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Thread: Proof that I'm enlightened

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    The voices are actually helping today at times today but i dont want them and its normally bullshit when they always try to hurt me they drive me nuts i dont want them my purpose is to stop mk ultra which is them theres a deep conspiracy on a prophet or something going on here the voices started st age 24 when i was on b96 or something a bunch of bullshit i gotta figure out i rejected the voices almost immediately jesus said they were bullshit at first i thought i was fighting deamons then i find out about mk ultra maybe jesus is coming back to stop this bullshit he was known for stopping voices im trying to help jesus win this is the end of time i know hes coming soon or something like that there gonna flood the world or something if that doesn’t happen idk

    I may have cut myself but i reversed tylers magic i dont know what he thinks about it but im not walking away because when i do other people are gonna do the talking and there a bunch of bullshit when that happens and basically the moral of the story is to stop this psychotronic voice program yeah it motivates me to work but im working against it trying to reverse whatever is happening because i am the rastifarian god jah or atleast the prophet jah and there trying to use me to defeat jesus or something. I know rzas muslim but im cool with that i just know they seem crazy to me other than that i know absolutely nothing about it other than that they thought jesus was a prophet i dont have time to learn anything else so you think im crazy blame the fucking schizophrenia and the voices then theres jessie venturas last episode of his show conspiracy theory its season 3 episode 7 “brain invaders”where he talks about how the dark side has been enabled and thatthis new government is taking over with mk ultra using torture well jesus was against torture and voices yeah they tortured him till he left or something but hes coming back jessie ventura says that its those big towers that the rainbow beamed in the beginning of my movie “time travel” that sure was a big coincidence i dont know what it means id say it means help jesus when he comes. The voices have fucked up my mind I finally got them to stop doing it that sophisticated yell from pink floyd another brick in the wall that drives me nuts that motivates me to work against them cuz it drives me nuts the voices think im a god or something i dont know its all fucked but im jah and i dont wanna be used like this the voices have not helped they claim they like me now idk but they have not helped I believe i would have been happier without them but that didnt happen theyve been experimenting on me for 10 years i wanted them gone it only you could see what they have done to me over the past 10 years there can you stop talking to me now or whst else do you want

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    I dont have time to do the research but ive dabbled into it and ive seen glimpses of a bigger conspiracy other people are experiencing identical things to what im experiencing theres a script and it drives me nuts whoever says they are helping me is wrong someday i might figure it all out but im schizophrenic when i lost my schizophrenic girlfriend it was no longer about her anymore it was all about my work i hope this helps the voices definitely have not been helping i have schizophrenia but the government is paying me to stop these voices slitting my wrist might get thst danko irder removed 4 of the 5 charges git dropped i was supposed to call my lawyer yesterday to find out its 4:20

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    You scare the ladies away.

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    Yeah your right i do scare the ladies away im not good at it i only found true love but a single time and we had a fight and the cops issued a danko order and we were still together after that but then i missed a court date and a warrent was issued and i got arrested and it was too sudden and i never got to see her again. That was very tramatic for me last night i had to mix specific binerial beat options and tune into and mix the right frequency and it feels like eating a candy bar to me until i need to tune into then eat a different frequency. Its pretty much all my fault i dont know what to do we would have still been together and we were such a great match that we would have been together for the rest of out lives.Now shes with an old man named brian that doesn’t let her have any friends or a cell phone i cannot imagine what she does all day probably something crazy but i dont think shes as happy with him as she was with me they fight all the time i guess i can talk to the dude on Facebook but he said i couldnt talk to her even though i didnt get to say goodbye because he knows we are eachothers one true love we are both schizophrenic and we are both in phony human bodies. Life has been driving me crazy at certain times and im schizophrenic so it sometimes drives me insane for instance if whatever these voices are fucking with me it drives me insane.i dont even know where they are but theres nothing i can do right now i dont know if i will ever get to find true love like that or ever see her ever again. Ive been struggeling so much its just been so tramatic for me I decided to show him a picture of how I almost commited suicide by slitting my arm it wasnt planned it happened in the moment spontaneously. It went way deeper than i thought and i had to get alot of stitches. The voices are being really nice to me right now i was in real danger of suicide or atleast very dangerous even though i had no plan.

