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Thread: dog day afternoon

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    Default the wall

    ...all I know is the aztecs necks pushing up threats to render
    blacks extinct, got another thing coming to 'em, that's the inc
    got ya' boys tied up, I'm a do-it-myself kit
    the army of one by myself, ruin your health quick
    this why the game shoulda' known not to behave like a maricon
    I ain't here to defend my youngin', your grounds though I'm a' own
    slowly finding out how shot-out this bul atone is
    enough to stuff your cabesa with your cajones
    whenever I do unwind, it's apocolypto
    the archangel of revalations be out to r.i.p. foes
    gab'real, the gift of gab', gods' word, I'm it though
    luc' in the cipher, the mic' is micha'el, now you dips know
    I hopped from the hip though since being shot to shit though
    was still born, so I got an embalming spit flow
    ojibwe lineage and lost tribe definitive
    so, the choice made by mexicans is the one that they living with
    for now, 'til we get busy in He'll fire, no skillet
    any central american that's with 'em, god bless 'em
    'cause it's 13X on friday the 13th X'D
    on the 13, and when manson die, you can join me in death
    without making it to the other side for any second breath
    talking about a power move got all of your exits to the left
    you not my people, so you not the chosen people
    thought you could outsmart my twin luc', when the evil omen reached you
    marked him with a spiral, ironic how vatos named diablos
    meet the real diablo lucius who you marked with the spiral
    philly-born, we get it on, as the city of khans
    you ain't been informed, so when it's war, you very alarmed
    no ese was ever writ' in, but the l.a. kid can tell you
    vs niggas here not telling when farmlands where you fell in
    before you accapella to your fellas, the tape is yellow
    where your mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, siblings, uncles and aunties dwell at
    me playing with a full deck been dead since '96
    for real since '95, but the tithes was never sent
    to me the 13th sentry, blood ties'll bow-tie your body
    and I ain't got the blues yet, see if arsenal's goons can stop me
    I walked thru these grape apes, and the next thing it was r.i.p. to rotti
    who the-fuck was that blue fag' on the bus who said that's why he want me?
    what, to cum down his throat with the rodney-pide pipe,'cause I see 'em
    and they ain't live and they ain't living, that's how it be then...
    now we get to see if I like what twin set up for me
    this movie's not rated plus based on the truest story...

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    Default the two hues

    ...yeah, panic, I was born on the mckean street block
    you could not get me to stop, s.p. always been red-hot
    north philly always been blue to me, this nothing new to me
    but the l.a. culture never had any clues on it
    drowning in a nightmare stranded, abandoned
    still couldn't set me on the sidewalk for the tandem
    I'm not made for the trashcan, neither are my people
    I never said shit, but I seen what I seen though
    it wasn't that rough to me first 'cause I knew nothing
    except I'm a' live forever, what I declared as a youngin'
    just learning how to walk, and just learning how to talk
    on bonsall street, and little picnics in wharton park
    my oldheads yellow sunshine made the break beat
    kool herc was working b-boys with back in seven-three
    r.i.p. to oldhead skeets and his brother mighty mick'
    shout out to they family, in s.p. they was mighty thick
    so, look, when I do what I do to the big apple
    have niggas go inside themselves so deep, now they spit backwards
    I been vowing to shut y'all up and down since I been drowned out
    'til 12o'clock my whereabouts never been found out
    the nature of the game been to crowd the mic' 'til you sounding like
    you having second thoughts now on how tough y'all ignored my life
    that's competition for you, that's having children for you
    mouths to feed y'all main excuse why you ain't endorse us
    came thru, went back home, got a way with extortion
    never got away, 'cause between vs two, we aim olympic torches
    and forgetting shit was never in our ettiquette
    we all had to die for our philadelphia memberships
    peace to those whom the charges do not apply to
    but for-the-most-part, I'm out to subside you for life though...

