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Thread: dog day afternoon

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    Default taco meat

    ...now, what does one dollar get u.s., you fold it correctly
    it gets you nine eleven of two thousand one, twins collapsing
    you wanna' ring the bell, lucyfer's trapped, disconnected
    you call again, I found your hidden heart, chew on that shit
    you keep pairing the black womb with the white degenerate
    in your t.v. shows and commercials, you will never get
    away from the domestic u.s. black holocaust
    wrath coming upon all of y'all who thought I would fall
    or fold to this winter cold, opposing me's getting old
    now c. con can either know I rule, or when this exposed
    I clean every living soul, nuclear shower, bars of soap
    I mean everything I wrote, who can devour...naw, just choke
    now, who else is taco meat other than los diablos
    and who else done followed me other than he'll's apostle
    sometimes philly don't know what the-fuck he talking 'bout though
    but if philly's real, between vs, they'd herd what I outgrew
    the state of israel shaken, the fate of isreal's fake shit
    had belluimxnati calling out for their lord and savior
    lucyfer then received the work of mine before I'd instructed it
    but if I don't get the money on my books via publishing
    what you looking at is an ugly mess, so what I suggest
    good brother, is that you move with every step and breath being blessed
    'cause I ain't changing up the subject, how's the budget look
    for wiping out every tresspassing body my books'll cook
    the arabians sent letters to vs and come begging to vs
    after trump vowing to forge the fake israel on jerusalem
    so, we got a job to do, and who says we got the time to feud
    my foot wearing your trachea will do if you think I'm a fool...

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    Default that fade to blacks

    ..the war bodies, for sure I been malnourished, the score got me
    as zero, 13 minus 13, manure popping
    from buttheads, and then they washed up on the shore rotting
    the young femme fatale's not sure anymore 'bout 'em
    an era shift, silence is on, her mouth on my gun
    spermatazoa down her throat, and now my child is gone
    I am the freak nasty nigga they been wu'tanging to
    they never knew, now they know, power surge now a go
    that's about when I'm keeping it mm, cleaning what I spilled then
    brother charlie mac' is good, if they up on my reserection
    I'm a' rise right inbetween they feminine hygenes
    the profit tally the body count with the yah'means
    I stab up the guts of mothers, daughters, they cousins
    the yah'means ravaging the safaree for budgets
    I menage trois donkey asses, skin coffee and molassis,
    body parts all-natural
    niggas cough money up, or body parts dispatched from 'em
    the game never knew how deep's the shit his ass got in
    every day that passed from when our young guns he had the lip for
    now he better pray on everything that he live for
    this shit about always wanting a fade
    this the barbershop of horrors, you running a maze
    the shining, "here's johnny" what jac' nicholas said
    I am the gift, I'm present, saint nicholas where
    they hold the parliaments best to receive what I give
    the mass implosion is set, nine one one, it's a bet
    let me find out, planet jupiter really aligned
    with the time, I been 2-4, that symbol been ours
    movie idea 2001: ressurect the dead
    on planet jupiter...is what them street tiles been read...
    ...but uh, look a' here, my people never got to me
    I ain't hurdling over them to save the lot of u.s.
    I never chose the bench, ain't eating out of trash cans yet
    my binness in the wtc building and have yet to pay rent
    if the game really want that fade, win lose or draw
    he think, I think he a bitch, I ain't laying hands on him
    I ain't putting bands on him, I'm just gonna' stand on him
    I seen deeper shit than his larynx can summon
    and this ain't about meek or the young guns
    this about being in suh'm that you ain't getting out of
    shouldn't a' had wanted any parts of, somewhere
    along the line, thought you could outsmart vs, now you all targets
    as well as the target audience...and furthermore
    this movie has no rating at all...fade to black, and I'll take full credit for it...
    ..the empire, when the black finally show up, you ain't reddie for vs..

