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Thread: dog day afternoon

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    Default waking up from a coma

    ...we said let us create a dialogue, but out of what, english?
    yeah, you gotta' know how to manipulate code language
    to assemble our own codes, and spell to break spells
    they giving up cash from they windows if they tell
    I'm blatant, doing shit in front of the enemy's faces
    you own borrowed cash, they on borrowed time and still tracing
    us for some extention cord to their life support, their validity
    not a square centimeter of space to place their facility
    I'll take breaks I guess when I find where their vehicles are
    now wanna' cross-breed with us, so I'm overseas'ing them all
    I ain't being born more mixed up than I already am
    nix that plan, the unsolved murder I'm already Him
    to hear me tell it, I rest my case, I know my killers
    I'm a force you cannot reckon with, I'll force them to kill you's
    force them to extort all foreign businesses in our communities
    force them across the u.s.a. on a killing spree
    force them to fuck the game up, wack niggas murdered by 'em
    force my dick into the bitch 'til she's what I'm mummified in
    born again black as a tar pit, that'll mortify them
    knights of the kluklux bedsheet-hiding suicidal
    I'll convince lucy to take her seat next to The Father
    no black bitch had any foresight or sense to be bothered
    those whom I let get away from me when I was younger
    I got no problems with, but it's the try-sex I'm hunting
    the end result, who's getting the dick, who's clitoris licked
    who's going to church or the mosque and ain't seeing me live
    elementary school, who knew me, don't forget the kid
    I'm not the goat baphomet and she can't claim ownership
    and can't remain on-the-fence, I don't want to drill luc'
    to retort, his earth ain't abort, so I'm gonna' kill you
    I'm dedicated on a daily basis, will never waiver
    find me entertaining 'til nine twelvths of the world is wasted
    who wanna' negotiate then, what will you negotiate with?
    who wanna' negotiate now? there's no more negotiating
    I'm a dungenous crab who wants company that misery loves
    so which part of the government gave me the rub
    will get to the particulars, on my life it's been a hindrance
    how I'm realizing it in my latter years since I been
    waking myself up, from a deathbed getting myself up
    yawn, stretch, scoping the set-up on me before breakfast...

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    Default not sweating one trick

    ...defending the meek wasn't about defending meek, this end is deep
    I can't vouch for an open mouth full of sensitivity
    I'm just looking for my uncle who got murdered in the streets
    I'm just defending my grounds, putting them under quaranteen
    yellow tape to the whole city's outline as the crime scene
    gentrifying over unsolved murders is not a wise thing
    confusing me for mister softee serving ice cream
    you scream but then go catatonic when you seen
    organs shift from a body, faces and limbs torn offa' bodies
    you getting slapped across your face and chest with oblongata
    perphanizine and benzodiazepine's what I was offered
    maybe they'll give you more drugs than I had as I walked in
    ninety-six, I shrugged shit off mostly as I got used to
    how shit went, metaphysical realms are what I strolled through
    descendants of black slaves taking shit for face value
    is why we're at where we are today being devalued
    when I was talking, niggas was r.o.t.f.l.m.a.o.
    and c.t.f.u. trying to tell me s.t.f.u., ay yo
    I be on the lookout for trolls and negative responders
    plotting...must be testicular cancer got 'em now balled up
    I'll be back on land in three days, I'm now still on waters
    doing twenty knots, 360 horizon encompass all this
    by the time I post this up, my followers showing up
    in numbers, and '99 babies still growing up
    look, if you legal, you getting fucked though I'm old as fuck
    your mind adjusts, see me, vagina moist, your saliva lusts
    your mothers just failed us all, daughters must pick the slack up
    lucy gots' to submit now, luci don't want the dick now
    so she best to give the panties up, when I cum, pray my dick back up
    only security that nigga luc' gonna' have from any crack-ups
    and that's leaks on that lsd, now who's the good shepherd
    how many sheep's enough for wolves to eat for good measure
    facing my nation, the birth of my nation, king samir
    from the trenches, jerusalem, nat turner is here
    bi-polar as ever, my soldier down for the deaths of...
    ...the o-zone put us together, so whatever's clever...
    it gets realer every twenty-four hours
    every second and minute I accumilate power
    when your manson, rasputin, dies, y'all ass is ours
    y'all caskets doused and inflamed, and y'all assets ours...