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    Default authors of the art of war

    I'm no longer fucking with bitches who not aligned to the mission
    if that means I'm a die alone, then so be it, I know who I am
    ressurector gave me the sunlight to fight, he's my kin sun bin
    so I'm up in the wtc building, sure 'nuff I'm Him
    and my twin is just stuck in the bind how I book israel
    his minions not too hard to find, neither are ishmael's
    listen, who has the pattent on the boxing ring
    yeah, I been knew how to fight, y'all borrowing, who's offering
    when I start back from scratch to the scratched-offs, I'm offing whomever
    the government wasn't ever doing shit but letting vs
    black-on-black been my get-up, and I won't ever let up
    until the grafted are put to pasture for ever
    who made these degenerates and gave them the presidence
    over us, was it you yakub whom gods said it was?
    well, look, con, you either down with what I instruct to you
    or I'm stuck on that train of thought bound to catch up to you
    since you caught inbetween the two authors of the art of war
    who's pang juan to you? why was you so shook about the wu'?
    why'd you try to get me to side against wu' and side with you?
    then try to flip a closet on me, like you gon' call me boo
    I'm a ghost, I'm a ghoul, fuck how you tried to move
    bi-polar my style is, breaths switch from sunlight to moon
    west philly belmont gon' give me the love now
    harriet tubman's my soldier medina meena's profile
    luc' tried to holler, I heard nothing but vague threats
    'cause I was trapping him, and still he ain't wanna' cave in
    and I'm tired of repeating myself, so I'm a' be brief
    I'm getting old, giving less of a fuck how you manage to breathe
    these women can't protect you from me, you will see now
    tried to warn you, brother, you act deaf, but deep down
    you know how The Father feel to the momma', these black women
    got karma coming to 'em, and they no longer will be your armor...

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    Default wide-eyes and closed mouthed

    yeah, sure, you right, this ain't about race
    but look, use your mind, you ain't about peace
    if you trying to pry into my space, say you belong here
    and your ancestors raped ours, tortured and wronged here
    opportunity all on our backs you trampling
    your laws shift just to exclude us from advancing
    sit back, watch us destroy ourselves for brand names
    since way back we was branded slaves, you can't save
    yourself from this reckoning now by trying to blend with us
    pretend you us, befriending us to put ends to us
    schools set up to keep us from ever knowing ourselves
    and you just a day closer to having all Hell
    break loose on your whole make-up, 'til mascara
    running's how your skin looking falling off your faces
    you still benefitting from the blood and the sweat
    equity of the niggas who will come from the dead
    to cut off all your limbs, toss 'em all to the pit
    bull terriers, you ain't worthy of a proper burial
    better pray for a way to commit suicide
    fuck being politically correct, I ain't gon' lie
    ...so you can enact your obamanation
    'cause I got it in for y'all and done ran outta' patience
    do away with the place that made me? I got nothing else to lose
    when you die, I got nothing left to prove
    everybody who bought into the white lie
    was voluntarily, no excuse for your hind sides
    I'm righteous with it, very decisive with it
    blame the turks if you wish, but I'm not the gimmick
    eugenetics got your whole heredity in my scope
    think I'm a joke 'til you feel the knock-knocks through your doors
    you not god, and your white god is not brodying my parts
    you wouldn't had bought into that brochure if you was smart
    you now caught between the ceiling, floor, and four closing walls
    jack put back in the box until he show he's loyal
    for the lo' shit, lo'lo' best to push up on me
    not when I'm old and decrepid and my dick won't function
    tired of lettin him know his bitch better know
    when she at the end of her rope, he at the end of his rope
    I don't give a fuck, I jack off and be on my own
    on route to his neck to choke any smoke from his throat
    we took the soot we been taking as the blacks
    so you take this however you take this, this the fact
    I'm coming to get you all, there's no time for a lecture
    'cause the real hannibal's here, fuck a hannibal lecter
    you have nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide is all
    how I was brought up in the sights and sounds of war...
    ...our war, my war, not y'alls...
    wide-eyes, closed mouthed, 9-1-1 cut off...closing...