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    Default son of perdition

    ...lucy, you wasn't gon' stop, been setting me up, no matter what
    you was so determined 'til you found how I handled ya'
    didn't want to believe it maybe, tres equis stamped on ya' head
    with esses in front of ex's, make believe I ain't ya' man
    when hrz nineteen ninety-eight is clearly a possessive
    declaration made by you, pulled me into the recesses
    of underworld undercurrent, I entertained the thought of us
    working together, but the bitch still never bothered to just
    know me, never dialogued, she always thought I had to prove
    I was a man to her, dig the move, it's you who chose to lose
    l.s.d. played on radiowaves today, the beatles groove
    that summoned your own bones from the grave, seven-four's beetlejuice
    just as you were propositioning me, just as the hip-hop
    envolope sealed to suppress my being, and under some sick plot
    to birth me under some condition that I submit
    to lucyfer thru a homo ritual, I'd push your shit
    back, you wanted a drill, me, I want it for real
    you forever will be my bitch, that's on the reel
    you forever still be butt hurt, feelings simmering
    thinking of revenge for what you wanted, nigga listen
    you ain't ever getting one up on me, that's a fairy tale
    you convincing yourself about, all your rigs already failed
    d. day is coming up pretty soon, bitch, what do you choose
    to continue on with this farce, or to bear better fruit
    saying you got a war set up for me, I looked at it
    and drew up my own war and strategy, how I look galloping
    thru some shit I don't recognize, being sideblinded
    into feeling down and sucidal, bitch I will find you...
    ...you had a stoic facial expression with a fatal weapon
    on-guard against me, your fear bottled up in yourself then
    I chose to sympathize enough to respect ya' gangster
    but not enough to respect your anger, you'd still get banged up
    baby-faced ass bastid, I couldn't do shit yet with you
    but now I know why you embody this thing called evil
    you are thee woman, but you're a man doing what men do
    so I said give me the women upon my fully erect manhood
    and the fear of allah is how to love me, I did not provoke
    any childish rant from you as much as from those who don't know
    so for the coming events, it's vs niggas doing the thing
    dog day afternoon on chase manhattan, the banks being unhinged...

    ...note, D. day was on 10.22.2017...
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    Default farenheit 451

    ...I heard my actress cousin khandi alexander used to babysit me
    my mah' babysat her, back up in the nineteen-sixtees
    now, I'm a' put khandi in position, she's already vested
    in t.v., film and hbo, entertainment veteran
    the same time, my cousin fred strothers still doing stage plays
    first seen him work in fort apache the bronx, was his hey days
    I rode to queens ny, visited cousin khandi one time
    when she was on broadway in dancing, early '80s show time
    dropped cousin peaches off, uncle ben I-95'd it
    back to the southwest side of jersey where you might find vs
    now it gets real here, so here's the deal, I ain't a friendly face
    no interviews or questionares for me, fame never left me safe
    I'm keeping an eye on young blood, shells vouched for him, that's his young buck
    before blood rise from any cracks though, TZU-WU gon' show up
    of course that is I myself, that implies in-the-first-place
    how I'm 'bout taking over all the blood gangs within the states
    the angels already know what gots' to be done to the game
    I check my own blood family now, shit will not be the same
    as I now have to do what I have to do for blood family's sake
    and you get to see how from my brain the blood leaked to a lake
    but that's in moderation to balance how panytlines find me
    finally, I point them out and go hammer time 'til I'm deep
    within the recesses of the black females mental hygene
    yeah, I can dream, but they can dream on as I achieve my dream
    to anchor my nation's birth as we're f.u.kkk'ing
    are we on the same page? she nods her head, okay then
    she bobs her head, hooray then...my cousin fred still active
    in the s.a.g., I'm closing on the sags' version of magic
    acronym for the synagogue of the goat satin
    I got a hit out on the heads of every black actress
    accepting the roles of bedwenches to their purchasers
    and the black males not sliding past my postal service none
    shout to northwest d.c., give me a drop-off point
    I land on it, plant mines, and roll up out that joint...
    ..atone from your sins, I fought to no end
    the feature presentation coming soon ought to show them...
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    Default for safe routes

