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  1. Re: **HIP-HOP RELEASE DATES (Last Update: 6/7/05)**

    ^^^Yes... he has two LP's coming out soon. One in June and one later this summer titled A.W.O.L.

    BTW I made a update today... added a few dates, a few album covers, and a few tracklistings. Enjoy....
  2. Re: **HIP-HOP RELEASE DATES (Last Update: 6/7/05)**

    Peace Ron!!!!

    Umm the Ason Unique Album.... if u even would have looked at my thread lol, comes out August 16th. The Greatest Hits CD/DVD comes out June 21st, and his Live album I still have to...
  3. Re: **HIP-HOP RELEASE DATES (Last Update: 6/7/05)**

    Ill update soon... I have to change alot. Make it easier to read.
    Anyway it would be cool if I could get this stickied, so I wouldnt have to bump the topic everytime I updated (which is just about...
  4. **HIP-HOP RELEASE DATES (Last Update: JUNE 10)**

    - June 14th 2005 -

    ---Eric B. & Rakim "Gold"
    DISC 1:
    1. Eric B. Is President
    2. I Know You Got SOul
    3. I Ain't No Joke
    4. Paid...
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