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Thread: i'm starting to feel like the whole girlfriend experience isn't worth it...

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    Project trillogic is spot on about fear. It's a fear of being alone that makes people settle down and in most cases that fear is with men. Men get it when they're younger and women get it when they're older. That's why most rich men who get sugar babies are older because they realise women are nothing but a wet pussy and you gotta pay for a wife anyway you might as well a young dumb slut to fuck every day. I read an article about how older women are lonely lol that's because men get to the age where renting pussy is better. Women have no value besides baby making.

    The he majority of people truly aren't happy with themselves, their life, their progress etc I wonder how long it takes them to realise happiness is yours to create.
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    Navigation of the soul through this marerial circus can be extremely difficult
    Especially when you covet a companion to reunite it with what was separated.

    To look at it in black & white...you fell in love with the "Lady In Red"
    She made you believe in the facade of what a man is until you finally saw what she was...
    By her actions of abandoning you for Prince Charming.

    What is interesting is you found someone who fulfilled the other side
    The side the previous girl didn't, and the same outcome happened
    Except this time it was you who ended the relationship.
    So you've been on both sides of the fence in that respect.

    It then becomes a quest to find a girl who was as hot as the 1st and as nice as the 2nd.
    This would be what people call a soulmate and is obviously the most appealing.
    To me...this is unattainable untill you have walked long enough to realize this for yourself
    So that's good that you have experienced this, you've earned your stripes so to speak.

    You have no say in who you become infatuated with but you do have the opportunity to learn from it.
    The person you seek is looking for you also and meeting them is...complicated.
    Because of what you think counts, as in her ticking your boxes.
    Like you mentioned with music even if she's not really into music or what you hold in high regard...
    You feel like it would never work because you're not on the same page
    These thoughts get overshadowed when a girl is interesred in it simply because you are.

    Which of the 2 is authentic...

    Her happening to really like what you like ?


    Her wanting to like it because you do ?

    I have gone through what you have spoken about.
    And I would suggest trying to find someone who holds or understands your values in the same light as you
    Rather than having things in common, learning from one another is pretty much all we got here
    And that can't happen with every heart-broken-down-love-machine "Man" chasing ladies
    When as you can attest to the outcome...you ran through that chamber.

    And so this will shine a light on what they are scared to see...
    When men become whores themselves due to being discarded by what they perceived as "Real"
    Not learning that there are a select amount of actual women that will cross your path within life.
    Don't let the ones wearing masks deter you from finding both a friend & a lover...
    With someone who dared to remove hers hoping to be rewarded with love for being real.

    Sorry for the rambling...I wish you the best claaa
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    Love will find you and you won't find it which is why I gave up looking plus financially I can find a better girl in the long run if I stay single now and play my cards right. I'm an only child l and live in a small town and have spent so many years alone that I've grown to love it I'd rather be working than spending my time with the wrong people accomplishing nothing

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