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Thread: watching SLAUGHTERHOUSE get HOED by interscope has been really satisfying!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hollow Dartz View Post
    lol @ this album cover. super proud of "THeir House"

    worst cover i've ever seen, i think

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hollow Dartz View Post
    (June 27)
    UPDATE: Now with an August 28 release date, Slaughterhouse's welcome to: Our House has the following tracklist, according to NahRight.com:
    1. The Slaughter (Intro)
    2. Our House feat. Eminem & Skylar Grey
    3. Coffin feat. Busta Rhymes
    4. Throw That feat. Eminem
    5. Hammer Dance
    6. Get Up
    7. My Life feat. Cee-Lo Green
    8. We Did It (Skit)
    9. Flip A Bird
    10. Throw It Away feat. Swizz Beatz
    11. Rescue Me feat. Skylar Grey
    12. Frat House
    13. Goodbye
    14. Park It Sideways
    15. Die
    16. Our Way (Outro)
    lol angry was actually on point with this thread ... and that tracklist wth them generic ass names (please dont make me listen to more swizz in 2012) LMFAOOO the only thing that will probably end up saving this tape is ems cult following of white boys ... they fuckin love SH

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    the village people?

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    LOL is Swizz in a pair of Iversons?

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    peep the new Vid


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    the fat guy has a leather apron on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by laolu View Post

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    come see slaughterhouse live watch joell the dishwasher play dress up and rap

    JIMMY: marshalls new groups name is slaughterhouse mary

    JIMMY: i gave them cee-lo

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    ^It really does.

    Label pressure has to play some factor, no matter how hard these dudes are willing to whore themselves out for a check.

    If I were an indie artist, I would never sign a deal with an imprint under the Interscope umbrella.

    Not only would you probably get butt raped on percentages, but I'm sure it's a 360 and Jimmy's slimy six-fingered hands dip into everything.

    Signing with Interscope is akin to signing with the WWE.

    Lemme lay it out here....

    You get signed and you're happy because it's the big time and the earning potential and possible exposure are all appealing to a hungry performer.

    Then you get there and the brass immediately drops the ball, they keep you working dark matches and squash jobs so that anyone that didn't alreay know who you are has no idea why you're there, you look like the hired help.

    Same case with SH on Shady/Interscope, Eminem fans (the John Cena fans of Hip-Hop) are still grasping to figure out who the fuck Royce or Bad Meets Evil is or was.

    They can't connect the dots because they were 4 when the SSLP dropped, so those 4 guys just end up looking like Em's wait staff/dishwasher.

    It's like having Ultimate Warrior return without a video package to clue in younger fans, they won't know who that old fart is and won't care either.

    The company will ultimately do a horrid job of packaging, marketing & promo and kill any buzz you had on the indie scene within a month or two (although SH does a pretty good job of shooting themselves in the foot).

    They'll call you into the office one day and explain that your services are no longer need and wish you "Best of luck in your future endeavors.". but you can't go elsewhere until they say it's okay because they now own your name, likeness, character & soul and snuck a non-compete clause in your contract.

    So you're either gonna come out the pocket to buy yourself out, suck some cock in the CEO's office, or be cast into limbo by a megamaniacal tyrant with utter disdain for anyone not in his tax bracket.

    I'll call the shot: Slaughterhouse gets dropped and "Future Endeavored" by the end of 2012.

    When the album will have sold 65,000 at that point, if they're lucky.....

    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
    Thanks for your hate hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hollow Dartz View Post
    Do you think the interior of that house would be more or less luxurious than ceited's tiled crack den?

    When I'm writing in my room

    It's like a child that's fighting in the womb

    - KP -

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    anyone else sense the irony in having crooked i spell slaughterhouse in the song?? haha
    cash rules. still don't nothin move but the money

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    i used to think that angry is just a low life faggot.

    now i dont think he is anymore. now i realize that its something more personal. i think joe budden must have fucked his mom or something.

    if not joe budden, someone in that group banged his mom. its the only thing that makes sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drippie k View Post
    anyone else sense the irony in having crooked i spell slaughterhouse in the song?? haha
    lol he's trying to help himself remember

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