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Thread: Best Christian Rap Music

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    Someone hook me up with one of these Soweto women!

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    Roy Tosh - Like You Do ft. V. Rose (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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    #GOM God Over Money - Bizzle - Holy Grail (feat. Gemstones)

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    <3 Amanda Black - Amazulu (Official Video)

    Classic OG Christian Rap:

    Ain't Nuthin' Change (CMCs)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sense-A View Post
    Someone hook me up with one of these Soweto women!


    Also, Amana Black is nice, too.
    Loyalty is Royalty. Strength and Loyalty

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    The Christian Mixtape II
    by Mic105 Truth Movement
    21. Daily Cross 'ft' Replica

    the Best Policy Disciple (D.I.) - Amen (bonus)

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    Default Testify J. Monty - part 16 (Chosen)

    Testify J. Monty - part 16 (Chosen)

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    Heaven Cappadonna ft Marcus Bevins

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    A Gospel Hip Hop Banger
    A. Miller - Almighty - (Prod. by Alex Medina) https://amiller.bandcamp.com/track/a...by-alex-medina

    No equivalence– no equal symbol
    No competition– we are sinful– He is different
    Transcendent– transcends demanding a standard we can’t lend
    It’s better but Jesus gives us it
    The atonement– He finished it
    Blow away the sin¬– I guess it’s safe to say He gives us wind
    Gives the win– In Him is no limits
    And while He’s soul fishing He is in our midst
    And His lips is in our fists-
    When we grip the Scripts– it’s possible ‘cuz his immanence
    God is not optional He’s necessary– unstoppable
    Never ready to stop being
    Not ceasing to spot Heathens
    Dropping peace in a new heart to start seeing
    The view of His majesty– Beauty can’t fathom-
    The fact that Truth exact is He truly the Master
    Spewing out galaxies
    Planets stand at His commandments– but foolish humans commit blasphemy
    It’s tragic and real– God’s actions prevail
    Unchanging and un-wav’ring the Spirit aint done saving
    Faithfulness– great is Thy, Christ was slain and died
    I was Satan’s pie, now saved am I because the Savior’s mine
    The I AM always existed
    No one can trick Him– all knowing consistent

    Indescribable– I’m trying to describe Him though
    Almighty– Most High– Can’t rise
    Because nobody else can be perfect
    Eternal Three Persons, so He receives Worship

    Indivisible King
    Innocent criminal getting spit on by His little foes
    Even if you’re analytical, you can’t quiz Him though
    He invented your intellect– developing its inner strength
    The source of all power– the Lord’s a strong tower
    Outside time– yet Lord of the hour
    It’s frightening– no one is like Him- He does the right thing
    He’s the Standard– Holiness– He demands it
    How do we get it? He’s the answer
    When it comes to history He is the planner– total control
    So sovereign– no one is stopping or halting His awesomeness
    No darkness in Him– He’s Eternal Light
    Gives eternal life so we can serve Him right which ensures delight
    Ya you heard it right– Christ reigns!
    And He’s taking away all my shame
    It’s not tiring riding with Perfection
    Prime in His essence– resides in the heavens
    His design is a message to tell us more about Him
    No doubt we doubt and want to live without Him- why?

    Indescribable– I’m trying to describe Him though
    Almighty– Most High– Can’t rise
    Because nobody else can be perfect
    Eternal Three Persons, so He receives Worship

    God created the atom from nothing then
    God created Adam from dust
    Unfathomable exact and actual though
    You can’t wrap your mind around it using half of your skull
    He manufactured the globe and patrols it
    Gives everlasting of hope if you know Him
    Christ alone! He is God there is none other
    Not undercover, but if He’s undiscovered it’s His love you run from
    All roads don’t lead to the same place
    If your not saved I suggest that you change faiths
    Why Jesus? Well –
    He’s the only High Priest with the keys to Hell!
    He’s the key to living– believe that He is risen
    Receive His free gift and you’ll be forgiven
    But then keep repenting
    Or else He’ll return like a thief in the night and He’ll see you sinning
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    Young Noah - Jetpack feat. V. Rose

    Avrex ft. No Malice - "Step Into The Light"

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    " All i need is You " Kim Walker Jesus Culture

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    It's cool I saw the piano player here is playing a Nord and a Roland looks like a Juno-106

    Kari Jobe - Forever (Live)

    Dude spits a rap at 6:50 mark

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    I'm still in love with the Qwabe Twinz.

    Q Twins ft DJ Tira - Hamba (Official Music Video)

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