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    Default broad and ellsworth

    ...my face peeled 'til I seen the continent of asia on my forehead
    to my nose bridge, I got baked yesterday by this solstace
    agents took niggas bodies over, I will give niggas body odor
    my family is the mmers, parade wherever you doubt I'd show up
    amber rose and meek talk they talk, no harm no foul, their walk
    been through the war-torn nuances of he'll's own trial, it's dark
    broad and ellsworth, white oldhead agent how I i.d.'ed him
    whether or not, 'cause my people gots to see me first, believe it
    so let me find out the biblical text been compromised
    to favor lucifer's host jacob, let's see who'll surely die
    for that, I tried to work with the text, but truth mixed with lies
    is a healthy salad mixed with arsenic, you binge, not I
    and since nine eleven oh one, south florida been marked
    that playing must kit steel and pet goat shit, niggas you been caught
    up in that voodoo shit, I'll force luci's haitian heritage
    to demonstrate on you what your tricks' face got himself up in
    that's a taste, and my wu' doo much more than that, I flips the hex
    you read my shit four verses back, that invisible inc will drench
    the soil and the foliage you're rooted in, what's holding ya'z
    when the sags tried uprooting us, warriors on tour again
    they must want vs to keep winning until I own the golden plus
    the sunshine states, both of 'em, and then annex the whole u.s...
    ...I'm a' murder zimmerman, then own all of you niggas when
    it occurs and it ain't occur to nigs to do anything
    against your given enemy, but destroy your brothers in arms
    amongst the influx of gentrifying white yuppies led on
    to assume they're safe around coons killing each other off
    man, you just don't know the punishment that's in store for y'all...

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    Default enter the congo [part one]

    ...brother jacob, I'm a' walk to you, I ain't walking with you
    all I'm giving up is dictation, I ain't talking with you
    that tom hanks philadelphia film, I'm a mark it for death
    it's all thanks to the hollywood shuffle to starve me to death
    if I'm in alana' my own, can she revive from the depths
    and survive the head-on collision with the cards being dealt
    am I God yet, alive and well, or is gods still in self
    denial about who I am 'til I surf the tide on they neck
    I'm still under house arrest but hitting the beach on jersey's shore
    tomorrow to catch bigger fish, my worm to cheek bones and jaws
    bulged through my drawers, up on my reserection there is no question
    I'm no asexual homo erectus, who told you that shit?
    was it constantine's assembly to select how I'm defined
    I bet you I kill every last one who thought I'm their design
    yeah, I'll see how the con go, I used to beat up the bongos
    the world war that's set up for me's live though, I'll buy the condo
    sit my feet up, watch t.v., yup, soundscan to my d.o.d.
    six period six nine, cherry on top's friday the thirteenth
    and I dare them jew imposter pussies to tug at a string
    I will be in their humble abodes hogtying them with string
    oven roast four thirty-five degrees, ashing up they skins
    as time pushes forward ash up their bones and ash up they flesh
    I fades 'em all, quote from mally g., no game at all
    I'll put miami thru changes for still claiming sean
    got you suicidal calling out the meek and the northeast
    I'm a' do wut I do, there will be no peace ['cause] now you owe me
    this is no trick, daddy getting sonned quick, withdrawing , I'm no fix
    I want my piece of that ass, so shit's never just over with
    we'll have meek where rest your wits at, flinch, your niggas kidnapped
    your family left alone this time, I'm merciful, bitch, so sit back
    scratch your head and think how you gon' keep your people safe
    I'm looking for your boss, and if you're your boss, let me eat your safe
    I know you don't know what's going on, to me it's a foot massage
    to you it's a colonoscopy that can lead to a coo de gra..
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    Default elijah

