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Thread: Christ Bearer-'For Christ Sake(Father, Son, Ghost)'(Dec 25,2016-Black Stone of Mecca)

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    Default Christ Bearer-'For Christ Sake(Father, Son, Ghost)'(Dec 25,2016-Black Stone of Mecca)

    1 Christ Bearer Media Germ (Intro)
    Co-producer – Al-Hajar-Ul-AswadProducer – Skarekrow
    2 –Christ Bearer Extra, Extra
    Producer – Skarekrow
    3 –Christ Bearer Oooh!
    Featuring – Monk (7)Producer – Skarekrow
    4 –Christ Bearer Haffa Loaf Is Better Than None
    Producer – Skarekrow
    5 –Christ Bearer Rockin'
    Featuring – 4:44 TrumpetsProducer – Skarekrow
    6 –Christ Bearer Nikola Tesla
    7 –Christ Bearer The God
    Producer – Skarekrow
    8 –Christ Bearer Duce
    Featuring – Shaka Amazulu The 7thProducer – Skarekrow
    9 –Christ Bearer Girls
    Producer – Skarekrow
    10 –Christ Bearer Heavenly
    Featuring – 4:44 Trumpets, Sphinx (22)Producer – Skarekrow
    11 –Christ Bearer Fo Sho Sho Still
    Producer – Skarekrow
    12 –Christ Bearer Outlawz
    13 –Christ Bearer Take Andre Home (Outro)
    Producer – Christ Bearer
    14 –Black Knights Of The North Star, Christ Bearer Time & Time Again (Bonus)
    Featuring – Crisis (6), Meko The Pharaoh, Monk (7)Producer – Skarekrow
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    I finally got around to checking this out...and honestly, it's a lot better than I thought it was going to be. A lot of the beats are pretty dope, and the last track is flames. You know what you're getting with CB...but I'd recommend giving it a listen to anyone that passed originally

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