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Thread: Iron Man 3 Teasers + Pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by RADIOACTIVE MAN View Post
    U didn't get the feeling they jacked nolans realistic approach in this movie? Come on fam..these flick stinks of Nolan isms all over it..plus some of the im3 storyline just stunk of batman adaptations to me
    My problem with the Nolan movies (if you can call it that cause I still like TDK trilogy) is that maybe they were so rooted in realism they lost the comic book flair for me (Batman Forever and Batman and Robin aren't comic book adaptations, they're just badly written and acted comedies). After all, it's "only" Batman, a comic book character.
    Iron Man 3 was indeed more realistic and it can come over as "jacked" from TDK trilogy.
    But it didn't lose itself in its realism and kept it's roots in the comic books and that's why I liked this movie, and liked it more than TDKR.

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    Ben Kingsley as the 'Mandarin' was the shit. Did he actually kill that oil guy on national TV? Or did they pan away from his gun & only focus on his face & sound of the bullet?

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    this flick extreme

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    Storyboard animation released for alternative ending for the Mandarin...

    Animations for final scenes in the movie...

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