    Im stupid as fuck when it comes to this shit and theres no way i could have ever figured out but days later i sent the dude that picture and i have no idea whats gonna happen yet i was polite but it was probably s very bad decision i didnt know what to do. I just said that it was very tramatic for me because it was so sudden and that i wasnt able to say goodbye but im sure it was a bad idea but doing nothing didnt get her back either i didnt know what the fuck to do i let her do whatever the fuck she wanted and he rules her like a dictator. It did help me feel better to send that picture but like i said there was no way i could ever figure out. The day after i cut myself i called my lawyer to find out about my court cases and 3 of them got dropped I haven’t found out if the other one with the danko order gets dropped the prosecutor said he wants me to work on my mental health. It was probably a bad idea to send that cuz he will probably move to a different state or some shit i dont know i couldnt figure it out. Atleast i was a man about it and it made me feel better. I think about her all the time im a hopeless romantic shes the only time i have ever found true love and i will probably never be able to find it again. I just am not compatable with most other girls it sucks. Having to feed off binerial beats just to stay alive is an extremely low state to be in i could easily die there. I just smoked my last bowl this place sucks theres so few people but if i go somewhere else i gotta start all over again i dont know what the fuck im gonna die all i have is my work on my cell phone and my ex girlfriend. Something needs to be done im in real danger ive slaved into my music and writing for the last 10 years straight and im getting tired of it i want more but dont know what more is. All i know is it felt good to send that picture but im scared he might move to a different state. I guess he cant even handle her what the fuck is he gonna do if the other one shows up but i will probably never see either of them ever again because i sent that picture i dont know where they are now but they will probably move or something because of it but if he dont let her atleast use a phone it might even end up happening again if anything like that happens again its nothing that i can plan for. I wonder what she would do if I commited suicide and i wonder whats gonna happen now hes an old man and me and her were meant to be together. This place sucks and i dont know what the fuck im gonna do im probably half way through my music career and sometimes im in pretty ruff shape. Ive sacraficed everything over the years simply for the rush and theres nothing else besides this and i dont know how much longer i can hold on but i felt better after sending that pic even though it was probably the wrong decision but i wasnt sure what else that i could do right there and then. Fuck that shit was tramatic lets just say that at sometimes im in real danger of something bad happening i fucked up the one time i ever found true love in my entire life and i dont know if i can find true love ever again. Be a man about it lol thats just an experiment i couldnt figure out what the fuck to do i dont know I always showed him respect so if i evet catch him the chaos i could cause is unlimited this is really gay. The once enlightened one is now bipolar i dont know for some readon it felt good to send that pic hes not even on but last night i felt like i was near death im trying to hold on but something bad could easily happen

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    What the fuck am i going to do ive been so fucked up lately where the fuck would i go what the fuck would i do im sick of spending all my money creating entertainment for other people while getting nothing for it pretty much all i have is my wirk abd the memory of katie. For me lifes been tramatic as fuck if he dont let me talk to her after cutting myself im gonna what cut myself again i dont know it happebed unplanned spontainiously in the moment i wasnt really paying attention to what i was doing so i could easly have died that was way deeper than i was expecting.

