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Thread: nobody mentioned it before but imperial skillz dead

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    Yo I'm not sure if it's true. I just hope it's not yo. The God is "Legendary!" I just remember talking to him last on facebook around early to mid 2012. This was around the time he dropped "Legion Of Darkness" with Gamblez. He told me he was putting the finishing touches on the next album to follow after "Symphony Of Sickness." I believe it was supposed to be titled "Empire Of Swords." He also said he had another album titled "Rap Dinosaur" as well. I think there was another album he mentioned too. He had several projects. I told him I couldn't wait until the albums dropped, as I'm always supporting yo. He told me that 'Empire Of Swords" would be dropping soon. Then, approximately around November or December last year, I noticed a new album from him showing on several blogs titled "Loss Of Prestige." I remember one of the blogs denoting that he was dead, and that this was a tribute compilation album to him, consisting of several of his latest, and some unfinished, works. It has forty tracks. Nothing was said of why, or how he died though. I tried to find more information on it, but I couldn't find anything. I couldn't believe it yo. I checked for him on Facebook, and his account that he used to regularly monitor was closed. He hasn't updated his blog either. I haven't heard anything else on the matter. I just hope for the best yo. Hopefully he's just taking a break, and everything is Peace. If not though, R.I.P. yo.

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    Man...my boy better not be dead b


    Graveyard shifter/falling down album

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    You guys... if DM said it that's almost a GUARANTEE that it's a lie. lol I'm willing to bet he's alive and well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuStY_WU-Chain View Post
    fuck dat, monk just tryna get yall worked up.. its not true. mr.volcano is ise's brother and i spoke with a few months ago. the last words we had he mentioned imperial was getting back to his FAMILY and taking care of his wife and seeds. i wouldnt expect any music from him but im pretty sure hes alive and doing well. [peace]
    This!^is what i suspect^ im about to drop our samplah!!
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    six years without news about ISE? damn...

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