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Thread: The 13th Floor

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    Default kill ratio

    now niggas in hiding, as I work the redrum to find 'em
    manson is dying, how I described it to bind 'em
    my time is coming, my co-d mee' keep it a hunnid
    white people the hunted, that's how israel wanted 'em
    white jews in a huddle, I got lucyfer turning
    on 'em, now they shutter, that's word to the mother burning on 'em
    boule' founded where I'm a' ground 'em, where I was found at
    ay'body getting lit, trees in x-mas, this four pound snap
    olive branches, some taliban shit how media put it
    that out-of-hand shit, that news canned, no media footage
    force the cure for my dis ease onto the market easily
    fort apache style, roll a bitch in a carpet and leave her be
    shell [sheol] be pleading to me, but michel never seen this coming
    though I warned him every step of the way how I'm a' trunk him
    campell soup chunk him, can him, no state road or camp hill
    just home-suite-home, south philly built to stand my land fills
    black inc. eternal, I'm back, blink, I'm in front of you
    blink again, I run in you, blink again, I gutted you
    I'm allah in-person, immortalized to immobilize
    any movement against me get ya' scrotum sacs and totems plier'd
    this before I realized I'm peace, you ain't see the side
    of me left in the darkness roaming as a ravenous beast
    sacrificing my self as an offering for my deeds
    you raised cain at your own risk when wanting it with me
    I'll go back to my beast, you can think it's the third anti thesis
    to my being, but believe I ain't caesar and I won't cease
    to see you over the edge for thinking you knowing the ledge
    and be over with, dead and beyond for not dosing ya' meds
    yeah I first began to schiz out in valley forge where their civil war
    went on, and I'm lincoln with philly soldiers who been put on
    7.04.06, like '74, know this
    if we can all be kings, I be the king of kings, me only
    ghengis, the khan of khans be one deep
    we ain't gotta' do shit but war when your tongue slip, so guard all four cheeks...

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    Default 13x...Bx

    ...then see, the earths' reception of me would be in-concert
    the timeline of my arrival is, look I'm here, no concerts
    I'm apparent with no appearances, reserect my dick
    if you looking to see my image to check if I exist
    well, the shit can happen, but I ain't pressed a bit for shit
    the world looking for an eclipse, crosshairs to the u.s.
    I walked the south bronx looking to drop off my latest script
    wound up back in harlem, hung it up on the wall and split
    but butler and webster seen me walk thru 'em, blood had antennas
    up, I was cool with that, made sure the mm remained in-tact
    wu't a thankless job I have, but my confidence too solid
    I'm back at my job, big belly key turned, guess I'm the bomber
    speaking of fire and fury, I trump'd the u.s.
    my 1-800 verse, backpeddle to that if you missed
    my church volumes, from about oh-five to twenty-twelve
    while niggas was frolicking, home-alone sex, in love with themselves
    I beat my dick like it owed me money, much respect
    to charlie, murphy that is, that's a footnote, watch your step
    my dog shit radar been up, my sneakers still untouched
    nyc niggas staring at vs like "what-the-fuck" is what's up
    I walked by 'em saying keep ya' head up bruh', nyc try though
    but I'm philly all-the-way 'til I die, or know I'm alive though
    and they be right behind me, I bet ya', painting a picture of
    philly niggas taking over shit on general principle
    close curtains on g.p. shit, the next lip to riff, you'll learn
    china's focus brought me here as the sun tzu-wu's return
    blood, columbia was in that path of totality
    I wanted that g8rl in saxxon projects to get nasty with
    that's a flashback, but the present day's I still got bills to pay
    so what I gotta' set up I'm a' set up for my freedom papers
    the ghengis me as well, the fifth's archangel's gabriel
    pheonix can dip back to the sixth for now, again, ashes revealed
    me rose up, saint agnes now in baltimore, the constitution's
    the new name of the building that I was born in, they confusing
    their own situation, fuck what they was trying a' make me
    they gon' die in hot molten gravy, I'm not their safety...
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    Default thee master mason [strayed from the third degree]

