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    1. Dusk: (Earthling female impregnated by Enki, mother of Titi)
    2. Dawn: (Earthling female impregnated by Enki, mother of Adapa)

    Adapa: (1) (Adam, Greek) (Son of Enki by an Earthling female, first civilized man; the biblical Adam; father of Aabael and Ka-in)

    Titi: (1) (Eve, Greek) Nini-ti, (Babylonian) 'The Lady of the Rib,' which name can also mean in their tongue 'The Lady who causes to live,' (101) (Daughter of Enki by an Earthling female, first civilized woman; the biblical Eve; mother of Aabael and Ka-in)

    Let us (Enlil to Enki) of the new breed (Adapa and Titi) to Anu word send! Let seeds that can be sown, let ewes that sheep become, to Earth be sent. By Civilized Man let Anunnaki and Earthlings become satiated!

    Adapa in a mating Titi knew, into her womb he poured his semen. There was conception, there was birth-giving: To twins, two brothers, Titi gave birth!
    Let Titi in Eridu remain, the newborns to suckle and nurture, Let Adapa the Earthling to Nibiru be brought! So did Anu his decision to declare.

    Abael: (The biblical Abel, killed by his twin brother Ka-in) Taught sheepherding and wool-making by Marduk, henceforth the name Abael, "He of the Watered Meadows"

    Ka-in: (The biblical Cain, killed his twin brother Abael) Taught crop cultivation by Ninurta, henceforth the name Ka-in, "He Who in the Field Food Grows"

    To Eridu for judgment Ka-in was brought, the exile sentence to pronounce Enki wished. His sentence was one of exile. By Ningishzidda was the life essence of Ka-in altered: That his face a beard should not grow, Ka-in's life essence Ningishzidda changed. Ka-in was then exiled with his sister Awan out of Edin, to The Land of Wandering. (America's)
    With the blessing of Enki, Adapa his spouse Titi knew again and again; One daughter, another daughter, each time again and again were born. In the ninety-fifth shar, a son Adapa and Titi finally had.

    Sati, He Who Life Binds Again, Titi him named; by him were the generations of Adapa counted. In all thirty sons and thirty daughters Adapa and Titi had, Of them tillers of the land and shepherds for the Anunnaki toiled.

    Thirty Sons and Daughters:

    In the ninety-seventh shar, to Sati a son by his spouse Azura was born.

    Sati:" He Who Life Binds Again" (The biblical Seth; Son of Adapa and Titi; husband to Azura; father of Enshi)
    Azura: (Daughter of Adapa and Titi; spouse of Sati; mother of Enshi)

    Son: Enshi, "Master of Humanity"
    Enshi by his sister Noam a son was born
    Enshi "Master of Humanity" (The biblical Enosh; Son of Sati and Azura; spouse of Noam; father to Kunin)

    Noam: (Spouse/sister of Enshi; daughter of Sati and Azura; mother to Kunin)

    Son: Kunin, "He of the Kilns". Taught by Niburta of furnace and kiln; In the ninety-eighth shar did this matter come about.

    Kunin: (The biblical Kenan; son of Enshi; spouse to half sister Mualit; father to Malualu

    Mualit: Son: Malalu, "He Who Plays" ( In the ninety-ninth shar a son to Kunin was born Malulu) In music and song did he excelled.

    Malalu: (The biblical Mahalalel; Son of Kunin and Mualit; spouse to Dunna, the daughter of his fathers brother; father to Irid)

    Dunna: (Mother of Irid; spouse of Malalu)

    Son: Irid, "He of the Sweet Waters". (Dumuzi taught him how to dig wells and for flocks in distant meadows to provide) Born in the one-hundredth shar.

    It was there, by the wells in the meadows, that shepherds and maidens gathered, Where espousing and proliferation by Civilized mankind exceedingly abounded. In his days the Igigi to Earth were more frequently coming. To observe and see from the heavens they increasingly abandoned, To watch and see what on Earth was transpiring Marduk more fervently wished. At a well in the meadows did Irid his spouse meet.

    Irid: (Biblical Jared; Son of Malalu and Dunna; spouse to Baraka, daughter of his mothers brother; father to Enki-Me)

    Baraka: (spouse to Irid; mother to Enki-Me)

    Son: Enki-Me, by "Enki ME Understanding", in the annals he was called. (ME: Tiny objects encoded with formulas for all aspects of science and civilization)

    Enki-Me: (The biblical Enoch; (Taken heavenward by Marduk and granted much knowledge; father of Sarpanit, Marduk's spouse) (1) Also taught by Utu in Sippar "Place of the Chariots" (Spaceport) Utu installed upon him the title "Prince of Earthlings". In Sippar with his spouse Edinni, a half sister Enkime resided.