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    Default at the genius show

    ...wu' used to come thru and be humbled
    when they witnessed the philly chaos of the sun tzu
    the '90s shit, masta killa couldn't shake wit' me
    too many philly niggas on some ole' shit basically
    killa priest gave me dap, after that, channel 48
    had him putting philly on with a brother that
    I knew, put his crew on the map, lost tribe of babylon
    over the heads of many with the spittage they was on
    channel 48 though was the kung fu theatre channel
    saturdays in the '80s, the whole philly knew the handle
    tuned in, just blowing money then and s.p.
    going to war, and jamaican posses was taking a loss
    'ric let me know, they blew the dreads up around the o-zone
    green lights was for-real on 'em, s.p. had shit sealed on 'em
    dmx's brother can let you know, shit was real in maka
    kidnaps, bodies found, brain matter and loosed urinal bladders
    broad days, serial killers killing serial killers
    police only locking up these niggas for shit that's trivial
    omerta shit will murder shit, trying to get me to write his book
    yeah, I'm a' book israel though, sure because my knowledge took
    I'm reclaiming, closing on every culture that left my pores
    never sweat it they tell you, every breath is a gain or loss...

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    Default the c13arence: 13Xfinity

    ...now, the xfinity billboard read that they have the clearance,
    the clarence, and that wasn't a typo, 'cause I'M the c13arence
    niggas was just that slow to pick up on codes
    they sure want the money, but they ain't that sure 'bout those doors
    and still think they can judge, but the whole time they block the sun out
    embolding the pale, with the noose and the pale you hung now
    the blood of the white sheep's on y'all hands, you acting dumb now
    for those who was never my friend, y'all ends'll come now
    you laugh now and cry later, laughed then and cry now
    backtrack my threads to find out this was always my style
    this ain't an overnight success getting y'all to read my vents
    been a long time coming on who thought I made no sense
    p.l.o. style I know now, israel's about to bend
    seek me for guidance, but them bitches shoulda' gave me neck
    obama switching, I kidnapped his father if philly's real
    see if he the bankers antithesis to me for real
    but see, me and the whities will never have a common enemy
    because their enemy came from them trying to put an end to me
    the black man, they defined me as such, and such is their white fates
    stay who you been, and keep trying to call me nigga to my face
    look, you whites will defend white life to a fault, right
    then yell we must co-exist and shit, so get ya' thoughts right
    y'all want to interfere, that's what you good for, so in this here
    analysis of what y'all is, you best not to had been here
    too many niggas dead for me to care about your lives
    though I'm the one you gon' beg for life to when I end the lies..
    ...and that's why you even need an antithesis to me 'cause
    I could finally be the good guy you always knew me for
    suck my dick though, I'm only here for my people
    and y'all not it though, our dna won't save that evil
    I won't allow my people to fight your fight against us
    I'm a' kill all traitors, you whites not involved in that shit
    but since you tarzan and jane, you'll implode around us
    you and your offwhite offsprings you cloned to clown us
    and I'm incapacitated from the blood of my white ancestors
    y'all whities got hip to the mix though post 9-11
    suh'm in you must a' said you was dead if you ain't blending with us
    but guess what, you gon' be more than dead for blending with us
    finito, hypnotized I guess by 13Xfinity though
    the entity behind my death what they was letting me know
    so here's the envelope, who gets the award, who gets the punishment
    who gets the reward, a five-second head start to run from me
    no censoring me, israel is no menace to me
    no offensive defense to me, and no fences to me
    comcast in my backyard, and I'm a' take it over
    the clearance/clarence was my code that I wrote and broke before them
    on the day I found whom I was in two thousand five
    The Father come as The Sun Wu, nigga, yes, I'm alive...

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    Default Some of these.....

    Some of these cats got the
    Personality of a roof shingle
    The rhymes of hooked on phonics
    It didnít work for me edition infomercial
    Swag of a Styrofoam cup
    Charisma of a cardboard box
    Style of a shopping bag
    The voice of barney and friends
    The lyrics of a garbage passing you by
    The mind of a fucktoy
    Bust more flows than musket shows
    touch more souls than Creflo Dollar
    No brains just peanuts for head cases
    Canít even shout without sounding disillusioned
    Confusion on the face looks like plastic implants
    Hap hazard map out the human body casually
    Rapidly diseases occur more than cultural diversity
    Get your spot blown up more than trumpís on tv screen cross the globe
    You can drop back pass like brett farve
    Get sacked with more nuts than you chick fucks
    Mind get dumbed down by societyís means
    Get dreamed about like billie jean
    Drink ink pens out cha spine
    Tap those fluids thinking Christopher reeve can do it
    Iím beastly about eat, sleep and conquer
    Respond to some priestly debates
    There are no refunds or rebates on this most anticipated waits
    Donít try and rip with the vocal stylings
    Of a pigeon being stepped on
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    Default it ain't over...

