A friend of mine asked me to talk about my experience with the wu so I write this :

Back in 1993 and the rise of the wu tang clan
9 motherfuckaz lead by a genius changed da hip hop game forever
Fucking mainstream shit with dope lyrics, hard beats and smash hits
From Brooklyn zoo to every place where Cash Rules
Everything the Rza threw were blessed by these NY Kings
Rza brang the heat and they invaded minds like virus
Their swords ? Gza lyrics, Meth voice, Ghost flow and Osirus
No light, No wack mcs in sight when the wu swordsmen hit
7 albums, a five year plan and they subdued da game
Odb Shame on U lightened these years like an anthem for the golden era
Best hip hop era, streets opera, never again we will see such a phenomena
They were invincible till forever, their peak and their testimony
Then came errors, they truly wanted to flood the game
From Quality to quantity they destroyed what they had built
Too many albums, too many average wu labelled mcs and they fell off
They didn't respect fans and fans asked them to fuck off
Too many incomprehensible shits and egos killed their harmony
Voltron exploded and they went back to where they from
Now so many gay dudes diss them, where is the wu anthem ?
Wu-tang; Wu tang ! It belongs to hip hop history
Glory dayz are over but the beats and the shit remain
Wu story ? A fairytale that turned to a nightmare,
Hip hop war Killed them, like Cool J down Kool moe Bee
It's the story, it's history not a fucking theory