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Thread: Proof that I'm enlightened

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    I have a blog that can be found at projectillogiccares.wordpress.com

    My music can be found at www.soundcloud.com/projectillogic

    There will eventually be all new music coming soon thats my birthday 29
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    Im alone with my friends girl but i can be trusted infinite ce

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    Posting the story of tylers cross feels like i stole his soul again this amount of work has made me bipolar

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    This thread is called my music projectillogic (autoplay) the date and time of when I started this thread is ��*��*��12:08 2017 Twelve is one of my lucky numbers and 8 stands for infinite
    12 is my number for love so it says infinite love

    One day i dissapeared from here
    The date and time this thread started is
    07-10-2014, 08:53 PM
    Gab bag ad infinite ce im about to tell the story of my first memories and the rings

    and came here to this thread
    My music projectillogic
    This is the date and time when I started that thread is
    12-27-2014,*07:30 PM
    4=d 2=a 2=b 7=g 2=b 3=b 2=a which equals dabgbba thats were yoda moved to after he couldn’t defeat the emperor in a sword fight. He jumps out of the chair and kills all of them besides one thats funny it took me years before i noticed the look on windus face when anakin comes walking up. My theory is the dude grabbed anakins light saber and thats how that shit happened

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    I dont know where thr infinate lovr fate came from

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    Yum yum clown monkies making like super american karate ninja death car war war

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    All of this has been funded by military disability and social security i work over full time and am gonna keep on going even though it is slowly destroying me

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    Quote Originally Posted by V4D3R View Post
    Im looking for a new apprentice...
    Are you still looking for an apprentice usually im the master but msybe i could become your apprentice because i cant find one of my own or do you want to be my apprentice?

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    Fifty cent jeromiehomie atsdss

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    for some reason this lost the grammy award and was taken off the album i dont know why but i did get commited thats how my funding began to fo this shit

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    I am very different from normal humans only 3% of people have ab% blood and thats me. Ab% blood is the only bloodtype that can receive blood transfusions from any other blood type all other blood types can only receive transfusions from there own blood type i may have schizophrenia but blood wise i am mote evolved. I dont have any kids except i might have one but the chick wont admit it to me

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    Ive known August one of motive-hates producers and because were such good friends he sent me one of the beats he was working on but told me to not send it to anybody and I normally wouldn’t but something really really soecial happened when schizophrenia told me to put this movie with this beat. The funny part is that after i made the movie i sent it to August and he snapped because he didn’t understand what this old korean dude was doing on his precious beat so i never teleased it buti still have it because i never deleted the movie from youtube im lucky i could even find it buti did.

    Anyways from my perspective the beat put with this video makes mu master come alive but no this is not the video i watchef when i got dharma transmission this is something different. My master is zen master seong song and robert m pirsig now go watch my master come back to life

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