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Thread: Please Allah??? TF do u mean?

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    I'm Christian and I met Jesus in a cemetery once so I'm blessed but I'm Lutheran and don't trust the Catholic Church or what they've done throughout history. They burnt all the books written in the time of christ besides those they put in the Bible and held back technology and tortured people for hundreds of years and it's like didn't Jesus die on the cross so we didn't have to be tortured or am I missing something here. There's no way to know anything for sure besides the fact that Jesus appeared to me in a cemetery. God is crazy and Im with Jesus. I think there's more than one way to get into heaven and I don't know jack shit about Muslims so I don't judge them or touch it with a 10 foot pole because Its just not my style but I'm not saying people shouldn't do it

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    To get rid of all lusts and wants all you gotta do is learn to silence your mind like I have

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    why did you retract?

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