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Thread: Proof that I'm enlightened

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    “The dark side will devour those who lack the power to control it. It’s a fierce storm of emotion that annihilates anything in its path. It lays waste to the weak and unworthy. But those who are strong can ride the storm winds to unfathomable heights. They can unlock their true potential; they can sever the chains that bind them; they can dominate the world around them. Only those with the power to control the dark side can ever truly be free.”
    ~Darth Bane
    the sith taught me how to love myself and I truly believe that in order to find perfect balance one has to learn to control both sides of the Force atleast it was for me hate can be so zen like too it's just another side of zen I believe but it's not for most people be warned

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    For me hate is something I turn to only when everything else fails before I learned how to truly hate I was bipolar and sith philosophy and dark zen fixed that and the new problems it once caused have been eliminated and I've found perfect balance I don't get depressed ever anymore I found so many different cures on this journey and together they make me magnificent the reason I don't get depressed is because if it came down to it I learned to hate instead and hate as I know it feels pretty damn good but like I said I learned to control both the light and dark side and I keep the dark side dormant and in submission most of the time and it's there only when I'm in need of it

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    Maybe I read zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance because it said zen in it so maybe I didn't read it before I started down the zen path but as it turned out it was widely considered one of the most important philosophy books written in the last century and you could call that random chance but at a very young age I picked up the celistine prophecy which is basically a course in Carl jungs theory of the paranormal called syncricity. Ever since I read that book way over 16 years ago have I manipulated syncricity to vibrate at higher frequencys and unlock higher and higher dimensional states. it was syncricity that I chose the celistine prophecy, zen and the motorcycle maintainence, and also the compass of zen and I started the sith path cuz lil Wayne said sith in a song that's syncricity too true story
    read more of my posts to hear my amazing stories of syncricity so advanced that God must have done something with that shit. I picked those 3 books out of every book that existed I couldn't have picked any better masters cuz I haven't really read to much besides those books when it comes to this shit barley anything at all just the number of times I read those books and a deep obsession with meditation. Actually when I was 15 years old I might have been smarter than I am now well as far as how much research I did and shit back then I was a well read I mean I read hundreds of pages of conspiracy theory and I watched everything they said come fucking true and when September 11th hit I instantly knew they sprung their trap but I don't fuck with conspiracy theories anymore cuz I have schizophrenia and those types of thoughts fuck up my head and I know what's going on more than what I say but I'm not going to like go up against the illumanity or anything like that fuck that I want to be neutral atleast then they will listen to me. Anyways when I was 12 years old and I got my first computer I decided right away I wanted to find the underground and I wanted to be a master and I pretty much spent my whole life looking for that and now I'm a veteran radio personality enlightened fucking rapper sweet

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    But there's one thing I know to be true, I've forgotten more knowledge than I will ever know

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    Oh yeah also when I was young like that there's no telling what I read I mean I was reading 500 page books when I was 12 or fucking 13 years old now days I only read like a book a year I would rather write than read these days but just so you know the last time I took a college entrance exam I scored in the top 5 percent of the nation on reading comprehensive reading is all I use to ever do. I understand what I read hear and see with perfect accuracy because of it so I'm pretty sure I understand all the zen and philosophy books I've ever read.most people will all have different versions for the same story when they tell it. not me though, I comprehend with accuracy. Speaking of wanting to be a master since I was 12 back then I wanted to be a programmer cuz I thought they were masters which caused me to study and work with 5 different programming languages in my life but I gave it up in 2006 because it was programming or rapping and I chose rapping and there are like 15 early songs lost to time and if I remember right they were all good. Anyways though making music is the same God damn thing as programming and so is writing so I guess it payed off I don't think I ever actually wanted to be a programmer as much as I wanted to be a master. I spent my youth mostly on a computer too till I got into drugs
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    I feel alive
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    Shit at age 15 and somewhere before and after that for many years I was a direct TV satellite card hacker and I was on a quest to become a mod so I was one of the main contributors on alien tech dss and I was considered a god. The cards had to be reprogrammed every 3 days usually so I was keeping atleast 200 cards going by giving all the fixes to 2 people I know plus I was probably keeping thousands of cards up and running through my contributions on the message forum I had over 2000 posts on that site mostly technical questions and I always seemed to come up with the answers first it was exceedingly more complicated than just downloading a fix you had to work with zkt tables and shit and every 3 fucking days you had to hack it in a new way. At age 15 in my room I had 5 channels of streaming porn in the age of dial up Internet. I only had like 10 customers myself but I charged 300 fucking dollars to program and maintain a card I was selling them to family and my dad was selling them at work God damn were those fun times. But that's probably why I don't watch much porn anymore I've just watched too much of it. All I know is that I was considered a god back then for what I was doing the forum had over 50000 members and I was a top contributor. The mods were the real gods though they ruled with a tight leash and the smartest mods name was Miley! And he was the only mod that wrote the actual assembly language to hack the cards nobody else was on his level. On one occasion he replied that I had caught there attention and was doing a fine ass job and that was a great honor to me. Then the eventually came out with a card that could no longer be hacked and they came out with Netflix and torrents. R.i.p I will never have time for shit like that again it's better for me to pump out more music. BTW assembly language is virtually indescipherable it's only one step above binary code way beyond most people's maxim potential but so is making good rap. I also never had to buy any of the expensive equipment ever I got that for free

