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My musical taste is growing

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    strange how i can vibe to stuff that i wasn't able to vibe to before
    expressions that i'd usually dismiss

    seems like i'm able to relate regardless of the form it's in - i can appreciate the expression

    very weird

    my taste in music has always been wide, but i think that gaining an understanding of those who live in other countries and places has contibuted to this -

    Knaan alsp had something to do with this - cause the first time i turned on "think of the things", i turned it off - the accent and the music was just not my style

    but i turned it back on just to hear kris's verse - the resty is history

    whatever doesn't change doesn't move - if it's not moving, it's most likely dead
  2. V4D3R
    Sound waves sooth in various forms. I seen them come up ( Somalians ) in my city since the war in Mogadishu - there was about 50000 refugees come to Ottawa in the early 90's.

    Smile is my fav song of his.
  3. Mumm Ra
    Mumm Ra
    saw Knaan at rock the bells last year - shook hands with em n shit
    ive been going through the same thing the past 6 months too though, i think its from getting into beat making and digging through thousands of random songs
    just a year a go I think hip hop was the only thing I was listening to
    certain types of other genres i have always been into like classical, jazz, funk. i like to put these on when i am reading.

    but in the end, i always return to hip hop. i vibe a lot to instrumentals, so i can either make my own lyrics or just chill out and enjoy the soundscapes.
  5. fatboybrandon
    I think it's good to vibe to stuff you weren't able to before, as long as the feeling comes from within and you're not doing it to follow a trend. It seems like learning about other music is an eye into different sections of society and life, which is a great, beneficial part of adulthood. When I studied the life of Isaac Hayes beyond his music it gave me an appreciation for humanitarian work and making alot out of very little in life.
  6. SG
    Some people or person can be a conduit, gateway or a window for expansion due to presentation
    please explain
  8. SG
    There are some who say...........Good music, Good Pussy, Good liquor, Good weekend, Good taste, Good life especially when its consistent.....that presentation

    do notice I said some meaning individual(s)

    Its subtle, where some don't notice.

    The music didn't come to you, You came to the music
    oh shit - i can feel mariachi now
  10. Uncle Steezo
    Uncle Steezo
    on one level, i feel like i didn't have the emotional vocabulary to "understand" certain music. like love songs. until you fall in love, a love song is just a song about love. but when you are in love, a love song becomes almost like a anthem or a personal message just for you.

    on another level we like what we like and tastes change. i used to hate onions and tomatoes. now i eat both raw.

    music i can vibe to now that i couldn't before:
    speed metal
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