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Thread: anyone jump in

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    Drop tops like cars and whips
    I donít do slashes like whips and slave ships
    Drop lines in pencil
    Undress your stencil
    Trace me unilateral
    Iím pictorial the way
    I draw ethereal
    Opt in like plots on time clock
    Rock slide genocide
    To those with pride
    Take you like pills
    glimepiride and metformin
    on the edge like foreman
    before the shift starts
    I spark my day
    With fifths of vodka
    Shake these martinis
    Bomb these winnieís
    Fred savage
    Mark of the parish
    I smith these Wessonís
    Address eím with lessons
    Fatal fury
    Bury them in sessions
    Attested aversion
    Diversify your nursey rhymes
    Break out the box
    My knocks be keloids
    To your fixated androids
    Get deployed destroyed
    Know my jab and hook
    Riddick Bowe
    Let eím know
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    You say we're thugs only reason that's said is Coz there's no stopping us ya weaponless so silence your thoughts of popping us. try locking us out of opportunity you'll have your date with fate truly b your soon to see. I appreciate the beauty of jewellery but prefer wearing the arm of Trudy or Lucy round my neck- yes these brothers usually pass the 'are u a feck test' wheres my head rest, bless
    We can do our best but its the youth that hold the key to putting racism to bed and letting it die in its sleep.. Look at this lady lying to me... You got a degree but not smart enough to see there's no buying your peace being a sideman brings grief. sometimes to get respect it's best to use violence my g... Providing you already tried being refined and light with ur speech.. If so then fuck it get to frying that leech...

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    Mutinous life full of disharmony, outcasted by societies
    Tumultuous environments where bloodshed is prevalent
    Every single day there was graphic narratives of gunplay
    Vile vapors, obscure horrors triggered predator behavior
    Criminal conduct adolescence, sheer felonious existence
    Bound by chains of bondage, ardent marriage to carnage
    Callous hands due to tight grips of guns that were banned
    I swing Jimmy Connors rackets like illegal numbers runners
    I’m all knees/elbows like Muay Thai, wrath in my war eyes
    Jack Torrance in shine demonic presence, explicit violence
    Euthanasia vaccines aggressive as tax avoidance schemes
    Blind ruthlessness with Italian mob assassination purposes
    Quarterback shotguns spray like fire hydrants without caps
    Blistering bullets barrage, pieces of limbs formed montage
    Nocturnal murder missions, victims became snuffed chosen
    Infinity iniquities, mentality as shameless as William H. Macy

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    Can't cater this speech that reaches long range knock off your arm aim blow the mic dolomite prototype bang the same fortune snatched from the Teller so stellar I gave hope
    Over hypnosis introduced by dosage Detroit repulsive explosive back tatted with tats east side surrounded by bats black diplomat
    Bagging ghetto crack hard white beating the odds is a hard fight colon cleansing style
    Put out the profile gun bosses losses ease out the crosses follows fate detect hate respect space or band aid his face shank his mate she was found facedown in a plate hood Plato blow off your toes finest hoes nailed except big bitches whales die chasing fishes rate the beating instead of running from beams beaming
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    It’s been a while since I jumped in, I’ve unleashed Kraken
    Feral instincts of Ethan Powell, unhinged with gorilla scowl
    If I evolved from primate it must’ve been from silverbacks
    I’m like Iron Mike Tyson two decades before that facial tat
    Schizo psyche after I grip ten Macs, Tomahawk Gap attacks
    In all black attire like’em kids in Columbine that carried gats
    I’m a street menace like panhandlers, Los Zetas elite soldier
    Vicious mind of maligned spines, tech nines crack fault lines
    Merciless violence induces an altered state of consciousness
    Remorseless, callous verses sound like Pancho Villa speeches
    Felonious offenses as reckless as accelerated police sketches
    Hellish purgatory is imminent, I sin so often I no longer repent
    Extremities decayed, cognizance cannot keep the chaos at bay
    Distorted ways with demolition on mind like crew of Enola Gay
    Wrath is what I manifest, I hope for worst but prepare for the best
    Pen is mightier than Damascus swords that’s why ink will never rest

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    Ill with the ink pen drink the dead
    Wrinkle through the phases
    Laser wages off nose candy pages
    Ace stages with a perfect score
    Rip n raw flip e’m hard like a car crash

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    They like it but they're jeering tho... I'm gettin lifted sofa sinking casually comparing flows. You'll find a leash in one piece over there by that pile of clothes... Coz I let the words that emerge disperse to meet their desired location-surge... Nuff babble about this that n thethird... None for the barber shop talk therapy just shape me up good enough to give Shelley Lee some jelly kneez... What u tellin me? I aint hearing it... Sign me... What u finkin g more indie than indie... I'm ninjutsu g
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    Check my track record spit it sicker
    flip through the scrolls like a email chain
    Put down pain in my lyrics
    Faded let the facet go
    All in the know like social
    Making me go postal
    Toast a few, roast even more
    Rip n raw hit em hard
    Fix them like dogs on the rag
    Put them in a body bag
    Toe tagging shines a jump promo
    Oil over money do it by the solo dolo
    So itís sanity over sucker shit
    Read it like a playbook
    Hated hooks once
    Now I thrive off the flames
    Take it in blood
    Do it now in the mud
    Grundy off what I did it didnít do
    Skip the trade backs thereís no comebacks
    Solar rays get shaded down low faded
    Aided by how I unfold a scroll
    Reload the flow like a cartridge
    Iím a finish this with no continues
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    she got convenience cock in her gob goblin throb slobbin neck bobbin frown like she vexed on him sheesh TV got nuff sex pon it..deranged from sacred exchange actin like ya shoot to the vein some say in the sense is the same nuts-like pences- get strained, drained..u shouldn't have came coz now you feel gone collar stained with won-ton with a mind like whats on..own voice tellin it tellin it like "shaat it" but D's gotta practice cant freeze when the track hits..
    smiling sprightly Miss Juanillo resorted to parody to mock man..mi wauhhnt ah fren so tell ya man I aint his mark ta blud clart. no sarkz but listen..get them ketchup sarnies outcha 5 foot system..its love

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    Menace to society like John Gotti with Sammy Gravano’s shotty
    Been had hardcore on lock since the days of Ric Flair figure-fours
    Ireful inner-core, Ayatollah Khomeini mentality when I wage wars
    Ferocity refuses to fade, filled with wrath of Michael Myers’ blade
    Vito Corleone will wake to decayed severed horse head on his bed
    Malicious nomad, I’m OJ with Freddy Krueger gloves eager to stab
    Ski-mask on mascara like its winter in Siberia, artillery of Hezbollah
    LSD mind addled by vivid hallucinations of trips to the Resurrection
    Karl Stromberg madman, terrorize whole cities like summer of Sam
    Schizophrenic tsunamis seen only by the surveillance of cruise ships
    Cooking gas thickened of napalm, heavily armed with Beirut bombs
    Mass demolition weapons take flight like sneakers on Scottie Pippen
    Tactful projectile shrapnel, military arsenal fatal as coal ash disposal
    Illegal choke-holds of rogue wrestlers cut blood flow like constrictors
    Meticulously butcheries, emcees torn in two by my split personalities
    Tex Watson murder sprees, bloody mess left like that Manson family

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    Write in my nikes
    With my under armor on
    Bong bong
    I don’t play along or well with others
    Smother brothers know I don’t muck it up
    Christen whips with no chains on
    I’m not woke I’ve been awaken
    So crawl back under ya rock
    Or you gonna watch this balk

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