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Thread: Satan's Lair

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    Default "Sex Stains" music video, regular musical act at Comet Ping Pong, pedo symbolism

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    Default "Heavy Breathing" performing at Comet Pizza, jokes about pedophilia

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    Default Hilary at Terasol Bistro down the street from Comet, pedo symbolism on website

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    Default The Epstein Connection

    Now to discuss another known pedophile with major Clinton connections: Jeffrey Epstein. According to Epstein himself, he was a co-founder of the Clinton Foundation. Epstein was accused not only of having underage sex slaves, but of being part of an extensive underage sex slave ring, and was convicted of sex crimes involving minors (albeit with the most severe charges dropped, and extremely minor legal consequences as a result). The court case revealed accusers who claimed they were forced to have sex with everyone from politicans and businessmen to royalty and academics.

    Court papers also claim Epstein’s mansion is outfitted with hidden cameras in order to capture people of power engaging in sex with minors for purposes of blackmail, and his “little black book” seized by authorities contains big-wig names from Tony Blair and Prince Andrew to Michael Bloomberg and even Hollywood star Dustin Hoffman. A highly secretive investor, the precise source of Epstein’s vast riches is a mystery.

    Bill and Hillary Clinton have taken trips on board Epstein’s private plane, dubbed by the press as the “Lolita Express,” at different times — both to Epstein’s private island and to other locations around the world. In a rare rebuke to the 24/7 security provided to former presidents, Bill Clinton had the Secret Service stay behind for each of these forays. In addition, thanks to a whistleblower, we know that Epstein sent Bill Clinton $3.5 million from a Swiss bank account. For what, one can only imagine.

    (Note: Donald Trump has a documented relationship with Epstein as well, lasting up until Epstein’s legal trouble, with one confirmed ride on one of Epstein’s private jets. He is not documented to have visited any of Epstein’s private islands. Bill Clinton claimed to have disavowed Epstein after the legal trouble, but the $3.5 million bank transfer occurred after Epstein’s conviction.)

    Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of notorious news tycoon Robert Maxwell, is alleged to have been Epstein’s central “Madam,” obtaining underage girls for him and his cohorts to abuse. She is also alleged by one of the teenaged victims to have taken photographs of underaged girls, which were posted around Epstein’s property. The court case painted her as Epstein’s “right hand woman,” central to Epstein’s alleged pedophilia sex ring. Here she is pictured at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding:

    Another frequent flier on the “Lolita Express” is a mysterious young socialite girl named Rachel Chandler. Here she is pictured with Bill Clinton as a teenager:

    Chandler’s Tumblr account uses CSS to hide what other accounts were sharing her content and vice-versa, but since this trick doesn’t work on mobile phones, #Pizzagate researchers were able to find other accounts that frequently share her content. These accounts are consistently macabre. They’re filled with images of BDSM, injuries associated with sadistic sex practices, prescription drugs, images of children in severe distress and/or states of injury, weapons, sexual imagery, and occult symbols.

    It also contains many images of children recieving dental work, which is beyond bizarre — but seems to somehow connect to Epstein, whose Florida mansion was found to contain not only child’s toys and explicit images of children, but fully functioning professional-grade dental chairs and equipment during a police raid.

    A few examples (out of many dozens) of strange images Rachel and her network of sharers have posted, with images of children modified for privacy (Warning: disturbing):


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    Default Real or fake? You decide


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    Default Skull & Bones

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    Default ABC News: Skull & Bones Ritual

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    Default Hypnotic trance

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