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Thread: Sunz Of Man feat 12 O'clock & Blue Raspberry - Strange Eyes

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    Default Sunz Of Man feat 12 O'clock & Blue Raspberry - Strange Eyes

    Is 12 o'clock saying "ALLAH BE THE BLACK MAN" or LA be the Black Man" (La The Darkman)

    asking this because he's shouting out every wu affiliates before this ..

    And them jealous motherfuckers throwing boo's in my crowd
    Steve Rifkin feel 'em proud, Wu made it loud
    Now them nine can't relax, Killarm' throw swords on tracks
    Unite my Kingdom, Family Royal
    When Brooklyn Zu saw you, it's a Sunz of Man jam
    Allah, be the black man, '97 banned

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    l always interpreted it as Allah be the Black man

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    it was supposed to convey both

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    i always thought he said "Now the Nine CAN relax, Killarm throw swords on tracks... (etc)"

    meaning that Wu built the solid founation and have done enough they can just sit back and chill while their legacy will live on through the many groups under them (Killarmy, UK, etc.)

    as for the last line i think he says "Allah be the black man" as well

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