    Edinni: (a half sister; spouse to Enkime)

    Son: Matushal; "Who by the Bright Waters Raised" (The biblical Methuselah) Born in the One-hundredth and fourth shar.

    It was after that that Enkime on his second journey to the heavens went, This time to Marduk was his mentor and companion. In a celestial chariot heavenward they soared, toward the Sun and away from it they circled. To visit the Igigi on Lahmu (Mars) by Marduk he was taken, To him the Igigi a liking took, of Civilized Earthlings from him they learned. Of him it is in the annals said that to the heavens he departed, That in the heavens he stayed till the end of his days.

    Could Mars be the resting place of the biblical Enoch?
    Matushal: (Son of Enkime (Enoch); The biblical Methuselah)
    Ednat: (Spouse of Matushal)

    Son: Lu-Mach, "Mighty Man" (The biblical Lamech; workmaster, the quotas to enforce, the rations to reduce)

    Batanash: (Spouse of Lu-Mach; daughter of Lu-Mach's fathers brother) Of a beauty outstanding she was, by her beauty was Enki charmed.

    In his days it was that Adapa/Adam his death-time attained. "Let all my sons and sons of sons assemble themselves to me"! Adapa said. Even Ka-in was brought to him. And the eyesight of Adapa having failed, for recognition his son's faces he touched; And the face of Ka-in on the right was beardless, and the face of Sati on the left with beard was. And he blessed Sati: Of your seed shall the Earth be filled, and of your seed as a tree with three branches Mankind a great calamity shall survive. And he put his left hand on Ka-in and said: For your sin of your birthright you are deprived, but of your seed seven nations shall come.

    In a realm set apart they shall thrive, distant lands they shall inhabit; But having your brother with a stone killed, by a stone will be your end. Adapa having passed away is buried under a mound of stones. In the midst of the ninety-third shar was Adapa born, by the end of the one hundred and eight he died.

    Anybody catch that! According to the lost book of Enki, Adapa lived for about 14 1/2 shars!
    14.5 x 3.600 years = 52,200 years. Much longer than what the bible states.

    In the days of Lu-Mach did Marduk and the Igigi with Earthlings intermarry.

    Marduk: (Takes Sarpanit, daughter of Enkime/Enoch as his spouse)

    Sarpanit: (Daughter of Enkime/Enoch takes Marduk as her spouse; related by blood to Enlil)

    This caused an uproar with many of the Anunnaki, especially with Enlil. Marduk was barred from ever returning to Nibiru for this action. In Edin they could not stay. It was at this wedding that the leader of the Igigi (Marduk) that 200 of the 300 Igigi (1/3 stayed on Mars) of Mars came to Earth to bear witness to Marduk's wedding to Sarpanit. It was during this time 200 of the Igigi abducted the daughters of men for their wives. "Enough of suffering and loneliness, of not offspring ever having"1 was their slogan. One among them their leader, Shamgaz his name was.

    *Enoch 10:11 that each one of them will live five hundred years.' And the Lord said unto Michael: 'Go, bind Semjaza and his associates who have united themselves with women so as to have defiled themselves..Could these two names be one in the same?

    The offspring of the Igigi and Earthling females were called "Children of the Rocketships". The conditions on Mars was unbearable so on Earth they stayed.

    Marduk and Sarpanit have children.

    Asar: (Son of Marduk; Egyptian god Osiris)

    Satu: (Son of Marduk; Egyptian god Seth)
    Ninurta builds a city of twin towers to dwell in the lands of Ka-in by orders of Enlil.

    Lu-Mach to the domain of Marduk was summoned, To the household of Ninmah, in Shurubak, the Haven City, his spouse Batanash he brought. From the angry Earthlings masses protected and safe to be. Thereafter Enki his sister Ninmah in Shurubak was quick to visit.

    On the roof of a dwelling when was bathing, Enki by her loins took hold, he kissed her, his semen into her womb he poured. With child Batanash was, her belly was truly swelling. To the Edin, to Shurubak, Lu-Mach returned, to him the Batanash the son showed. White as the snow his skin was, the color of wool was his hair, Like the skies were his eyes, in a brilliance were his eyes shining. (10)

    Ziusudra: (Demi-god; Hero of the Deluge, a son of Enki by the Earthling female Batanash, while she was married to Lu-Mach (the biblical Noah) (1)

    Emzara: Noah's Wife

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