    ...now, I am it, the only savior
    I put the work in, pragmatic hands-on, I made the
    enemy of my enemy that the media hiding
    lying for white people's survival, maybe
    they blame some zionist agenda for occupying palestine
    moving these white sheep around how israel's state designed
    I'm not dissecting shit but a redneck sadistic gentile
    descendants of mobs who caught niggas to burn alive
    not missing they photo op', evidence without a court
    they getting to grow old, have family, and die of natural causes
    when shit swings around to me and I'm the one whose to judge
    I'm a' escavate them, add water, drag 'em through the mud
    use a hatchet, a sawed-off, a saw, mallot, a blow torch
    some rotweilers and pit bulls, no copping out, you in for it
    patriotic bitch boys, overseas getting pitchforked
    they dungerees got piss soaked for taking me for some joke
    two dukes of hazard from my army days I'm a' pinpoint
    and see what they really want, tortured to death or sweet and short...
    it's already said and done, they just about dead and gone
    already and they unconsious of it, but they know suh'm
    I'm saddling back to the states to massacre y'all in your sleeps
    your obamanation you want to be the anti to ME
    let's have a discussion 'bout it then, how you opt to do that
    to confuse me with a confused nigga', pussy screw that
    I buttoned the collar tight on the neck of malcom x'd
    past being murdered in front of his kids, he don't know he's dead
    this the energy you talking about to produce your mahdi
    this antithesis to christ who I am, cast your ballots
    if malcom x'd had a son, why malcom x'd said phuck philly
    'cause if philly's real, will see how these white jews fit him [bari] in
    that capacity of an alleged anti to me
    and them small hats ain't got a chance in hell of surviving me
    I keep israel the host of lucifer close enough
    napolean's paying for busting the sphinx nose on up
    did charlie manson stop breathing yet? his every breath
    these whites and church goers hanging on until his death
    I don't give a shit as if porcelein's safe around me
    you worshipping him, satan's genetic make-up, not me...[I'm a' take his life sooner now then]..

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    Default plot #911

    ...from surviving 911 to plot number 911
    16 years afterwards, wrap your minds around the time that ended
    the lucyferian agenda's, you really vied against me
    this wasn't me tripping, these shoestrings really tied together
    was at the funeral, my duty to show up ressurected
    demonically possessed by choice? this bitch would sin to end me
    I let her know, there's no inbetween being a friend or enemy
    she made a fatal error in judgement, today her memory
    begins a slow fade into extinction, what a fuckin' shame
    I done came up with this bitch from babies, she's a sucker lame
    and it's not dementia I speak of, they never keep up
    lamenting over physical things when they pressed the reaper
    I'm a' give death to who deserve and asking for it
    no more of this good-ones-have-to-die shit, that's luc' drawing
    when I declared eternal war on him july thirty-first
    of oh six, that's when it dawned on him to go oh shit
    I gave notice, so between then and now whatever been owed me
    I shoulda' got, but instead, this run-around tries to hold me
    I get less concerned with the guns he toting, she must be joking
    calling me a bitch-ass get oxygen in her lungs revoked, since
    she nor anybody else don't know blow-bites are death blows
    I'm cool, calm, and collected when I collect the death tolls
    can samantha back up that smile to me of hers, then let's go
    take warva for a loop, get set, go, I am non-traditional
    sam', the sex be steaming wet though, and my cum's medicinal
    and warva shoulda' not forgot where the-fuck she knew me from
    these verses do not profit me, I'll find w8men who sponsor me
    get out-of-line and bother me, get bodied, it's no prob' to me
    and it's time for me, loophole number two on the zoos properties
    I'm the black whole's sun, the pinks pray now for lobotomies
    two thousand one wasn't just a space odyssey, resurrected
    from the terror tory of philadelphia been the mess age...
    ...I been coming, every defense just left defenseless
    to avoid death, they lept the fences, still resting breathless
    done slept on cement bricks for shoes slipped on, the fresh fits
    I solidify and cement shit then realize what your deaths meant...
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    Default this-the-drill music

    ...we gon' keep money effective for as long as we spend it
    that's all we know, when we know something else, then we'll end it
    now I'm a' make the profit, there is no other option for him
    hope he got a sensible bitch in his ear talking to him
    open your mouth before consulting me
    if you want to remain the false prophet, most certainly, muhammad
    I need to stop deteriorating pronto
    you needed to not be deceptive through your tonsils
    you get my gist, now, listen, fredo's gone fishing
    you on thin ice, one false move, you going with him
    I don't trust shit, especially you bitch
    'cause if you crack on me, you better have more than two lips
    now this the kinda' shit you gon' have to get over quick
    sand under your feet go over your head, you over wit'
    this is the drill, nigga, feel how you feel nigga
    I hate a fag' closet nigga', that's for-real nigga
    a cock-blocking ass whose fate is sealed, fuck it
    if the last days of my life's me with my fist pumping
    black power, olympic event, this hilarious
    666-change, ass and tits right before I marry her
    you shoulda' had better sense than saying I'm all-talk
    to a broad on susquehenna, when I am not lost
    you lost, I won, the damage is done, manage with it
    you give off moonlight, and I am the Sun, candid with it
    now you gotta' move with this in your rucksack
    trump'd wanna' move on chiraq, but fuck that
    you that acid, lsd, a hallucinegenic
    I don't feed into conspiracies, that isn't my penchant
    I'm pcp, angel dust, gabreal's pennant
    putting christ in power, signified lucifer's ending
    now I ghengis khan asked you again to git down with me
    we can get down to business no sooner than you ground the beef
    you know what you getting for ever talking down to me
    over a bitch at that like I'm a subordinate? now will see
    who's what and soo wu't if you think women can slow up
    any berth where I'm a' show up with a whole bus of my own nut
    sack to the face of a grown-up robust, butt and bust so tough
    like a crack without a hole, how she got the shit sewn up
    how she got her lips sewn up, since you sweat security so much
    luc' you shoulda' known how they shoulda' been known who atone was..

