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Thread: 1997 Wu-tang Internet

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    yo I remember that ghostface sony messageboard, that was like the first forum I used on the internet(got on in 97.)
    RIP to davey d's, icu streetsound, SOHH

    shoutouts to Ant One and Hugz Boss

    I used to be on IRC with the handle ShamgodX

    remember coming into the room and having to earn the trust of everybody with a @ by their name just to get my +

    I ran a website too, first on geocities than I jumped to tripod

    my forum was kind of popping too, I was even hosting keystyle tournaments

    had to abandon it when I went to the navy though
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    oh shit irc was my sheeit!!!! i was a leecher called swordplay lol

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    I remember the Sony boards. I used to be on Cappadonna's, GhostFace's, Cam'ron's, Charli Baltimore and Cha Cha's (D Elite) message boards.

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