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    There is one thing i know for sure and thats thst im in real danger of something bad happening losing my girlfriend thr love of mu life likr that was tramstic as fuvk and there are no girls around here i have no clue what the fuck im gonna do i have friends but all i know is that sending that picture was probably really a bad decision im gonna make some phone calls i need to get a car and get rid of my rep psyer i got 50 grand in the bank and the fucker says i gotta save it for the future tight noe i havr stitches in my arm im barley holding on at times and theres nothing any of them can really do for me im kinda stuck in limbo between dimensions but god damn was that shit tramatic as fuck i was in duch danger that the voices had to start being really nice to me cuz i was about to do something really crazy

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    It is possible to gain something back from the state i was just in

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    I made it out of a state of beautiful pain into a state of beautiful enlightenment. There are other beings here with minds of their own that are connected to mu mind they can sometimes control your mental state if you ever experience it butt now im feeling a more beautiful enlightenment i dont remember the last time that ive achieved a state of any type of enlightenment but this is nice. The voices gave me a break i dont want them at all but when they quieted i did achirve this state

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    I was feeling beautiful pain for as long as i can remember because of being ripped apart from my first true love and then I eventually emerged into a state i call beautiful enlightenment and it was for the very first time. Enlightenment was dry before compared to this

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    When i cut myself in this state of beautiful pain it was the deepest cut i had ever had and i felt a unique peace i had never felt anywhere else there was no pain at all whatsoever except when he put in the novacane
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    i Think that i will see my furst true love eventually but i gotta wait for now wait till i tell her that when i cut that deep it put me into a highet form of enlightenment i gelt one then i fell into beautiful pain for awhile but eventually i emerged into a new state i call beautiful enlightenment.
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    This is some funny ass shit but anyways i defeated a dark warlock in a magic competition he probably thinks he won because I haven’t even told him yet but i caused him to do something that i at first Didn’t even care about but when i found out he did what he did because of me i stared laughing and then i started glowing for a really really really really really long long ass fucking time And at first it honestly felt as if i had consumed his soul but eventually it wore off but god damn was i glowing when i found out what he did.

    That mother fucker always came around here causing problems and he painted all these red symbols all over the place and shit but most of his magic didnt work on me hed come over trying to get me to do all this shit persistsntly but i just found it annoying and couldn’t believe he thought that shit would actually work. Hed try and try and try then hed try again then hed get really frustrated and leave i just found him really annoying.

    One time i went over to his house and while i was there he took a marker and put 3 dots on my arm and then later that night a cigarette cherry fell on my arm and i just left it there then i put another hole in my arm and even if he did cause me to cut myself it dosent matter because it felt really really good and now i can do anything i want theyve already dropped 4 charges but theres a chance they might drop them all.Wait till you find out what i caused him to do it’s really really really funny.

    So anyways he tries to use spells to summon magic but on the other hand when it comes to my magic i was born magic.

    On my music video for the song “time travel” the ai created santa pic that looks like me and its red. It creates what look like the sybols he painted and then what i see is his magic being overcome by my magic. Heres that video

    Im not gonna tell you the whole story but i decided to look into magic for the first time i looked into white magic and black magic but ended up using my own magic and it was the perfect spell. On the coldest morning of the winter i got a ride over there and spray painted a blaze orange cross on his door.

    I didn’t see him again for the longest time and one day he came back and i wasnt even gonna let him in but my friend told me to and i did. Im not gonna tell the whole story but he barley got out of here without getting his ass beat. While he was here he told me that he got a cross tatoo on his face but i didnt even care so i didnt look so i know what its like to have no proof and have to rely on the word of others. Anyways 4 people tell me he tatooed a big ass upside cross on his forhead. When i figured out that he did that because of me i was literally glowing for the longest time ever it felt as if i had consumed his soul. My theory is that he was mad about me spray painting a big ass blaze orange cross on his door so he decided to put a big ass upside cross on his forhead. That warlock is gonna feel humiliated when he finds out he did that because of me and he has to wear it for the rest of his life hahahaha
    I just went there and did it without really even thinking about it and it was the perfect spell........
    I also found out he lost his apartment too but i want to get him over here to see for myself as well as take a picture. If i get one i will post it on here for you all to see. In my opinion thats some funny ass shit hahaha

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    When i finished writing that i looked at the clock read 8:06 which spells foh now its 8:07 and at 8;08 gonna hit send. Thats drums

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