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    Default ...the bank heist [between vs]...

    ...so luc', we'bout to extort chase manhattan bank
    'til cain's last breath, I'll enter from the front, luc' enter from the back
    with black minstrel masks, 'bout to change up the game
    fuck being bamboozled, this charcoal is for flames
    white chalk not for the lips but to trace horizonal figures with
    white gloves for no signs of fingerprints
    be in g'town, sommerville, he feel how summer feel
    when the steel light up the field, who still gon' ride for real
    reverend jeremiah wright can't save him, I'm the type
    to rise from the grave, if you raising cain I'm a' night
    mare everywhere you look, summon the obamanation
    all you want, but I already got him where I want
    wiley coyote nigga tried to stunt, he didn't know
    I already knew him, he was malcom x, and now you know
    I can shoot through him and nobody gon' do shit to me
    still go to newark, find his killers, put closure to 'em
    any where they moving, I'll do that for my brother
    still put the contents of the straps to his mug for spilling on me
    he a fuckin' pussy 'cause I said so, let his son be
    that nigga barack, if philly's real, we in chiraq
    just doing politics, connecting the dots, collecting the commas
    feeding our families, won't feed into drama
    any child of an enemy I'm leaving 'em orphaned
    ask malcom to recall when that nigga offed me
    fuck being ousted from the nation of islam, bruh
    this ain't about that, this karma from way yonder
    simon peter, I tried to warn him, I said look
    don't put "phuck philly" out there in the market
    got manhattan's dick broke off in his jawbone
    yeah, we was murdered there, soo wu't, philly's my home
    south philly did me in, and I was born still with them
    harlem still scratch they heads about who my killas is
    this is what it mounts to, any doubts about me
    and where I come from is a hell you couldn't contrive, deeper
    than bottomless, have cash, fuck apologies
    that's gods ass for trying me, bags colostomy
    south philly to-the-death's the policy, shout .s.p.
    war for every block, shoplifting pick-pocket spree
    scare whities to depths beyond death every breath
    they can't be let out, gotta' implode every gen-
    trifying ass, the closed movie sets without these dudes
    in our biz, turn every tarzan to fossil fuel
    not a quiz, the-fuck you doing here, too late, you done
    before nine one one, you'll spit roast and eat your tongue
    bodies piled up to delete the sun, we be the ones
    I rise in the east, I be The Sun, you keep it mum
    I am not for everyone at all, I'm raw, in fact
    I'll water you down, unhook your mouth, and toss you back
    chase be at a stand still, and how my band feels
    every drum, flute, and guitar case each caught a landfill
    putting on no acts for the small hats
    keep a long shaft in they backs, squeeze, it goes splat
    but who need to know that, yeah you need to go back
    remember me who the ghengis? finished y'all flat, huh..
    ..I know israel, seen how you jews tried to move him
    through the pipeline for your movement
    fuck that, this is my time, y'all are losing
    more than y'all banks and y'all lives, y'all are ruins...
    ...yeah, only I can make the profit...
    y'all expendable, I'll do a walk-buy, it doesn't cost me..

