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  1. battle?
    this guy makes some serious flava!!

  2. check two
    check two
    I've seen that on the shelves before.
  3. check two
    check two
    How come you can't post you tube stuff in here and in people's profiles?
  4. battle?
    u shud mos def try that shit out check.
    stubs motto is the sauce is the boss..
    not sure bout the utube .
    deleting fagmires subforum (ilc)that never gets anyhits probally cud make room 2 allow that..
  5. check two
    check two
    Yeah, I'll have to check it out.

    I'm not sure how to make that picture of the A-1 steak sauce the main photo picture of the group either, like instead of the question mark. lol It doesn't seem to work.
  6. battle?
    i was wondering about the ? mark
    dear admins?
  7. check two
    check two
    Messages can only be a certain length in here, so I'll have to continue this into another message.

    ---The great American BBQ sauce taste test

    We tried 22 traditional barbecue sauces, but only 2 had us singing, "I want my baby back, baby back…"

    Barbecue sauce does for meat what butter does for mashed potatoes; one can't be its best self without the other. This statement may be exaggerated, but oftentimes grilling isn't right without barbecue sauce, and a bad one can really mess up your meal. You can always make your own, but for quick and hassle-free cooking, many Americans turn to bottled sauces. So we decided to taste the offerings and choose our favorites.

    The all-beef hot dog good enough to eat all on its own
  8. check two
    check two

    We found some superb versions, but also some that were appallingly bad. To make things more complicated, there are more types to choose from out there than Lady Gaga has outfits, including regional variations like thin, tangy North Carolina–style and flavors like mesquite, honey, and sweet 'n' spicy, to name a few. To keep things simple, we stuck with each brand's "original" or traditional version. Most fell into the smoky-sweet category that's come to be thought of as "classic" barbecue sauce.

    Regardless of regional preferences, we found that there were certain traits we all were looking for in a barbecue sauce. It should taste of real ingredients, not artificial flavors or thickeners. It should have depth, not just one-dimensional flavor. And, as with any sauce, BBQ sauce should enhance but not overpower whatever grilled steak, pulled pork, or (as in our taste test) corn bread you're eating. They should go hand in hand like a hot dog and bun.
  9. check two
    check two

    ***Best Barbecue Sauce Overall

    Winner: Sweet Baby Ray's Original Award Winning Barbecue Sauce
    ($3.75 for 18-ounce bottle)

    Pros: The majority of the judges awarded this sauce four forks. They found this pick to have it all: "I like its full-bodied smokiness and grains of pepper," stated one judge. Another compared it to what he admitted to be his favorite sauce of all: "The taste is similar to the McDonald's version, but this thickness and tomato purée–like consistency is what their sauce should aspire to be."

    Cons: One judge felt it was a bit too thick.
  10. check two
    check two

    ***First Runner-Up

    Winner: KC Masterpiece Original Barbecue Sauce
    ($3.35 for 18-ounce bottle)

    Pros: "Well balanced and could go on anything—pork, chicken, a chunky piece of salmon. It's the multidimensional BBQ sauce!" stated one judge. Another taster enjoyed that it was slightly sweet, like molasses, but not to be confused with corn syrup. "That is one good- looking sauce! A nice, deep almost maroon-like color, and not too watery or Elmer's Glue-like, either."

    Cons: One judge thought it was not smoky enough.
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