    ...so, all aboard whosever scores on the boards
    I'm on the shore 'bout to head off, as some off to war
    living my life after death, others post traumatic stressed
    our struggles bigger than my joy, but I ain't stressed nonetheless
    what you expect, I'm a' move ahead, get to better things
    the living dead's whole listening's deaf, is what this letter reads
    I had to break out, explore, create the room to breathe
    was told the globe or a sphere is three sixty degrees
    in two dimensions, whose to mention the proof of my existence
    or any clue of what to do against proof that I am winning
    I'm not the fluke, pull out the flute, your children coming with me
    I'm charly brown out this bitch, busting loose outta' philly
    who wants to hear what's the truth outta' philly, now fulfill it
    the game in a noose, you can box, we pulling out the weapons
    determining outcomes ourselves, this ain't game's pavilion
    I'm over here, you over there, get roofed without a ceiling
    when the gloves on, it's not to box, not to hurt ya' feelings
    even though I'm on vacation now, there's no intervening
    I ain't stopping for shit, I don't like closet tricks
    how I recognized it and others didn't, I just got sense
    lady inviting me to dance, but my feet just too big
    you can find that nig in b'more harbor though in a fisher's net
    cold sweat, just dreaming, think I'm no threat, it's no sweat
    soon call medics, call a mortician, call next
    what gave the game away is the pussy wouldn't let up
    and didn't move thru the proper channels to address his business
    well, I can be just that ign'ant, but I know how to pull it off
    meek's a baby, bullying him ain't getting you pull at all
    I can fuck the game up 'til two thousand and twenty four
    just to throw a number out there, you are not built for this war...
    ...your camera tricks not cool at all, my panarama ram a
    planet-sized dummy round through the glands that secrete ya' grammer...
    so now understand your manners need a deusch and pampers
    I'm the most relentless ever, lucifer knows my handle
    los angeles know where you stand at, just how the lost angel is
    you pussy-ass faggot bitch bastid nig', ya' ass is shit...

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    Default we can eat

    I always wanted a menage' trois, me and two broads
    in a loft, lost in ourselves, getting off for sport
    call me a square all you watchers want, I was always a freak
    nasty nigga, you just catching up to par
    wanted to define who I am in your own thoughts
    now at a loss for words when I cum on y'all forked
    tongues, couldn't tell me who I was wanted to tell me who am
    for such a sin, later I would fold 'em in a bin
    I was always out to get 'em, my mom loved them syringes
    blood all on her walls and t.v. set and pots of piss
    this was the life of an addict's son, out in point breeze, and mad as fuck
    if we ain't fight, don't think I backed down 'cause ya' ass been stuck
    I been just holding such a rage down, had to live for her
    the one who gave a nigga birth, still had death wishes on reserve
    only father figure was a block, 1-9 ave.
    me and mauhsi had the most in common, more silent to hold down wrath
    our slap boxing became more violent when holding our hands
    I can't tell now who got bodies and still walking on land
    off-hand, noone's gotti, we been our own brand
    typical philly nigga, grown man, no cam's
    industry feeling niggas, no plans, trojan
    horses fulla black greeks, stepping all on toejams
    the only resort is me, no recourse, hollywood's
    witchcraft got a subpeona from earth for divorce
    coming to 'em, I feel good about khandi though, we can eat
    between the lines can she read from the script, 'cause we the family
    see what the bloods talking, if we done had enough target
    practice on the pups barking, let's jam on the corks popping...

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    Default '71

    ...look, now I know d. day is scheduled for october twenty-second
    d.'s wedding a descendant of my white slave master ancestors
    so it appears to me, still it isn't clear to me
    with all the work I'm putting in as to why no hint to breach
    this wedding yet has reached me, okay, make me out as the snake
    a king cobra, a python, because until my dying day
    if need be, believe me, I'm out to shed the fair skin from
    the earth or any known or unknown space where they would lurk
    when I instruct mee on the 6ual positions we get in
    to shred them from the inside out and from the outside in
    see, I ain't trying to breathe life into d. day at all
    but I'm cool and calm, not a palm raised to the d.j. at all
    play me at your own risk, I been here since seventy-one
    whomever this message meant to reach, there's nowhere you can run...