    ...black, I'm a' show you that I can do it, and you coulda' done it
    the infrastructure, construction, and collegial thumbprint
    I'm a leave on 'em, my nation birthed, u.s. has nothing left
    this a black enterprise I function as, so who wanna' last
    I'm the first, is you on the path that my verse rerouted your spout to
    I'll count you, a bloodthirst will count you out pronto
    how? when I am not tonto, long range I can out-throw
    them spirals whistle while you work out on your route, so
    what you vowing to outgrow, from your soil you enriched
    with the blood and the sweat, who out to uproot you out though
    what is a science to the knowledge, black, your process
    of thought is about the dollars, 'cause symbology got you
    who you give your trust to to take shit for face-value
    I can't even trust the mirror with my face, need to stay out it
    alas, a female counterpart's my motive to impress
    and I'm not adept to y'all games adapted for your jest
    you won, you got the bitch, and I wished for you the best
    and carried on until the test was put to my neck
    it was ninety-four when I became a mason brick
    I stopped paying my dues, not long afterwards I schizzed
    latrines and outhouses paying the price now
    if I ever give a shit a day in my life 'bout it
    shiii, they owe me the debt that they tallied up on me
    the master mason, mm is the word, how do they know me
    lucifer was like "what is the twist?" now you know, bee
    double m means more than a few things, miles to go, gee
    night fevers, day dreamers, eternal sleep, deep freezers
    eyes weeping, scraped knees up, for-dear-life pleaders
    and I ain't wanna' learn from my lodge what I'm prone to spit
    and they was talking cutting tongues out and slitting necks
    I was in the badlands knocking on the door, let me in
    indiana ave. number one body count for each year
    I'll take the helm of this ship, making sure it won't sink
    just back me up if I'm the shit, and make sure I don't stink
    I strayed from the third degree, that's what the police gave me
    in a.c., forty-five minutes asking the same thing
    "you know you did it, right?" and "c'mon, just tell the truth"
    I just want to lift 'em up for about a sec' or two
    minority report shit, I'm guilty before I do it
    mind distorted to fuck-shit, won't kill me before I do them
    badges scared for they life, bet, I'm rulerfoot, not a shoe-in
    I'm the true and living proof, not a ringer, but I'm a sure win
    on our soils what they reap, I am sure grim, I assure them
    tresspassers, for what happens to them won't appall me
    I'm just cleaning the set up, 'cause it was a set up on me...the end...

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    Default wack's lips

    ...yeah, this the bullet for manson, die, and that's my offering
    so I can get on with the purge on whities and they offspring
    I'm the one noone can escape from, candlelight's to wack's lips
    I been on the daily basis wasting parasites in traffic
    can I get some cooperation, or am I stuck on repeat
    my index fingers stuck on delete, dump into their retreats
    toil and trouble, luci, my flow boil and bubble...
    you'll see, crabs cooked alive are the only ones to eat
    my real target as manson's neck, he ain't man number thirteen
    and em ess number thirteen trapped by the c13earance, first thing
    is who paying for every nigga's body played with metalically
    wherever the trump'd card send you is no safehouse that's sound from me
    when I see you posted up, know next that your necks choking up
    I'm the one crossing you the-fuck out, luc' was not dope enough
    he's l.s.d., I'm p.c.p., without hallucinating
    he want the money, I want your country to pay what your weight is
    and this ain't a political ploy, this the real mckoy
    how the saying go to describe the real deal, not a flimsy toy
    how you post "shit's ripe here" and this is my shit right here
    you'll be a wetback, wet front, and sides, top-to-bottom mess right here
    never was around with me seventy-one to ninety-nine
    when I was in south philly walking down who blew my mind
    to change the subject now is what the bankers keep banking on
    as if they hard to find, I'm philluminati, they ill-informed
    copies of the carbon copy...let's get it on, confetti them
    what you can't do though is shred this document already prepped
    and people do a lotta' talking, there's thought behind every breath
    them leeches be depending on us for every spell
    cast, so I know how to speak, the eighty-five percent in r.e.m.
    not thinking of the power their mouths project towards their ends
    now, I can hold off shit, not for long since I was given up
    can't keep me hell'd against my will, I will break they physiques up
    I go back to galilee 2.15, population one
    until them phillly women can't stop their ovulations none
    giving birth to me all at once, wanting me to jump in their wombs
    some incestuous murder death shit, war runs off pussy fumes
    treacherous trails, the wack niggas lives not being spared
    I'm all on they heels, the wack nigga's lies will be revealed
    the nature of the game been what it is, a bunch of queers
    them angles I seen was off of sex magic between two beards
    shaved faces or not, that shit ain't right, the game ain't right
    I tried to tell cousin G. the industry's fight is for gay rights
    the twist though's the word gay is blasphemous to gabriel
    the living word manifest in-the-flesh to the material world
    and lucy wants revenge for some shit that he put in effect
    and therefor jacob/yakub is who I have to be putting in check...
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    Default day 126