    ...so, here's my pitch, while you all listening...I have the way paved out
    you contact me via fine w8men for safe routes
    I'm seeing september's a weak spot the perps be trying to patch
    I'm being born as a grown-ass man, the earths sit right on my lap
    d.'s making me out to be a liar, he's not in the loop
    g's already died from being tied to whites' version of truth
    me, my eyes are wide open, voice they attempting to mute
    so I'm adament about the sabateurs' eminent doom
    while looking at the world's perilous fortune being broadcast
    all I gots to show for that is my self, see, that broad passed
    on me for decades on end, who she thought was the alpha male
    been running from my becoming if he still inhales, I prevail
    as the alpha-omega nigga, so far ahead of niggas
    I'm waiting at twenty-twenty vision, I'm a' shed from niggas
    between me and me' be the fury, my nig' upchurch be the fuh'rer
    I got a job for him, if he with it, just to read my sermons
    as a means to seperate our sons and daughters from those to be slaughtered
    uneducate ourselves from the brainwash that the system taught us
    his brother strong I gotta' check, then afterwards I gotta' check
    for the crew, we only put in work after we got the check
    and I got the neck of the world banks under my own foot's arch
    if twin want that spot, he puts his neck under my own foot's arch
    I been retired since, so I'm a' enjoy my retirement
    whoever wanna' see christ, reserect my dick, you not eyeing me
    and you ain't die for me, you die for your own sins, don't try to de-
    fine who I am for me, don't insist, you'll get robbed in your sleep
    awaken to die in your sleep, a forsaken bitch crying to sleep
    dreamt of my reserection, woke salivating, dying to eat
    on the lo'lo' is where I put the chokehold, nobody told
    y'all to let me grow old before getting to blow my pogo
    her skin like coffee beans, a slow roast, shouldn't take much to keep me up
    her punishment is her reward though, ground into a keurig cup...

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    Default the m.a.d. verses m.a.d.

    right, lucy's my bitch, pussy. keep ya' shit off my thread, if you like breathing. yeah, pussy, I know u can't believe how I'm reaching u...leave u several different places out this bitch...
    next verse...

    ...anyway, they want me, tony, to go the montana route
    mutual assured destruction, m.a.d. tantamount
    to wiping their hands of it, as my mental art the culprit
    luc' just handing the guns to me would defeat their motive
    from the moment I laid eyes on this bitch reminding me
    of an enemy of mine, what do you now decide to be
    wishy-washy? flippy-floppy? what you wouldn't do for the doe
    yeah, I'm a' make you the profit, reindeer games though is not a go
    on me, telling me that I gots nothing in my safe
    what, you wanna' be tucked in a safe that's pushed in a lake?
    superior, ontario, erie, one of them, don't mistake
    my grace as covering your dinner table if I ain't eat
    changing the tone of conversation to sexual heat
    dickinson of sam, uranus is mine, you'll be shitting me
    out one inch at a time, that black bitch thought she was tough
    when I come back around, that black bitch softening up
    gods processing my spizzit, I can feel self-improvement
    it's D.O. for self now, G. left us, I'm still out proving
    that we exist, there is not an exit on the memberhip
    so moses will be meeting us on that mountain ridge
    I can only figure, I haven't figured it out yet
    hollywould, god, you see how I got this? D. will not wed
    the whites into gods plan, thank god for being there
    seeing where this going when no mortal being has seemed to care
    this just me drawing it out, shit ain't even come about
    this just how hard I go in, 'cause all is lost if I don't win
    I let D. be his own man, he pass, school him to the whole thing
    he been thru enough with his ex', shot in his chest, almost john doe'd him
    I snapped out, fade to black, had the black women been up-to-speed
    well, that's a topic that stretch to the snake in garden of eden
    so, look, I don't need her, but lucy owes me lolita
    have her on her porch one summer evening eager to ease up
    I'll be in the heavins scattering bullets over vistas
    looking for a checkpoint in d.c. current now, file my grievance
    ahem, y'all taking too long to call on me, I'll take matters
    in my own hands, pull myself together, I'm all that matters
    speaking of the m.a.d. brings me back to buddy two gunz
    the certified hit dropped in chase's hands, of us two from
    these native woods of penn, the details which I confirmed
    chase [malcom x'd] didn't know what he had, I'll work him over when it's my turn...

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    Default prime example...

