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How to convert haters?

  1. Living-jism
    I've noticed that despite alot of people are becoming open minded, many other people are still stubbornly holding onto their hate for "shit music". Have any of you tried to convert them to be more accepting? I don't really know how to approach it without antagonising the person.
    things come back around again - after seeing this go on for some time, we become quiet in trying to direct others - we may make a suggestion here or there, but after a while even that goes away - i can now understand a God not having much to say to his creation, allowing the process seems to be the move - a God would just put things in its place and call it a day
  3. Living-jism
    I agree! The important thing is to be kind to everybody else and then things just get better
  4. INF
    yeah the best thing is not to try too hard with those that are asleep.If they are on that bullshit and will not get off then just move on.right?
    it depends on if it's your job to be an alarm
    those who are in a heavy sleep, when they hear an alarm, will sometimes knock that alarm off the table with anger - sleep is comfortable - have you ever laid in bed and felt like you been laying down too long and you have a desire to get up ?
    those kinds make being an alarm an easy job - but unfortunately, most people are in a heavy sleep - the morning sun doesn't just suddenly appear - the light gets brighter in increments .......some will still get up and close the blinds though
  6. Living-jism
    Just realised how hard this enlightenment thing is, there is really no rule... hard to keep control of my emotions all the time, but I guess there is no need to. I can definetly tell which people around me are closer to becoming "awakened" though.
  7. INF
    oh yeah.once you get there then you know who is who.the way I see it now ,I am not interested in converting at all unless it is called upon me to recruit and even still that is not something I am worried about right now. If somebody around me had questions or showed signs of sleep walking then OF COURSE I would help a brother or sister out but thats the only time I can see some converting going on. At least right now.
  8. Living-jism
    I am also going to stop trying to tell "stuff" to people all the time and just gonna be all humble n shit now Best way not to created un-neccesary antagonism

    Having a community like this with people who "knows" is really helpful cheerz!
  9. INF
  10. Living-jism
    I think I moved up a level today *calm down and suppressing pride* as I speakth this :P
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