Masked draft ask past fast caste system draft
Main pipes last fast fluid get stick and glue it/
Rock beyond the octagon rapidly drop topple the mops
Ring out cha waste, bring out the six pack cases/
About faces I erase it like a racist face it
I ainít faking the funk taking out the fumes
When I am drunk, tanked like Iím Old School/
Pro tooling skips scoundrel bountiful mount cha town crew
Pound a few back, dip lay pimps out like OíShay no way/
Clones came bone spurs I dip dodge pimp my collage
Diamond encrusted fusion fast five dress like Iím still tanked/
Old man pull the bank statement been back and forth
With these customer claimants now we restrain from dangerous purchases/
Axe off your hands, hand you a shovel kid ask you to ya own grave
Done saved me times a day back in the days where wolf tickets paid/
Snatch eím like perches church verses, hooks and hambone
Battle for a throne of games I pwnd cha on/

This is how I speak, weighted thoughts
My shit ainít weighed out like no fish scale