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Thread: Original tracklist for 'The W' album...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SL33 View Post
    Shaolin Finger Jab was an awesome beat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparrow Daene View Post
    ^ you said his beat selections were questionable then. I was expecting you to bring up all the trash on immobilarity. but soul power? that shit is great! if you said rules, one of these days, chrome wheels, alright then. soul power though?

    I want to hear the original version of the w. we need to get cilvaringz on this. there was one of the best rza beats I've ever heard on there that was scrapped, spot lite, shaolin finger jab, a beat with the latoya sample, another beat I dont know if I can talk about, the w (which was a dumbass song to have on that album "gotta check out the w" - I AM!). there was also a song that was to feature aaliyah. there was a song that was called 'task force' or something like that - I could be wrong about that one though.

    then something happened and much later on redbull was recorded (using the same deck verse as spot lite) and that conditioner bullshit. the features that are cool - the ones that make sense like isaac hayes & junior reid were meant to be there (again, I could be wrong about the isaac hayes one)
    Whoa, with the exception of maybe 3 wack songs at the end, I thought Immobilarity was dope. I love the beats, from the intro to The Table, SNEAKERS! Jury, Live from new York, real life, 100 rounds. C'MON SON.

    And as sloppy as it was...Conditioner was dope

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