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    Default our own outdoors

    ...I bust it up with my legendary neighbor shelliano
    so much talent in west philly alone, I do not know
    or maybe I do as to why we cannot grow
    past our own outdoors, where our minds seeking a lot more
    build our own, support our own, my brother don ruff
    call on my phone, south side is our work in-progress
    and as long as I know that I'm all-the-above
    that's who I am and all those who I found I was
    ...I'm a' apply pressure to this water balloon
    they call the earth, until the earth's face turning maroon
    bust and splatter the moon, mars and venus with
    guts and plasma, now earthlings are meaningless
    body parts and tree bark floating in space
    you put your bodies in my space, I'll put your bodies in space
    you ain't ever gon' know me on y'all terms at all
    that's what the profit's for, since inviting me to war
    the protocall is 1-800-atone
    and there is no contacting me over the phone
    and where I'm coming from is where I'm going
    south philly, y'all feel me if you're back at your homes
    and if you shoehorned your foot in the door of my house
    kunta kente, there's no way in and no way out
    now the team is building houses ontop of self-made cemetaries
    and I'm building the self-made penitentiary
    the corporate machine don't know what it's manufacturing
    the end result is the mass acres
    whether original or white jew bastidges
    it don't matter to me, they heads I'll decapitate
    I self am lord and master, you masturbating
    thinking you mastered bait when my life you cast away
    I'm telling you, yakub is going to give you up
    I know because he love his life too much
    jacob do a one eighty to be the profit
    muhammad, sending his jew worshippers to hades
    for his sake because I'm done waiting
    I got good tips, but shit, waiting is not eating
    they really suck babies' dicks huh, I ain't believe it
    videodrome, I just seen it, eye of a penis
    picking the teeth of a rabbi, I'm a laughing heyena
    after I laugh, rip him to shreds right
    where he positioned himelf, a picture of health
    before and after, the picture of a body shitting itself
    invade my space, I invade y'all space
    the wtc building is not at-all safe
    my childhood friend hurdled over bodies, her building
    was colliding to the ground, a nine-eleven survivor
    the first pussy that I ever fingered
    six years-old or so, I was being real messy with it
    she beat up the wop for me, did a lot for me
    she mean a lot to me, so this going out to her...

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    Default shittin' bricks

    ...I put the hit on meek, yes I did
    because he came up trying to press his color was red
    and I put the hit on beans ever since
    he was saying before him, philly had nothing else
    that was the cosmic kev mix cd beans beat kev down over
    and as well laughing at point breeze had a round on him
    warning shot, wasn't trying to ground him yet
    too souped, his favorite must a' bean alphabet
    and they was in the game, so my guess is the game responded
    me and chali talked about how to make the game ours
    way before the game was heard of here as coming from compton
    and while he said he grew up on wu'tang as he pondered
    me and luc' plotting on wu'tang, but I knew The Father
    come as The Sun since april two thousand five
    was I myself, respect to raheim, but that's a realm
    beyond my physical being, and I gots' to do for self
    lord am master, in the army I was quarter master
    and the eleventh house where I was fastened, so I'm fashioned
    ever since being a latch key, as a ghost haunting this house
    philly got killers, nyc like 'fuck they talking about
    came through, found out, now they won't open they mouth
    wu'tang broke through, the new yolk I had to break out
    couldn't warn newark, luc' done 'em in, I'm wondering
    the fuck was on they minds thinking they was tougher than
    two million, out of that six hunnid thousand niggas
    verses two hunnid fifty thousand, each a violent city
    phila. body bag 'em up, they arsenal's mouth was shitting
    after-the-fact that I stomped thru grapes, and wines started thinning
    I had to develop patients, state code been 302
    730 I been labeled up there (ny), if you only knew
    down here it's a chosen few who know what it is I do
    so bitch pussy better talk to me, since you're exposed to truth
    mafia warfare declared ever since ninety-nine
    joe the skinny took it there according to the enquire
    north jersey tried a hit, and missed on the philly bosses
    inbetween that, I seen bricks dropped where they place the coffins
    and then luc' asked if I liked what he set up for me
    never get over it, just as they'll never get one on us...
    ...The Warriors, phila. ballers, to the golden state
    with no informers, this movie has no rating....
    ...pray that you not prey, like the game...mm you don't say...
    ...'cause not long after that was the end of the world trade...
    ...so nine one one's a joke to me, flave' is flave'
    how I awe and fascinate and have u.s. scared. beyond straight
    shittin' bricks how some shit never dies, but the grave mistake
    was not realizing that I'm alive yet, so their graves was made...
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    Default When I discovered rap

