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Thread: Moon Crickets - Death in the Arena

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    Default Moon Crickets - Death in the Arena

    Yay. Moon Crickets album is now available for preorders. 300 first ones will get their name in the booklet. Preordered mine since there's always a need for new Priest verses.

    I liked the mixtape which dropped earlier, so I'm hyped up for this one.

    Priest is on all tracks except for three and the same goes for Lord Fury. Haven't been able to dig up a tracklist yet, but Ghost is on there and Tragedy too.

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    hey thanks for the heads up! gonna pre-order in March

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    how come this was moved?
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    that would be ringz, is my guess

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    what's the release date? the mixtape was dope.. beats and Priest were on point

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    This was supposed to drop a good while back, I asked Lord Fury about it on FB 2 or 3 months ago (not too sure about the time line anymore) and he said there had been some problems and 'it will drop next month'

    But then it didn't.

    Anybody got an update?

    I pre-ordered like I said in post 2 and they got my pesos.

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    Good news! Finally!

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    that's peace!

    props for updating the thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laki420 View Post

    Good news! Finally!
    Its available now !!!!!

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    Listening to the album for the first time right now. It's in the same vein as the mixtape, which I really dug back then.

    Can't really say much yet as I'm only halfway through the album. Sounds good so far.

    Many, many features including heavyweights like Ghost, Cappa, Trife, Shyheim, Hell Razah and from outside the Wu camp there's artists like Trag Khadafi, Sheek Louch, Agallah, Ras Kass, Planet Asia and the gawd Sean Price. And many more!

    Nice packaging and cool how they put the physical album supporters in the liner notes. Glad to be part of it. In a way it's a great way to say goodbye to my old name. Is anybody else from the corp on there? I recognize the names of some hardcore FB wu supporters like Mattias Danielsson. Good to see killa bee online promoter Isa Nahila Sibiril-Bigini get props in the liner notes too. She's put in lots of work for Hell Razah, GGO & Moon Crickets among others, and she's an all around great person.
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    Listened to it 3 times and I like it so far. Because there are so many guest features this album is gonna take a lot of time to sink in so I will probably only post some more feedback on this later.

    One thing I will say though is that I have a hard time focusing on Lord Fury's verses. I had the same problem when I first listened to the mixtape, but it got better later.

    How are all of you enjoying the album?

    EDIT : I like the reggae flavor of the album, Lord Fury got an impressive who is who in reggae for the album. I'm not really used to listening to reggae, so that might be why Lord Fury's own verses always take some time to sink in

    I gotta say this album definitely has its own distinct personality, with the reggae tinge and with the electric guitars, violins and the live trumpets in the mix. DJ Mercilless is very consistent with the beats. PROPS to the Moon Crickets!

    Looking back on the album delay it might have been in netting some of the features. If so I'm glad they postponed the album a bit cuz the guest spots work really well.
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    'The One' w/ Sheek & Trife might be the most accessible track with its sped up female voice sample, energetic soulful beat and the straight up verses. Great scracthing by Mercilless too.

    Um yeah, feeling the album!

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    Yeah, i got my name on it too...Still waiting for my copy to arrive though...Glad to hear that the album is fire.

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