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Thread: Martial Artist - 'MMA' (new album) produced by Anthai Da Protagonist

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    Default MartialArt - 'MMA' (new album) produced by Anthai Da Protagonist

    MartialArt, one of the rappers from 71Raw, dropped his solo album today


    it's on spotify too

    Amazon & iTunes as well

    guest appearances by Prodigal Sunn, Christbearer & Anthai (he raps too)

    I just ordered the physical (professionally pressed CD-R)
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    these are some OLDER tracks (not on the album) to give you a taste of what MartialArt sounds like

    this one has tags (it's an older track as well)
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    FIRST SINGLE 'Soulmate' https://soundcloud.com/thrice-great/...l-art-soulmate

    want the album instrumentals too? you can buy them exclusively through the bandcamp page


    $10 (+ $2.10 US Tax) for the 10-track album + the instrumentals (those are not available elsewhere)


    album produced by Anthai Da Protagonist, except for track 10 - produced by JP Da Mayor

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    im going to reply to the third of the five duplicate threads on this artist

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    I listened to the album and the instrumentals about six times or so by now. Great album with exquisite and diverse beats. MartialArt handles his mic duties well. I'm glad he released a solo album.

    Fav cuts so far : Let me tell you something, Soulmate and the collabo with Christbearer (sick beat on that last one)

    I will put up a review when I get the physical copy in the mail. (I prefer to listen to the album on decent speakers when I write a review.)
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