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Thread: watching SLAUGHTERHOUSE get HOED by interscope has been really satisfying!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Even the cover art makes me cringe.

    What happened to having songs with substance and meaning on this LP?

    This looks like a bunch of shitty cash grab one-offs slapped together to sell to net babies with poor money management skills.

    Or a mixtape.

    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
    Thanks for your hate hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

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    That Shady 2.0 cypher was ill (even if you removed Em's verse), but I know the chances of them regularly being on beats like that is slim...

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    Quote Originally Posted by THUGNIFICENT View Post
    maybe, but i think most people think of him "that black guy with eminem on that thing he put out a year ago." people know who joe budden is, if only for pump it up and the army of losses he's built over his career.

    it's kinda sad to see what has happened to this group. they all have skill and potential, it's just that they're 4 retards who cant do anything right. since they joined up as a group has any of them released a good album/mixtape??
    Street Hop is a good album.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodspitta View Post
    That Shady 2.0 cypher was ill (even if you removed Em's verse), but I know the chances of them regularly being on beats like that is slim...
    Eminem destroyed that shit.

    Everybody spazzed on that cypher.

    But that has nothing to do with how much this album will probably suck.

    Radioactive tanked, and this will flop even harder.

    I doubt this album will do any higher first week than their debut did.

    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
    Thanks for your hate hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

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    Fucking hell that album cover is so bad, even for these guys, its bad. They must have mental ages of 12.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost In The 'Lac View Post
    Fucking hell that album cover is so bad, even for these guys, its bad. They must have mental ages of 12.
    they have a song called FRAT HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    all these guys are clueless... they dont know what they should do so theyre gonna hold gay sober eminems hand and hes gonna have them rapping on beats he thinks are good....

    i wanna punch joell ortiz in his stupid face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    joell ortiz is a BUM!!!!!!!!!!!

    cartoon bullshit voice... wannabe pun that couldnt hold puns jock... nigga tries so HARD and still SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cant explain it i see his face and wanna punch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    crooked i is a 53 year old drunk loser thats just going along for the ride... these niggas have wanted to sell out their whole lives but theyve been stuck carrying on as underground losers cuz they have no star power.. these pathetic grown men get excited about photoshoots in makeup and green screen videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if royce didnt know gay sober eminem sluaghterhouse wouldve already disbanded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how is joell ortiz gonna rap about hurting somebody when he looks like a human marshmellow!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?! i wanna knock his cap off and put him to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    eminem looks like a scared woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hes gonna be 45 rapping about poop and piss over jim jonsin clunkers to make up for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    or else....

    eminem is scared of getting killed by his record label!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dude went DIAMOND and hes a label slave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL @ the outfits

    joell ortiz as a DISH BOY... makes sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SHADY pays hermaphrodite bruno mars ridiculous fees to sing on their bullshit albums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    eminem thinks this guys dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    crooked i been rapping for 25 years and he doesnt have ONE song ppl know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but hes super lyrical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cant wait for this project to flop... gonna be funny seeing them try to rebuild their patehtic underground careers nearing 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    LOL @ trying to get eminem fans in 2012 to buy a super lyrical album put out by unknown fat guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ppl that buy eminem records in 2012 buy justin bieber records!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    eminem and biebs share the same fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    theyre not tryin to hear super lyrical fat guys rap about being the resurrection of pun over beats eminem would cry to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL @ eminem fans still not knowing who royce da 5'9 is

    he put out an album out with duke and eminem super fans just know him as the black guy that isnt fitty cent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL @ sluaghhterhouse dropping all their solo projects after annoucning their deal at SHADY thinking they were gonna triple their numbers

    HOWD THAT FREE AGENT LP DO JOELL!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!

    that album moved like gas station hot dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    still on the shelf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL @ royces solo going brillo pad after dropping a whole album with elvis

    these niggas redefine what it means to be a LOSER in the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they think theyre superstars now....

    eminem puts them on a guestlist from his isolation bunker and they walk the red carpet like its theirs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    LOL @ not ONE slaughetrhouse song getting traction since being signed to the machine

    movie soundtrack spots... sell out singles... street singles... NOTHING works!!!!!!!!!!!

    destined to FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    lol DEAD at scared woman!
    joell look like a ninja turtle lmao

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    We've always known though that Slaughterhouse were cunts, the funniest thing is their fans who thought they weren't. They had the type of fans that, not only would not realise they were cunts even after all the faggotish things they always did on a weekly basis (probably because their fans are cunts too), but would be the type of fans to argue that they were "the most talented MC's", "the most lyrical MC's" etc all that teenage whiteboy internet talk.

    Their gimmick of being the fakest "realest" rappers kind of worked to a point. There were a lot of kids who didnt know much about rap music that just wanted something accessible and alternative to Justin Bieber, Slaughterhouse filled that gap for these kids who thought what they were listening to was lyrical rap genius, but was still "tough" and tattooed and rebellious.