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    Default the black dollar

    from wherever I'm at to wherever you nap
    this isn't deep, it's a matter of fact, I'm the actual fact
    any world war israel set up, there is no statue
    of limitations on who left me smoked as the camel
    back with no ammo, just my words serving as the sword
    lucifer said I'm all-talk, yeah, but the same way the Lord
    said He would come, and I am not white, not a half-truth
    my habitat's proof, so they moved to eradicate my black roots
    now I'm coasting on the ocean to behead the leviathin
    I'm heading to the islands then, my impact on their horizon
    to empower the black dollar you must crush government policy
    to powder, you lack knowledge of the plot to abolish you
    common sense shoulda' kicked in, the other five senses shoulda' kicked in
    I'll take you in as slaves then, wipe away any ignorants
    say goodbye to them, they dying, I'm not suffering fools any
    very graphic be the violence done, no copping out, tools vary
    my emphasis to you is this, there is a debt that you blacks
    need to collect, from the world, and if not, the death tax that you'll rack
    you will pay for, I'm carrying this shit out on the map
    with no visible conscience to me, that's luc's cipher's whole act
    if you didn't get that, this world war that israel constructed
    asked me to join him in and everything, because you blacks wouldn't
    I have to force y'all to fight now, just to keep being born black
    with no further merger from outside strains of human forms that
    benefit from us and want us dead, not even memories
    to write us from the script, but they can't, I'll be their nemesis
    until every last one of them's fossilized, I am not ending this
    death upon their tribes, the last life of theirs don't get to live...

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    Default I land

    I'm touring now, I'm pouring down the urine on the dormant crowns
    they skin tissue like paper towels absorbing how I'm storming vows
    left antigua, barbados bound, knots down in the atlantic ocean
    I remain focused for my soldiers who ain't on that franklin ocean
    we not planking when the banks come, we simply demanding ransome
    st. thomas got them new jersey routes where I picked up my lancer
    them gray state folk should take notice 'cause I ain't helping
    any protocol breacher, to reach me now since y'all so helpless
    my people had to be put back, gabriel and lonely heartclub band
    time is the eroding factor, so I'm hard on both those hands
    on a clock, watch, that circle of twelve, where those disciples at
    I land on my feet, allone I am, where my survival clashes
    with public opinion, now up in their feelings about
    the same shit I been putting out warnings on, the war is on now
    my ship is not sinking, the phitanic though ain't see the iceberg
    my life I'm living, but a check cut ain't forfeiting my word
    niggas been the biggest consumers, the biggest losers
    and still gonna' cough up their earnings to me, the biggest use of
    wasted talent ever, when I waste them for their callous methods
    denser than fruit cake, 'cause they black don't give they asses leverage
    now, what's happening between the brothers is between the brothers
    believe you want vs to divulge, but our code is the mmers
    the game is the hunted, and that's how the dictionary defined him
    shaken up is how I'm a' find him by gods own design then
    but the gods have not found me, I found them, I ground them
    hardly took any liking to them, yes I kidnapped their Father
    by holding myself hostage, brought myself to their doorstep
    look, I got my own problems, so fuck every word they spit
    bitch, I got my own jargon, so if you put The Father first
    why's it gon' take you dying to find me out to off you first
    'cause I'm past seeing if gods gon' recognize why I'm here
    lucifer moist in his ass about this, delighted and scared
    the adrenaline rush washes y'all down like juice to a meal
    don't try to retort that I am in cahoots with whom you revere
    can't be me nor The Father, and luc' is my twin
    study these lessons, god, and figure if in the future you'll live...

