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Thread: Taylor Swift's new cd is fire!

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    Default Taylor Swift's new cd is fire!

    Speak now:

    1. "Mine" 3.5/5
    2. "Sparks Fly" 5/5
    3. "Back to December" 5/5
    4. "Speak Now" 3.5/5
    5. "Dear John" 4/5
    6. "Mean" 4/5
    7. "The Story of Us" 5/5
    8. "Never Grow Up" 3.5/5
    9. "Enchanted" 4.5/5
    10. "Better than Revenge" 4.5/5
    11. "Innocent" 4/5
    12. "Haunted" 5/5
    13. "Last Kiss" 3.5/5
    14. "Long Live"4/5

    Where my T-Swift fans at?!

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    lol to each their own brah.

    So many bodies on my microphone the shit's haunted

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    Is threadstarter a woman?
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    No, just love fat women. My girlfriend is not fat, though she does weigh more than I do.

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    1. "Mine" 3/5
    2. "Sparks Fly" 4/5
    3. "Back to December" 5/5 (best song on the album)
    4. "Speak Now" 1/5 (why is this the title song? it's crap)
    5. "Dear John" 4.5/5 (love the warmness and sincerity of her voice)
    6. "Mean" 1.5/5 (would have been better if the banjo had a solo)
    7. "The Story of Us" 1/5 (the drums sound so dull like everything was compressed heavily)
    8. "Never Grow Up" 5.5/5 (second best song of the album)
    9. "Enchanted" 2.5/5 (absolutely enchanting intro, but once the drums kick in it sounds too overwhelming, should have stopped after 1:30)
    10. "Better than Revenge" 1.5/5 (again, overly loud and compressed guitars and the lyrics don't feel like Taylor at all)
    11. "Innocent" 5/5 (I already said Back to December was the best song on this album, but somehow I missed this track. It's just as good if not better.)
    12. "Haunted" 4/5 (Kind of has a passive aggressive feel to it. Nice drumming too)
    13. "Last Kiss" 4/5 (Nice slow song. Good lyrics too. Should have been the last song on the album)
    14. "Long Live"2/5 (shit)

    I thought writing this review was going to the biggest waste of daylight saving time ever. Turned out there were some pretty good songs on Speak Now. Overall it was kind of decent. Mixed bag really. I thought her debut album Fearless was better and had a more country feel to it. Speak Now was more pop-rock, but the slower songs really stood out. Regardless, I'm giving this two and a half cancer lumps on my nutsack.
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