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Fear of the Uncertainty concerning faith

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  1. V4D3R
    Im sure Im not alone but we have to feel fear like:
    "Geeze - what if the Christians are right?"
    Just generalizing with the Christian example - but with me being born Roman Catholic its my fear.

    Lets build on this.

    KP says it best in his song The black rose.

    Is it the seven in the crescent?
    The G in the compass?
    Reverend and his message?
    It's me in a conflict
    Star of David - The Mosque or The Masons?
    God or the Atheists?
    Tomorrow or the ancients
    Which way do I go? Which wave do I roll?
    New age or the old?
    Ways of the crow to the grave in the cold
    Or to the grave in the soul with the sunrays where I can grow
    To the pavement on the road
    God dealt wit Nations so I deal wit concentration
    So deep in conversation
    I reap for combination
    Read Psalms when I'm shakin'
    Call moms when I'm achin'
    The Devil's a liar, the ghetto's on fire
    The level is higher
    Thats why I'm (mantra)
    dope verse

    kind of like you i was raised in a baptist household

    but i feel prety confident in my views on the all and death

    but i understand your questions
  3. Face of the Golden Falcon
    Face of the Golden Falcon
    Coming from a heavy christian upbringing, when I came to learn that things weren't how they appeared to be it was like Neo waking up from the matrix, making me feel nauseous, my body doing it's best to reject.

    ...and I guess because the matrix was so real that you're always gonna have that doubt in your mind "what makes me so sure this reality is the true reality?"...

    ...for me, any fears like that, I'm reassured that so long as I am living in fear of anything I am separating my self from the truth because this universe is built on love.

  4. Sense-A
    every man walks his own path unto salvation
  5. Frank Sobotka
    Frank Sobotka
    "Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.
    " - Thomas Jefferson

    What's the chance of mankind getting the story right anyway?

    If there was a god I'm pretty sure he'd be a deist.
  6. Face of the Golden Falcon
    Face of the Golden Falcon
    ...we'll get the story right. It's printed on the fabric of our very being.

  7. Living-jism
    I came from an atheist up bringing, since China in the late 80's and early 90's is technically an "athiest" nation (barring the religion of communism). But nonetheless, now that I think back to the days of my childhood, China was really a pretty good and peaceful place to live, people are alot nicer to eachother and sustainable as well!

    Anyway, coming to the "West" you actually found the whole religion thing "funny" and "fun". Then later on as you grow up you learn more things about society and how religions operate and you start to dislike most aspects of many religions and it seems the majority of this supposed (New Zealand) Christian nation dislikes Christianity and other religions.... then minus many details of my life... something happens that suddenly makes you see reality in a whole new light!

    Here is a rash question for you guys, did you guys feel something's changed since last Sunday?
    tell me about last sunday?

    what happened?

    wow - yes - there was a big change - the lights got brighter, meaning the clouds got wiped away and a realization happened - the sun of man is recognized - and missions are picked up - sorry that i have to be so vague - but those of you here should already know what's up - the love is back - that is the feeling you may be feeling
  10. Living-jism
    I got over the whole "which religion is right" now. I just keep on worrying about whether I am doing the right thing these days. Is this meant to happen? Though fucking cloudy days really brings my spirit down
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