    When I discovered rapI was just collecting bottle caps
    Making dollars back
    Slapping labels over tags
    Boosting bags
    Had stealth under age guile
    Nice when Iím wild
    Now Iím hollow as a tip bullet
    Iím older wiser now
    Wisdom made in building
    Making a killing of billions
    Thrills when tales ills
    Know how my deck mills

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    Default every u.s. zoo [post-d. day]

    ...don't fool yourselves circulating snitch gossip, you only gonna'
    find omerta with philly nigs this solstice, you all are gonners...
    ..d. day went down yesterday on you niggas, and I been warned ya'z
    them white jews was coming to shoplift your souls while you been dormant
    wake up half-way stuck in a machine that the butchers own when
    you scream for the GOD you just disowned when you went your own way
    new hope for them is no hope for you niggas, every u.s. zoo
    turning these monkeys into lunchmeat, figure who will eat that food...

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    Default the author

    ..isreal, look...I wants my shit...you told that broad on susquehanna
    that I'm all-talk at your own risk, now unda'stand that
    yeah, I said I'm coming at you via verse which is vs
    see which of us gonna' win this tug-of-war, yeah, this is just
    me without a thing to lose if philly out to turn you loose
    I'm achilles pussies, get the hint yet, I worked refuse
    disposal since ninety-nine to twenty fifteen for the city
    and constatine couldn't hide the truth enough to try to trick me
    however the original text was tampered with and omitted
    and interpreted however it befit 'em, I'll just omit them
    in return, for the mind-fuck they thought up against gab'real
    if you mind vs, israel getting plucked, isreal's scared as fuck
    sometimes a rhyme scheme won't do it against a pipedream of two dicks
    don't jew wish my pile of shit I dropped had not met your footprints
    the cisco and the md 20/20 used to spin the room
    around, the furniture would stay put, and if I would move
    I'd drown in throw-up, I'd post up close to the ground to hold back
    the urge to url, but nowadays I vomit death on your whole act
    as the author I authorize y'all to die horrifically physically
    and beyond that eightly, that's infinitely since ignoring hints of me
    breaking records to warn y'all, broken record 'til worn out
    my job is done, just prepping for our cds to hit stores now
    everything going digital, rappers best keep the pen and pad
    the wrap-up so abyssmal since medicinal manila bags
    I been around, if philly's real, then that's who'd be bringing me out
    any clouds to my judgement getting stomped dead, fuck wringing 'em out
    I'm beyond any reasonable doubt, case in-point, saint anthony
    wilson county, I said to grave them, and the angles answered me
    threw a church in my line of fire to save the white jew
    isreal can't protect them swindlers, I will find you...
    ...my name written all over that fiasco, what was that for
    when it ain't ever gonna' distract my ammo from ya' backbones
    the meek just got hit with 2 to 4, so what's it coming to
    I'm locked in on the game, chali con bringing the mmers thru
    synonym for bringing the gunners thru to strum a tune
    through posteriors, the coverg8rls' job's to keep me comf'table...

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    Default building

    ...definition of vs is war, it's versus...if I wants
    you can die just to keep me company, perfect
    I live trying to outwit myself and untangle my tourban's purpose
    no learning curb for derelicts, beef going from turf to surfing
    submarinate in sea salt for cross-contaminating to see-saws
    you assume I'm the hole of a hee-haw, I was called isa
    by israel himself, your knees on the floor if you need more
    validation, I won't beat my wife if she no longer breeds whores
    who tried locking me out my own house, I'm the key doors
    got latches on for, my battering ram out to see y'all
    fuck prison cells, how many times I came out-to-sea y'all
    .never seen me? yeah, what you thought was real wasnt me though
    and manson's deceased finally, the ransom increased binally
    more zeroes and a one, one period, three commas wired me
    meena silent, ask if she with me, she nodding, engagement rules
    every death of mine I done paid my dues and paved the way for fools
    deny me now and can't tie me down, suicide notes, write 'em now
    when b8dies tracey'ng back to me, the ties to tongues will bond them mouths
    the drill niggas die 'cause I never caught the real w8men's eye
    the spike lee joint of the chi's ironically then's their means to survive
    and da'wud put pressure on, and I'm da' wu' da' press ain't on
    gary gnu candy-apple-news asses pressing on
    my familiar's crazy, s.p. mental patience
    engage in disemboweling every stranger thru pages
    isolate the contagion, snipe foreheads from they faces
    I type away and right away, the price to pay is waged then
    the mm remains once again at the forefront of today's spin
    on corrupt politics and pre-judicial containments
    the 2-4 stint slow mm up? this 2-4 shit sure enough
    been jupiter ascending the dead, south philly grown vs up
    it's medusa verses hercules, the iris on the collard greens
    verizon's the truth on the horizon? not if it's not as me
    in the bellies of the beasts sits undigested meat, and you were the feast
    my acid reflux still getting to me, garlic cloves in my drinks
    the verse is still building, to wut though has of yet to be reached
    jersey, watch ya' back and your front, isreal hit the beach
    trump came out his mouth declaring shit, where's my inheritance
    I'm already out the box, the trunk tansport concrete evidence
    wherever interference is, steamroller sized holes in the linen
    tzu-wu's not a joke, bloods been called me out since their conception
    infidelphia not surviving me, I won't embellish
    my property's wasting y'all, word, fuck however you spell shit
    I'm tonyc with it by myself, I'm the line drawn, the eye
    ninety -five broken off at trenton, further north divided
    day 363, still I never made the guest list, best wish-
    es or death wishes, wait to exhale before being left breathless
    my building will not collapse before the lungs do that fueled a mouth
    to huff and puff, I am not pork, but the razorbacks scooped 'em out...