    ...so, this seventy-sixer can clothesline the seventy-sixth precinct
    gods should know, I got the intuitive instinct
    this what I been waiting for, an excuse and a means to
    destroy this fraternal order between west coast and east coast
    the gulf coast to the great lakes, if I may, I'm well protected
    though being stressed to no end 'til last breaths met my breath mints
    my neighbors got no idea I'm on such a vigilant route
    been seeing me write every day for years, never asked what it's 'bout
    I'm collecting their blessings, rather than collecting their souls
    arbitrary and wreckless, officers down across the globe
    trying to find a means to charge me with the crime of thinking
    I'm lincoln with them cop killers contrived from my ink pen
    paris just confirmed a kill, it's just the iceberg tip
    I got thoughts of water ice stands that would buy my bricks
    the f.o.p. never came across my supreme court
    I trumped trump, that comes as it comes I guess, as a team sport
    el-eye seven shit, my old school I have to close on
    silence is on, if my gun jams, god's life is prolonged...

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    Default day 365

    ...yeah b., there will be bloods shed in my city, you want a tournaquit
    for heavy incest with a sibling, I know it's my turn to get
    on with my murder tournament, niggas necks for tree ornaments
    I left niggas speech torn to shreds, confetti, wed a whore you did
    call out soo-woo, you get TZU-WU, a wu' dance murder gets SUN TZU
    so look b., when you waved your tongue like a gun, you tried to son who?
    I flip 4-2 to 2-4, now you on my shit, get off my dick
    and beat on your warrior's drum some more, don't get off topic
    because I got money to make, that's lucci, I'm not on the take
    the cons sequence for coming out ya' face alone's not a mistake
    I heard you loud and clear, but I ain't hear to talk when payment's due
    my own blood's gon' eat every drop of my soup my ladel spewed
    I own bloods, see the game is screwed, no wack nigga's gon' make it through
    so I suggest philly prep they bars to get the savior through
    the 5th seal cracked, ain't it true, run tell that how a plaintiff do
    where I'm from's not a police siren light, no law is saving you
    three sixty-fve days and six hours a year I persevered
    and will give mymah her rewards in this life that she worked to get
    my mail was opened up on my porch, I automatically clicked
    into wutever opportunity I get to track a bitch-
    made-ass nigga sending a footprint to my mind field
    to capitalize off of emotion, now know how I kill
    mm is the word, nobody knows shit, just know that I'm still
    standing when I relieve myself on catacombs that I've built
    yeah b., I hope you was that dumb to make a move, face it dude
    I might be new to you, but I ain't new to life, I'll make you food
    carrots, celery, and potatoes in the crock you bathe in, cool
    I thought shit out, and whatever you bought into you're stained with, ooze
    it's all about money, crush nation shit, yeah, my boys jazz and snooze
    put that on the record, for-the-record, I'm not about to lose
    the coo, see infidelphia done ran outta' chances to prove
    they wasn't out to murder me or bury me...

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    Default day 420

    ...see, yeah, I was born high, and my mah' gave me a flower pot
    to grow marijuana seeds in, I was a tot, nostrils of snot
    first swig on a 40 ounce when I learned to walk, like it or not
    whether being a fetus full of smoke and coke stunted my growth*
    I had yet to know, the psychology teacher said it was so
    and whoever said I was slow just didn't know how this would go
    the eagles secured the bowl as their nest, now the seventy-six
    to eye seventy-six and eye ninety-fifth on route to put the fix
    down on the u.s. mint, I'm back at galilei two one fifth
    the beans' talk usher march madness in, the climb to manhattan been
    four decades since I was lit in a match box, I'm back again
    passed through as every hue of man, but now I'm black again
    and whatever method and red owe my crew members, we'll resort
    to whatever method to get overdue ledger's debts
    accrue every cent, say you don't run, when we met, #I helped you catch ya' breath...

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    Default the day after

    ...I helped you catch ya' breath, no c.p.r., no d.v.r.
    I'm alive and direct, not indirect, no c.b.4
    my cousin was the khandi, baited charlie murph', may he rest in peace
    the day after u pay us the rent or debt you owe, we peace
    see, I gots the method, man it's easy, my madness evens
    all odds I been up against since battling what ain't seen me
    if street life had an issue with my brother thirteen, I'm seeing him
    and 12 o'clock is still a hunted man just for being in
    kensington, northeast philly, what he know 'bout the incident
    if he didn't know, then it's a good thing, do not mention it...

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