Been had a rhyme off the hook
twenty two shots leave ya clip empty punch cha out like Jack Dempsey/
Been had a rhyme off the hook
making looks like freaking jumpshots from MJ/
slang flows like skyhooks from Kareem
or dunk bars in the hoop like DR. Jay/
get cha flow infected chin check
off the hook making taken outta cha line/
dusted mind trusted vines entangled bangle angle arms ninty degrees
spit freely openly leave emcees choking at the shelter B.Rabbit/
probate norman bate cha team into any motel
give them hoes to the hotel, so I can propel
and wait for you exhale like water
thinking I just fucked cha daughter/
Been had a rhyme off the hook
author books like I do hooks, and
drop rhymes like the diary of Ann frank
now do you see what I am saying/
fader raider laser pen off the chain
making heads roast like turkey's/
verbally vicious, telekinetic-ally gifted spit flows lifted
optional flows decking out isn't how I lost a duel/
Im fueled off fire flames opens with more wrenches than detention
trying act like twitter and facebook give you mentions
when you ain't even tighter than muscle tension/
Been had a rhyme off the hook
take look the page and tell me you ain't a sage/
putting words on the page is like cursive without the calligraphy
Im the mechanism behind the building of dope flows like DNA and Legos/
bitch slapping beats knocking them out one two three
underground leave you stoned face off the chronic and bubonic plague/
watch you age in from your own face wasted off the paste
leave you encased like gem knights I am too tight like New Era Caps/
Been had a rhyme off the hook level you down to earth
what's your net worth, nothing to spray at/
Been had a rhyme off the hook
better get the liter box too bad cha shit talks
and your just stinky eyed looks with no hooks/

I've been had a rhyme off the hook
never looked twice
always studied my rhymes
studied the best
written the most
flowed and hosted
chose beats
run the tracks like track meets