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Thread: David Liss run on Black Panther was pretty good

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    Default David Liss run on Black Panther was pretty good

    Now that David Liss run has ended on The Most Dangerous Man Alive, for those that read it, what did you all think about the series as a whole? Black Panther vs Kingpin was great, hated to see the series come to an end. Excited for what the future entails though for T'challa. I'd like to see Hudlin get another crack, would of been great if McDuffie could have ever wrote T'challa in a main title. You all think any elements of Wakanda will be in the Avengers movie? From what I have seen in the previews it looks like the team could use his help.

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    It would've been better if they had actually ran with what made the character unique instead of completely undermining it and going for the urban vigilante angle. It wasn't until the Hate Monger arc that the character actually started acting like the genius mastermind he's supposed to be. The Christopher Priest series from the early 2000s is still the definitive run on the character imo.

    Hudlin's run was garbage imo with the exception of the "who is the black panther?" arc.

    I thinki they might mention Vibranium in the Avengers movie and that'll be about it.

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    since i read "doomwar" i was hip to t'challa being depowered.

    i did enjoy the liss run, just wish the o.g. artist woulda stayed on the whole run. but it was enjoyable. i do like the new bulletproof vest look of panthers costume.

    i have yet to read the chistopher priest run, but i intend to. i always hear its the best panther stories and he gets beat down by iron fist in it.

    i do hope panther is an avenger they either make a solo film about, or add him to the avengers roster if there is a sequel. he was always one of my favorite avengers back in the 80s.
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    ^iron fist does beat him down and gives him a brain aneurysm (or was it a tumor? it's been years and i read alot of comics and smoke alot of weed), but t'challa punks tony stark, mephisto, and magneto during priest's run

    doomwar started really strong and became total bullshit by the end of it, imo

    and yeah, the 'most dangerous man alive' run would've been better had francesco francavilla drew/colored all of it...also, he just seemed alot less savvy and intelligent in that run than i'm used to...but the priest series was my intro to the character aside from random guest appearances where he was just the 'african dude who looks kind of like batman who doesn't really do anything worthwhile'

    to me, the hudlin run was an uneasy mix of political commentary and plots aimed at 5-year olds (it really derailed with the marvel zombies, martin luther king skrull in space adventure caused by a teleporting gold frog...which sounds alot better than it ended up being)

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