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How many of you still have trust issues with me?

  1. V4D3R
    Im embarrassed and I talk about myself too much. Talkin about trust when Im an open book.
  2. V4D3R
    To add on about this "curse" - I'm at a point of turning back to Christianity because these theories and shit are not fun to go at alone. The devil is good with the tricknology and I cant do this alone deciphering what is garbage and what isent garbage info. I value a lot of the info I get from Styles in particular. I am a fatherless, fearless, reckless, going on like a robotic machine somedays. Some of you here are good guys, some of you fear me when you shouldnt.

    Let me tell you I want the Americas Army threads deleted, The Second Life threads deleted. They are mind control tools. The symbol for Second life needs to be analyzed by whoever here would like to know about a new form of this fuckin bullshit they poisoning us with.
    I would like to discuss MK ULtra here and defense against it with orgone generators.
    I want to build my own.

    Im here to build - no longer destroy...
    we have to stop thinking that we are exempt from choosing poison

    took me a very long time to recognize my own self righteousness - thinking that the choices that i was making was the answer to mine and everyone elses problems
    when that is clearly not the case - i'm strong in some areas and weak in other areas - and so is everyone else - we will all get hit with something somewhere - giving up americas army and half life isn't going to stop the poison - you have to give up the whole culture - and you need to have the masses be on the same page as far as moving away from this culture is concerned -

    there are too many things in this world that we like that are not good for us - but we choose to hold onto some of these things -

    we need to understand where we are at as an individual and as a people - and ride the waves that we can ride and not let the fact that this ocean is so big depresses us -

    read up on TAO -
  4. Prolifical ENG
    Prolifical ENG
    no, i dont have a trust issue with you.
    why would there be any space for trust or distrust here ?
  6. V4D3R
    ITs kinda obvious why - it has nothing to do with anybody but what happened between us in the past but I dont know I kinda been feeling scrutinized except lately things have changed- but I obviously let go of that fear now. It was basically directed at you Sunny. One thing I'm asking is continue on the 5th attempt build. I just want to know if you got anything out of our words - epiphany?

    There really is disinformation agents out there - Dont let them infiltrate.

    And I see eye to eye on that whole point you made about we dont have a need for trsut or distrust but rather - Agreement and disagreement.
  7. Mumm Ra
    Mumm Ra
    "And I see eye to eye on that whole point you made about we dont have a need for trsut or distrust but rather - Agreement and disagreement."
    cosign that
    i don't place my trust in anybody
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