    The most hilarious thing is though the percentage of fans they have that are actually fully grown adults.

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    Slaughterhouse still got some dope lyrics (based off the first album) not gonna front like their lyrical geniuses but remember back in 09 it was more a indie effort

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    slaughterhouse is a frankenstein project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    all 4 of these guys already FAILED their major label test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    joell ortiz had a deal with dre and mentally broke and QUIT like the spineless pussy he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    joe buddens was created by DEF JAM and they destroyed their creation after his debut FLOPPED... ONE AND DONE thrown in the gutter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! def jam invested more into joe buddens than any new artist they ever had... they shit on legends to give him that shot... when the smoke cleared they HATED him... they ICED him out and had him filling applications at radio stations looking for a gig as an on air personality (seriously)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love how these niggas all act like they were keeping shit real on the indy scene...

    LOL @ niggas making club joints when theyre signed to AMALGAM DIGITAL... AN INTERNET LABEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL @ joe buddens single off his indy debut being a horrible attempt at a hit record featuring a nigga that EVISCERATED him on record and put the nail in his coffin as a solo artist


    crooked i is a ZERO... been rapping for 25 years and he doesnt have ONE signature song or moment... 3,000 weekly freestyles and not one is memorable... no LP... just a bunch of trash mixtapes and wack EPs no one copped!!!!!!!!!!!!! he got whipped by suges niggas at death row and crawled out the back door... he was scared for his life...

    royce is the best rapper of the bunch but hes a loser too... always ahs been... good rapper lousy artist... nigga was wearing a leather cowboy hat and rhine stone du rags in the BOOM video... hes been destroying himself for years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SHADY target audience is 12-14 year olds... so clear in the green screen vid with eminem doing goofy shit they think is funny... stroke face eminem wanted to kill himself and he couldnt do it.. now hes forced to sit in front of the camera and work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL @ tryin to market sluaghterhouse to kids that listen to biebs and think SHADY is GOAT

    they already tried this... they have no identiy and no star power...

    "were really good rappers"

    that make really bad music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    eminem is being held hostage by his pussy heart and interscope....

    rosenburg and iovine got the faggot by the balls so he sits alone in his house SCARED mixing wack slaughterhouse records that are gonna FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL @ slaughterhouse thiknkin they made it when eminem fans think theyre the new D12

    eminem should eat all the pills he has when this album drops cuz jimmy is gonna send goons to hobble him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    why is eminem putting so much emphasis on these dudes? what does he have to gain?

    the guy has not one but TWO diamond records, and he wants to help build these guys up? does that mean he BELIEVES in them and thinks they are good MCs? I don't get it. there's gotta be better MCs, even from Detroit, he can help out. Reach out to Elzhi, he's better than all of them I bet. or a bunch of other talented underground dudes who need the support

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    hes doing it cuz he feels bad for royce...

    if eminem could still get high hed be getting high not mixing wack slaughterhouse records.... if eminem was still getting high royce would still be getting embarrassed on stage drunk by niggas that suck at rapping like mistah fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ^^^ these guys got him on drugs... off drugs... they run his LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they will be forcing eminem into doing more music even though eminem wanted to quit 10 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    eminem has to ask paul if he can have his rap friends over to make bad records featuring bruno mars and pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    shoes off... no liquor in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL @ cee-lo selling out for the hell of it

    LOL @ that outfit and smile coming out of slaughtrhouses advance

    LOL @ this crooked i EP


    sold less than 1,000 copies and hes been photographed with eminem... THATS WHEN U REALIZE...

    "IM NEVER GONNA WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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    i dont hate these guys half as much as most of ya'll, but all the shit they've been doing since signing to shady has been wack as fuck.

    i still think ortiz & royce are dope solo artists.
    even though "free agent" moved like gas station hot dogs, i still thought it was a pretty dope album. and "the brick" too.

    and i will never diss somebody for leaving gay ass andre youngs label. he's signed some of the dopest east coast cats (raekwon, busta, RAKIM) and does NOTHING with them for years. if your name aint 50 cent or eminem & your signed to dr dre, YOU AINT GONNA HAVE A CAREER. point blank.

    and royce was blackballed by princess dre, lets not forget. it had nothing to do with his skills or anything like that, dre got mad at a statement that royce's manager said to some magazine about how em was working harder in the studio than dre.

    dre, being the hollywood bitch that he is got all emotional about it.
    told royce to fire his manager or he's out the picture.
    royce chose loyalty to his people rather than do what a homosexual rap producer demand he do.

    royce chose loyalty over hollywood illusions & money. i cant do nothing but respect that. but the uninformed continue to think his career went off track for other reasons (well.....maybe the drinking problem didnt help either).

    but yeah, im hoping there might be 2 or 3 good songs on this album thats a prime example of selling out in hip hop in 2012.

    but im not gonna hold my breath.
    "Fuck Wu Tang Corp" - The GZA/Genius


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