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Thread: The Book of Sajaha, Nineteen writings of the Babylonian Seer

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    Sajaha 13

    Two huge carrion-eating animals I see on the ground - and I can not say when.

    They have heads like human heads, but bodies of gray pigs, but their feet have claws like wild monster hands. And on the head every monster has five stunted horns. Although the heads are almost like human heads, but unspeakably ugly. Their noses are broad, such as the odd pig or monkey. Their mouths are bulging caves. Their eyes look like black stones that have no gloss. And their necks are fat.

    They trudge through the gardens of the country and devour everything. They wade through the rivers and seas and devour everything. They crawl through the city streets and eat everything. What do they eat, however, is what decays by itself before them to carrion.

    But men are so much afraid of the two carrion-eating animals that they die from fear of them. And that alone is the reason that the bad animals are getting bigger and fatter and more powerful, because people do not see that the monsters can not eat nothing but carrion, hence must be very afraid of life, however.

    Long it stays that way. Up in the silence a massive spear is being manufactured, in seclusion from the other people who are afraid and just do not dare to fight. One, however, builds his spear, and Ishtar himself helps him to strengthen the weapon, and Bel arms ...

    (end of the fragment)

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    Sajaha 14

    I went on the beach in Greenland - for many hours. And I saw by the light-water down to the earthly world. Strange it seemed from there, it had strange people.

    I have looked through the eons - like on the bottom of an ocean. And I saw no before and no after - everything was. I felt at last the sequence, however.

    I saw a mountain softly looming in Greenland, which looked like a strong braid, woven from lustrous women's hair. And the top one head, which had two faces: On one side is of a man, and to the other side, a woman. And the face of the woman was very young, almost like a girl, and the gigantic braid was formed from the hair. High up in Greenland's sky dominates this double head.

    Then I realized that it is Ilu's high sign: male and female in one, and full of contrast, yet the combined sounds very reasonable.

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    Sajaha 15

    ("Marduk's spear")

    At the top of the mountain of gods Marduk reigns in time. He see bad things to come, can not prevent the coming for a long time. The shaft of his spear is stuck in the glass ceiling of the mountain.

    Darkness is approaching, reigns over the light. The midnight land is caught in distress. The bodies of fallen heroes rot at the foot of the sacred mountain.

    The army of the forces of darkness approach from the west; The masses of the voiceless wildly approach from the east. Babylon is beyond saving, Assur is no longer there to help - paralyzed the northern land's child.

    Marduk lonely mourns on top of the earthly mountain. The home of the gods is lost(gone). They sing do not sing, they do not celebrate festivals, nor they hastily prepare for battle. Even their thoughts are captive in chains. Ishtar cries for her people.

    Marduk raises his eyes up to the limits of the highest light, where Ishtar is crying. And he hears Ishtar's voice to sound him: Lord Marduk! Protector of the midnight mountain! Hurl your spear against the enemy! But save our people!

    Then said Marduk and answered her: 0 Ishtar! I would love to do what you said to me! But the people are down, crushed the realm/empire, violence of our enemies is numberless - and the new Sargon, the liberator, the Avenger, which is not here.

    Ishtar, but looked at him and said: O Marduk! See what has come from below on earth, and dominates our people who came from the top once. Do not tolerate any longer that the below dominates the above! Hurl your spear! The one of our men who catches it, will be the new Sargon!

    As Marduk pulled out the spear from the ground, lifted it and threw it with force down on the earthly world. And while Marduk did this, Ishtar ordered the stars to send out a new light, invisible.

    Marduk's spear caused its effects on the earthly world: he gave birth to a new will of the people, a new rage and a weapon - a new Sargon was created to the people, and soon took Marduk's spear.

    And a mighty struggle began - until the below was beaten and the above increased, and a new Babylon was build. All of this is to look at a distant future, all this will be.

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    Sajaha 16


    1. ... This day is a good, that day is a bad. And they are often fanned into one another, such as palm leaves.

    2. Think healthy leaves and rotten on the same branch. Still, most are healthy - soon they will be the most rot. Poison jumps over to decompose quickly.

    3. Evil is like a sharp knife, it knows how to hide its form and to be wrapped in gold. A girl found it, thought it was a sparkling crest, and before she knew it, three yards of killed hair fell down. It will take years until it is grown again.

    4. Who the evil bites, receives serious wounds quickly. They slowly heal.

    5. Who is gripped by evil, resembles the girl whose long hair fell off: the strings to pick up the vibration of the good are taken away or weakened. It is now hard to fight against evil. - Take this as a useful picture.

    6. If you are strong, strengthen the one who was unknowingly attacked by the bite of evil. Not everyone ...

    (End of the fragment)

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    Sajaha 17


    The giant hand reached out. It grabs for the rays of the sun. Its fingers bleed - but not hurt by the sun.

    The giant hand grabbed the sun - and held nine times. Then it pulled back, and relieved the pain in the sea.

    The giant hand was not the hand of a giant. No one knows what it was. Now it is no more.

    The rising yard [corona?] went to the dawn. Some from Esagila taken away with him.

    They knew each other - and yet were also foreign to themselves.

    (End of the fragment)

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    Sajaha 18


    A copper mirror - bright - confusing the uninitiated. You are not attacking its bare metal, it wants your views.

    And you look in the mirror over the edges of the times. On his water traveling the wise(knowing).

    At the top of the earthly mountain lands the so-world-traveling wanderers ship. The journey never finds an end as it began. You realize the sound of the voices that no one else hears.

    I looked through the mirror, I saw the wanderers. From the top of the worldly mountain he beckoned me to follow him. But I remained faithful to my king.

    Up there, the walkers collects fruits ...

    (End of the fragment)

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    Sajaha 19


    You can hear them well, the songs of the blessed, accompanied by harps, flutes and drums, if you listen to them!

    And you are able to more, if your will has the strength.

    Then you can leave your dress of this world and cross over into other worlds. And heed: You meet all deceased there again - and they are young! And they ...

    (End of the fragment)

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