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Thread: Wilt Chamberlain fucked Tarantino's mom

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    Default Wilt Chamberlain fucked Tarantino's mom

    he needs to be made an honorary black man and be given the license to use the N word whenever he'd like. I think he's earned it...

    To Quentin Tarantino, mom is one-in-a-million. To Wilt Chamberlain, the filmmaker says she was one-in-20,000.

    In a recent interview promoting his new film "Django Unchained," Tarantino revealed that his mom dated the NBA great and let it slip that she was one of the many notches on the Big Dipper's bedpost.

    "It was the '70s and I was living with these three hip single ladies, all always going out on dates all the time, dating football players and basketball players," Tarantino told Terry Gross of NPR's "Fresh Air."

    "Professional ones," Gross asked.

    "Oh yeah, my mom, she dated Wilt Chamberlain. She was one of the 1,000," Tarantino quipped about his mom, who split with his dad, Tony Tarantino, before he was born.

    The filmmaker, of course, short-changed Chamberlain, whose self-proclaimed conquests in the bedroom are the stuff of legend.

    Tarantino has been on the defensive lately regarding his newest flick Knicks fan Spike Lee has called him out for his excessive use of the n-word and exploiting slavery in the movie so he was making the rounds and trying to clear the air.

    "It was almost like a sitcom, the way we lived in the 70s," said Tarantino, who added that his mom's boyfriends would take him to blaxplotation movies. "Because she was in her 20s, she was hot, alright, she was a hot white girl and her best friend named Jackie was a hot black girl and her other best friend, Lillian, was a hot Mexican girl. And they lived in this swinging singles apartment with me."

    Sounds like Wilt's kind of place.


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    Wilt Chamberlain fucked like 20 million people; He probably fucked everyone's mum!!!!

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    That's a lot of BBW's.
    Quote Originally Posted by David Daniel Davis View Post
    No, just love fat women. My girlfriend is not fat, though she does weigh more than I do.

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