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Thread: 36 bars over state of grace beat

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    Default 36 bars over state of grace beat

    Audio coming soon !

    Study my background follow my footsteps
    addicted to good sex and i barely look fresh
    surviving the hood quest behind me i put stress
    my raps are dope to pheens tell me you hooked yet

    uncut raw coming after you like puda
    if you think your trying to do me wrong la tuya
    on hand on the ruga i know where my heart is
    percise aim booya your dome is my target

    im so restless i said im so dam restless
    killa california so dont try to test this

    it really dont matter when your brains get splattered
    one hit to your jaw and your whole frame'll shatter
    listen here bastard dont ever challenge a master
    calling me out you better pray for a pastor
    your soul gets captured and torcher in this chapter
    beat you with a ladder till your bones straight scatter

    im to lazy to write but yall done fucked up and gave me the mic
    spitting fire every line blazing it twice

    teflon vest don i got to cop me one
    shotgun posision who can stop me none
    give you a cold left like im rocky son
    back the fuck up get off me dun

    wait up we aint getting no loot for this
    so move bitch before i do you like ludacris
    dont forget hoe you already know who this is
    its that ruthless kid kicking ass and shootin shit

    I got this unlocked quick like mutha fuckin locksmiths
    you tryna cock block like a faggit with soft dick
    im on point like the hands whenever a clock ticks
    you know my rhymes better so sit back and just watch this
    you tryna to run with my style like a pheen tryna shop lift
    whats the problem duck your noggin bitch when my glock spits
    pop clips and sacrifice your soul like its gods gift
    you can chalk this up as loss to the boss Bitch!!!
    my flows are toxic so listen up and get nauseous
    you aint goin to do nothin when i come out your pockets

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    ...sacrifice your soul like it's God's gift...
    ..shout to the left coast..

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