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    One time the came out with the hu card that couldn't be hacked yet and only the old h cards could still be hacked. Then on one day imfamisley known as black Sunday Dave "direct TV" sent out an ecm "electronic counter measure" that targeted a write only once sector of the card so every h card that was in the stream got permanently disabled until they came out with a piece of hardware called a DPBB "dead processor boot board" which was a circuit board shaped like a card at the end so that would plug into the receiver and the card would plug into that. That drove virgin h cards up too 800 a pop and I had like 2 of them. When Dave finally won and direct TV could no longer be hacked I was sitting on well over 2 grand worth of equipment I don't even know how much it was worth but I was left with a bunch of ice scrapers and equipment that no longer had a purpose I've been talking about my past just to show who I was before I got enlightenment I'm very qualified I was in the Navy for nuclear submarines and shit

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    Some people need a little sith influence I would have never broken the chains of manic depression and found enlightenment if it wasn't for the sith but it's dangerous like kimo therapy but to the right person in the right setting it can sometimes save your life but only sometimes

    One who has freed themselves from all restrictions has reached perfection… their potential fulfilled. Perfect strength, perfect power, perfect destiny."―Yuthura that can be viewed in zen mode or sith mode

    The poison of the Dark Force shall manifest in different stages: rage then exhilaration, anger then control, terror then superiority, bewilderment then passion, frustration then victory, despair then power — need we say more?

    It says the dark poison can lead to control that's eventually what happened to me

    “Why fear to reanimate ALL the possibilities that lie dormant in our natures? Is it not desirable to cultivate all plants indiscriminately? There are those that are poisonous, true, yet even these are indispensable in the practice of medicine. Large doses of certain drugs cause death; but, administered wisely with the hand of a skilful physician, they bring relief and very often a complete cure. The same may be said of many forces that are evil only because they are not disciplined.”

    feeding on rage like this brings fighters to the dark side, but when they step away they can be much more receptive to the light. Not all such warriors are beyond redemption.-luke skywalker

    Yes they can be more receptive to the light when they turn away from the dark side if you look really close not all sith philosophy is evil some of it is necessary to advance for certain individuals it accelerateted my decent into enlightenment I was once a victim and it made me strong. I learned how to first replace all negative emotions with hate then I learned how to let go of the hate and nothing else was there

    Morality is not a simple set of rules. It's a very complex struggle of conflicting patterns of values. This conflict is the residue of evolution. As new patters evolve they come into conflict with old ones. Each stage of evolution creates in its wake a wash of problems.
    Pirsig, Robert M.

    Sometimes the insane and the contrarians and the ones who are closest to suicide are the most valuable people society has. They may be precursors of social change. They’ve taken the burdens of the culture onto themselves, and in their struggle to solve their own problems they’re solving problems for the culture as well.
    Robert M. Pirsig

    The Sith and the Jedi are similar in almost every way. Including their quest for greater power. -Darth Sidious

    "I don't know, I guess I've come to a point where anything that's not intellectually stimulating in some way other than a way that challenges the people to either be creative or have to think about something in it's entirety is moronic and as such is worthless."
    - Darth Atrer

    “Wealth and material goods mean nothing to me. I crave only power and purpose. With power, anything you want or need can simply be taken. With purpose, your life has meaning.” ~ Darth Cognus

    “Light will for a time have to be called darkness: this is the path you must tread.”
    –Friedrich Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human

    “The dark side will devour those who lack the power to control it. It’s a fierce storm of emotion that annihilates anything in its path. It lays waste to the weak and unworthy. But those who are strong can ride the storm winds to unfathomable heights. They can unlock their true potential; they can sever the chains that bind them; they can dominate the world around them. Only those with the power to control the dark side can ever truly be free.”
    ~Darth Bane

    Once you have learned to control it you don't need it much anymore if your me

    “It is the internal struggles, when fought and won on their own, that yield the strongest rewards.” ~Darth Traya

    “You’re afraid that my words might be true. That the dark side doesn’t corrupt in and of itself. That you’re destined to become the next Sith Lord… Because if it is true, you have to make a decision, choosing between your life as it is—comfortable, but almost purposeless—and life as you know it should be.” ~Lumiya

    “To understand the dark side you must suffer through hardship and struggle.”
    ~Darth Bane