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    Default point of no return

    ..this the genuine draft, the "or else" is on stand-by
    gods in the heavins with my instructions, land mines
    between here-and-there, god, the lo'lo' is the only deal
    she's black enough and that's enough, her attitude adjustment still
    hasn't been resolved at all, lucy best to hope and pray then
    that money goes on my books, I wrote shit out how I mean it
    there is no going back on my word, I'm too old to change up
    and if she's weak, gods not gonna' save her since she done made up
    her mind about me, keep trying a' play me, she gon' find me
    stepping on her neck in silence, I'll prep her for an asylum
    lo' ops never getting off the ground, and I'll remain el seven
    but I'll swim in the tears building up at both of her retinas
    the people in the neighborhood don't have to know what's going on
    between us two, her own neckbone is what she'll be choking on
    I'm just creeping up to ether her, she's lucyfer, this ain't a drill
    asia is about to give hell to u.s., there's no appeal
    I was known there for bodying large scales of world population
    this where we at, since black females are not copulating
    to birth me, there's no compensating, just bodies wasted
    trump is a dick, and I would waste him, but he's those whites' savior
    after my demonstrations to cleanse the earth from the white races
    because as far as I'm concerned, rule is every whites' racist
    not one of them could ever eradicate this template
    they eating off of, instead their u.s. flags just wave
    and they keep trying to avoid the subject, the payment due
    to niggas, so I say to you whites there's no saving you
    it's too much to ask to have me not repeating myself
    all I see now is north korea just feeling itself
    but what I'm drawing up's much deeper than news media
    since I'm summoned from asia, agenda luciferian
    I had to conquer, now I travel from chinatown
    to chinatown on the chinese bus, so ironic how
    I'm black and fighting to keep being born domestic black
    when black bitches done shut me out of existing to blacks
    see what lolita's faced with for being senseless
    so as the money's put on my books, see if she sense it
    and if she can live up to her name up on my reserection
    because now I don't believe that she built for such a mission
    she can get off the name [lo'lo'], die early, or work for me then
    these niggas ain't tough, please call my bluff, my grit will lean them
    ...them young girls did the wu'tang dance to me
    method man didn't know better, tried to pimp the yah'mean
    jose and styles p. kept it nah'mean how the big apple do
    try to jack and run with our style though, I ain't backing you
    I'll be back to you, whoever thought they had the mathematics to
    the safe's combo, 'cause dirty bastid's birthday put to pasture dude
    a black man over the wu'tang dance in kensington
    northeast philly, two thousand and five, and I'm the messenger
    god then let me know that 12 o'clock lived in kensington
    way after the event, feel me now, why I'm so repetative
    his headline I have to close on, them females did y'all wrong
    by not knowing me at all, and I been theirs all along
    lolita's in the middle of it now, been in my way for the longest
    since I moved 'round wyalusing up the block from my alma matre
    sister clara muhammad islamic school
    and I'm ALLAH, treated like a peon how this cold philly climate do
    now know why nyc is not safe around vs dudes
    I'm on the lo'lo' when I come to empound these fools...

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