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Thread: How often do all the members show at concerts?

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    Default How often do all the members show at concerts?

    How often do all the wu members actually show up to concerts when they are all advertised to be there?

    Not interested in dropping $ 100 if guys aren't going to show up in Toronto

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    Will Mayor Ford be there at least?
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    I'd pay $100 to see any one of the generals in AZ

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    i've seen the Clan three tmes in Europe (Sweden and Denmark).. the first time everybody was there except Method Man i think, second time EVERYBDOY was there, third time again no Meth but otherwise the entire Clan including Cappadonna and Streetlife

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    I saw The Clan in Portland in 2002. Granted it was The Iron Flag Tour and ODB was locked up and didn't make the album, so he wasn't at the show. Everyone else was there...except Cappa because RZA erased him from the album and they was going through their little drama where Cap was a cab driver. Streetlife was there. I got really blazed with my best homie at the time and we were the only ones into Wu, they were the best rap in the world to us...so I don't remember alot but here's my memories of it.

    -U-God came out first and performed some of his Golden Arms Redemption hits. "Bizarre", "Dat's Gangsta", and "Rumble".
    -Pretty sure "Rumble" led into Deck's verse and he came out second, then doing some Uncontrolled Substance hits. Deck's voice was fucked. Like, literally terrible. And ever since I've noticed this trend at shows of theirs I watch. All of them back up his every line because sounds like he smoked 100 cigars right before the show. Drugs?
    -Not sure the lineup but each member came out one by one performing their solo shit, RZA came out with his small afro and headband with bandannas tied around his wrists and overly long basketball jersey. Looking like the old RZA. He performed a badass version of "Domestic Violence" where he smacked the mic stand down "What the fuck you birds talkin' about!" SMACK!!
    -Meth did some T2 and Blackout joints which were sick to hear live. Then he jumped into the audience and crowd surfed and stood on their hands. I was in the middle to back so he didn't make it as far as us.
    -Masta had no solo album yet so he performed "One Blood Under W"
    -Someone climbed up on the big speaker and jumped right down next to RZA and surprised him and he backed up and pointed to security and they rushed dude off stage in a hurry.
    -Me and my homie were wearing Wu Wear Jeans and we heard some fuck tards behind us "motherfuckers dick riding wearing Wu clothing line and that", later, these same homos asked if they could hit off our joints when we blazed up during RZA's set, GTFO!

    This place had an upstairs 21 and Over bar area where you sit down up top and watch while you drink. People drinking at a Wu-Tang concert always brings trouble. You have clowns and disrespectful fans that think they can approach Wu. Ghostface about fucked someone up that night as well as RZA. Then RZA told us all to cop "Killa Beez The Sting" out now in stores!! and they were out quick as they came.

    It was the best night of my life.

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    I'd give it a 5% chance of all of them showing up, I've been to more than a dozen Wu shows and there's always at least 1-2 missing
    still worth $100 if 6 of em show up or something

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    webbs that was epic
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    whenever it is the Clan its always a pretty good turnout member -wise

    am i right?

    OR maybe I have been lucky LOL.

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