    Now the one I've been looking for

    “The weak will always be victims. That is the way of the universe. The strong take what they want, and the weak suffer at their hands. That is their fate; it is inevitable. Only the strong survive, because only the strong deserve to.
    I know what it means to suffer. I used to be a victim. But I refused to accept my lot in life. I made myself strong. Those who are victims have no one to blame but themselves. They do not deserve pity; they are victims because of their own failures and weaknesses.”
    ~Darth Bane

    Before the sith I lacked the strength to be enlightened I was once like how darth bane founder of the sith was but I learned to be strong. I corrected myself, I got rid of my manic depression through my own rendering of dark teachings
    the dark side freed the bonds that held me down and freed my mind like it promises. When I was done with it I moved on to bigger and better things and if my strength ever starts to falter I can call apon it again till I move on again it keeps me balanced. To achieve perfect balance you might wanna consider learning to control both sides of the Force the cancel each other out

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    That's right darth bane founder of the sith began life as a victim!!!!!

    You’ll know you’re making progress on the Sith path when you go from being suicidal to homicidal -darth bane

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    I use to hate myself but now I love myself and now I sometimes hate others

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    I did something the doctors can't even do I 100% cured manic depression that in itself is one hell of an achievement. I don't ever get depressed anymore unless I slip but it only happens like once a year and it's very brief but I've at times briefly slipped out of enlightenment but I hold it 99.9% of the time

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    If you know where to look and what to avoid there's plenty of zen in the dark side too but it's dangerous you gotta know what the fuck your doing and I'm running a custom design I made myself using bits and pieces of the sith and my own theories there's manuals to learn zen but no manuals to learn sith I read every damn sith quote on the net and only kept like half and the rest I discarded and I was left with a 20 page document of selective sith quotes and that's what I studied.nobody ever told me how to do sith meditation doing zen style meditation on pure and unfocused hatred was a product of my own mind and the meditation technique I started using for the while isn't really much different than regular zen there are no words or thoughts in pure and unfocused hatred any more than there is in zen meditation they just have different flavors but the dark side doesn't dominate me at all but it's still there in some shape or form and in certain situations more of it is revealed in a very zen like way but I keep it dormant the majority of the time and it only emerges when shit hits the fan but it's only zen like because it's unfocused even when it's targeted at something I still keep it unfocused cuz I always keep a zen mind. It feels just like zen except it seems to run deeper and or darker but it's still nothingness to that's the point I eventually got too but I don't exist purely in that mode or anything like that
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    the nightsisters never achieved galactic power becaue they did not commit themselves to a signle path. By refusing to name the dark side, they could not give themselves to it utterly and could never gain true power- darth sidious

    When I read this quote it really caused me to pull away from the sith because before that I read all these quotes about traveling the depths of hate and despair the the heights of maybe love or not I don't remember. I was always trying to understand both sides of the Force and find perfect balance which I did although for awhile I thought pretty damn dark. What ultimately did it for me though is when I found out that the sith don't believe in an afterlife.my style or use of the sith is like that new cancer cure where they removed like 40 percent of the livestock version of the aids virus and reprogrammed it to attack cancer cells and in many cases it was completely effective yeah that's what the sith or atleast my use of it has always been like for me

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    Like I'm sitting here thinking why were those two facts in the post above about complete dedication to the dark and no afterlife such a big deal to me when I started out by deleting half the fucking quotes and doing it with good intentions lol. All I can think is that it still seduced me because the dark side feels really fucking good and it seduces me it almost completely seduced me but I survived it and moved on a better person the truth is if you go into it as hard core as I did it's really fucking dangerous but I warn about that whenever I talk about it and the only reason I was able to do it like I did is because I was already so experienced in meditation somebody who wasn't wouldn't have been able to pursue it like I did but like it says

    “The dark side will devour those who lack the power to control it. It’s a fierce storm of emotion that annihilates anything in its path. It lays waste to the weak and unworthy. But those who are strong can ride the storm winds to unfathomable heights. They can unlock their true potential; they can sever the chains that bind them; they can dominate the world around them. Only those with the power to control the dark side can ever truly be free.”

    Well it definitely severed alot of the chains that were holding me back and I learned to control it and once I did that I kept it all but dormant which is good because if I didn't know how to control it could take over at any time like it does every time someone does something wrong to another human being or anything like that....but it was the catalyst to the magnificent Heights that I have reached today. It's very dangerous though cuz the dark side drives people nuts and shit sometimes I would think atleast It took me to some pretty dark places at times like literally it developed into a whole different personality and I would switch back and forth from zen mode and sith mode back and forth and they had two different vibrations and intensities and they battled back and forth but the zen personality in the end become dominant and I haven't felt the sith presence in as long as I can remember it's completely gone but that battle was very important in my development too I think

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