3. Sizzy Up
    Sizzy Up
    the truth .... no bullshit.. they have... t h c barbecue sauce. 4 real ! . like you just eat the barbecue sauce... and just wait , you will feel high. its crazy. my friend told me about it . i want a brownie . thanks for the invite check , did u bust a N.w. a. ? or is this group different than the non ignorants ?
  4. battle?
    i made some good sauce the other night.im still rockin the stubs when i dont feel the need to make it from scratch.thc sauce???wtf??
  5. check two
    check two
    Let's get this party started !!
  6. check two
    check two
    Fall Brawl !!
  7. battle?
    hall-o-ween havic!!
  8. Drunken Monk
    Drunken Monk
    some steak please!
  9. check two
    check two
  10. battle?
    just demolished a 14 oz ribeye then a 8oz filet!!
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