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    Default num13ers crunch

    ...yeah, it's been nineteen years, and I been tracking down white oldhead
    ever since who exclaimed I'm christ's return, but where he been?
    he said he had a crew, wanted me to join, I renigged
    said I have my own plan, 245, not to mix
    black and white to off-white, by-the-way, I been sent
    by phantasms of asia just before we met
    said he liked my style, but all I did was jump a fence
    hobo looking-ass white bul oldhead looked impressed?
    I just walked out of a schizz' episode hearing whispers
    here come this white cat thinking he slick with his whiskers
    between the G. [federal] and the D. [ellsworth] on broad st. he accosted me
    hugged my neck and patted my chest and ribs as if to off me
    in case I moved wrong, said the wrong shit, my guards allways
    up and on-deck, I'm not the simp', been thru war all ways
    I don't remember shit, but I don't forget I'm being remembered
    so any trauma from what I did in pastlives won't shock my mental
    therefor giving lucyfer an advantage,'cause in oh-six
    nigga' tried to set me up, I ain't 'preciate that one bit
    I wants my money on my books now, the eternal debt
    is owed to me, barbara texts me hoping this inferno's lit
    between us, she can part her asscheeks, I'll drill her bed
    if she mention the mother again, she'll be left for dead
    see why oldhead mckendrick got bagged by them feds the day
    when a pale face talked his shit near me on ben franklin parkway
    had my black w8men been protecting me upon my birth
    to global government's awareness, their shit would not had worked
    and lucyfer, you know this, jakub, my beanstalk is growing
    you more concerned as shit about your colon than shit you owe me
    and the beans' talk's not over with, we relaunching shit
    whatever he wanna' die from, more gun shots, parkinson's
    a car accident, old age, pick one, when all this comes
    into fruition, four hundred forty-four murders in philly
    in seventy-four, and that times six, born on 3.6
    to come down on whiteheads, 5 megatons of bricks these zits
    are not hiding within our ranks to duck, give thanks for ducks
    the peking, crispy skin, give the bones and the scraps to pups
    at six thirty, they played emmet till who was murdered in money
    ten mississippi, nine, eight, seven, six, how you want it
    to play the game 'til the game is done, in one lump sum
    my kingdom comes, my will be done, the world is done...

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    Slick man i liked it good story telling vocabs good flows there keep it up son good read
    My skills punish, you untill ya grills rubbish, make ya cry like peeled onions More electrifying. Then a eels touch is, got a girl thats real luscious Eat these rappers for real like sealed lunches More bad ass than a navy seals gun is
    More fly then everybody that wields luggage
    Im the beer clutchin career crushin fear nothin fierce one with...sheers cuttin blood spills gushin no need to worry bout the wounds cuz u wont heal from it

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    Default in the fall

    ...I'm reserving certain areas for when I make it back
    right now, I'm the ghost in the machine the blacks could not enact
    they let shit happen to them, that's a fact, why is that
    simple, they followed cain and let seth lullabye they ass
    I see shit here and now, what I want I'll get it though
    dummies don't get to keep wealth with no class and no principles
    it's too much to ask when I want my inheritance now
    as if israel still has the time to keep mulling about
    I'm a' return home from the isles, niggas in worser shape
    whitewash agenda bolder now than ever as of late
    look, I'm good, and fuck fighting for who won't fight at all
    being contrary just because, you taxing, I'll write you off
    I'm looking at st. lucia chilling, thinking of our future
    that's us two, thee mother best to get these broads on my choo-choo
    reserect my dick, and know I am dead seriousness
    all-talk you to death, with one sentence you rest
    in pieces, I been demonstrated on
    I am not dying anymore, it's your turn for the morge
    I want a fine black female pushing on me hard
    no such thing as a tomorrow, no strings from the broad
    because these females try they best to bring me to their lord
    in the image of the white man himself, with missionary drawers
    what's risen up, according to gravity's laws, gonna' fall
    so rise me up in the fall, because I rise as all-law
    I'm docked on st. martin island for a spell, that's a moment
    not caught in a spell, I don't like a witch who think she own me
    so I left the bitch at her beach house, while I'm out on the ocean
    she cannot hang on my planet, I'm solo in my orbit
    certain soldiers of mine are out there fighting for my motives
    either a handfull or just one female who been on it
    mary magdeline is cleared of any charge, she been loyal
    that's affirmative, now two commas found in the spoils
    soon enough, I'm boosting up the numbers in my fortune
    keeping muhammad ibn hip to what I'm recording
    not any secret, I mean shit to be how I mean it
    victims of mine don't have time to express I'm the meanest...

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