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Playah in training

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  1. Living-jism
    ha ha, I realised most catz on here are chill mafuckahz who are considered "Alphas". With my recent transformation I've discovered my true self as well of course Getting very confident these days and working toward success on getting as much puss as possible.

    Neone got any personal tips that could add some more "lolz" to the game?
  2. Mumm Ra
    Mumm Ra
    self confidence is almost all you need
    also - don't get attached (never love a ho)
  3. Living-jism
    ^lol word! hos demands so much of homeboys! I'll punish em (with all due respect) when I lure them back to my "hipster flat" bwah ha ha ha!
  4. Living-jism
    sweet guiz! My "animal magnet" just got turned on! Just gotta control myself not to try to hit on every shawties on the street these days :P
  5. Living-jism
    My mind is even more free now! I have even less inhibition and fear now!
  6. Mumm Ra
    Mumm Ra
    keep it up playah
  7. Living-jism
    lol, tonight I pretty much charmed every single girl I've talked to in the club. Notice a few "chick playahs" myself, one of them almost stared me down lol. But yeah, I didn't really go out tonight with getting phone numbers as a goal, hence I purposely dragged out the conversation to the time when grabbing the number seems kinda lame. Got one number by accident though.

    But yeah, It's fun and pretty draining at the same time. I just gotta work on my fucking dating next lol. I don't really want to be the "One night stand" sorta guy!
  8. Living-jism
    fuck, it's awkward as, everyone's girl friend is into me.... I need to move out but not enough money may have to move back with my parents lol!
  9. Living-jism
    It seems to me that the immediate thing for me is to convince more spoilt little brats within the local indie scene to grow up.
    i need some new legs too
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