    ...why do you expect me to respect the street culture you represent
    realty's the only thing real, see, the grounds underneath your steps
    being swept from any footprint you left...where does that leave you
    let some code of the streets deceive you, and what I serve won't feed you
    asking can I relate, as hard as I berate your calling card
    the deal'd be off and you can all die if you tried to pull my card...
    you wanna' talk about what not to talk about? that's mah'fia
    the mahdi, lucyfer walks around what he can't walk without
    that's my grace, not to be taken as naivety though
    my own spirit as semen cements what got into him though
    cum breath and cum farts, as to why he seeks vengeance on
    all of earth's inhabitants, instead of no contest perform-
    ance against the likes of me...
    ...manipulation of the texts is connivery
    and sobriety's when you realize lucy's the bride of me
    I'll strip search then rip earth of anything contrived on me
    I'm not meant to be whatever you expected your eyes to see...
    ...having been born of the chosen people...the rest of the world
    having been warned I'll dispose of people, they're desperate to merge
    the prime example of my demented mind's your elected stye
    to your defective sights-turned-defenseless cries when 'bout to die...
    ...look, I did the work I'm meant to do, so I'm 'bout to enjoy
    my retirement, remember 6.69's when they retired me
    dropped into place for their groom, to reflect on his headroom
    as I fully erect, heard rumors of men in his bedroom
    who tried to talk outlined in chalk...what are my thoughts? what are y'all for?
    lucyfer's host, israel's state can bury me alive no more
    to render me impotent, sending me to He'll to work for them
    they can suck my limp dick, I will kill myself to burden them
    so as not to burn with them...my own people never fought
    global nuclear holocaust in their lifetime they never thought
    but wanna' keep me pigeonholed to the bullshit they've been taught
    only for a fee will I divert such atrocity on our court...

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    Default hoagies, subs, and heroes

    ...they say that a sandwich is a sandwich...this part of northeast states
    like to argue 'bout what to brand 'em, I'm partial to cheesesteaks
    and hoagies, that's what I grew up on, the south philly cuisine
    five minutes across the bridge in jersey's a whole different scene
    I'm hearing sub' this and sub' that, it's short for submarines
    I say "hoagie" they said "fuck that", and I said "the fuck you mean?"
    ninety miles that way to nyc, I heard that heroes
    is what they calling the same thing, is that right, that's a' earfull
    basically the same shit, deli meats, an oblong roll
    cheese, mayonaisse, lettuce, onions, tomatoe, olive oil
    but all due respect to each's culture, south philly's italy
    yeah, they originated many of the things we eat
    concerning this philly diet, how we survive this philly climate
    generations live in denial about how philly been dying
    like it's a normal part of life, and putting to rest all the hype
    of any other place's way of life, philly's the prototype
    is why, who ever knew though, murder from vs through a loophole
    until they're up to their necks in my noos though, they not sumo
    they're minute though, their minute's up, their minute men get shredded, stuffed
    in teddy bear skin thinking vs niggas won't call them pussies' bluff
    hiding within gentrification, biding time thinking they safe
    when I been preying from my own gravesights for my people to make
    it...to every cervical vertebra and esophagus
    of those opposites against my common sense, they're bothersome
    is as dangerous as they got for vs, fuck their occupancies
    fuck them copping a plea, they're protein for the bottom of seas
    this verse done took a turn for the worst, in the middle of a
    descent grub, hoagie, chips and soda, who's thinking I lunch
    the other way...

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    Default jacub and beans talk

    ...beans, when you listened to the lox and you listened and watched
    did you see the bagel-and-lax-cream-cheese-eating ops
    co-opting the blocks being seiged, leaving me to be docked
    as a storage box, any knee to my neck kneed a chop
    who wins in the end, before vs there was nothing else, not a motha'
    fuckin' thing, who the-fuck let you know you was a king
    wasn't me, martin luther the monk's profile's apostle paul
    was the third horseman adolf? I'm over-the-top letting all
    He'll break luc' the fallen star, gaze over a man not abroad
    that was eight twenty-nine oh five when harlem's what I bought
    the globetrotter jersey from luciano, was such a sport
    or so it seemed, what eyes showed was when I show up for court
    it's an automatic sentence, treadmark autograph in seconds
    to this nigga who is a bitch like wachowski brother-sisters
    nigga, what about the matrix? your shell is nebudchadnezzar
    when you and beans talk again, the giants' not to be let in
    as a matter of fact, no way in or out for outsidevs
    philly banners, silly grammer against vs will not survive vs...

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