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Thread: Martial Artist - 'MMA' (new album) produced by Anthai Da Protagonist

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    Default MartialArt - 'MMA' (new album) produced by Anthai Da Protagonist

    MartialArt, one of the rappers from 71Raw, dropped his solo album today

    guest appearances by Prodigal Sunn, Christbearer & Anthai (he raps too)


    it's on spotify too

    Amazon & iTunes as well

    I just ordered the physical (professionally pressed CD-R)
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    FIRST SINGLE 'Soulmate' https://soundcloud.com/thrice-great/...l-art-soulmate

    want the album instrumentals too? you can buy them exclusively through the bandcamp page


    $10 (+ $2.10 US Tax) for the 10-track album + the instrumentals (those are not available elsewhere)


    album produced by Anthai Da Protagonist, except for track 10 - produced by JP Da Mayor
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    some older tracks (not on the album) to give people a taste of what MartialArt sounds like

    this one has tags (it's an older track as well)
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    copped the instrumentals online, so I got the whole album with it. after 2 listens I can say I'm enjoying this album

    I'll probably throw a review on here after I get the physical in the mail

    Beatwise 'Let Me Tell U Something' and 'Natural Law' were the most impressive tracks to me so far

    I gotta put in some more listens for lyrical content

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    I must say I enjoyed the album, especially musically

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8 View Post
    I must say I enjoyed the album, especially musically
    that's peace

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    Black tees and white tees with the front cover art of the MMA album on them out now via Anthai's bandcamp page

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    Got the album in the mail today. Dope artwork.
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    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Dope indeed. How come those attachments are perfectly clear, but the Facebook ones aren't?

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    maybe there is a difference between screenshots (FB posts) and pics taken by smartphone (the above artwork). idk, good question. until last year I always posted on laptop and it was easy to incorporate pics via third party website uploads, but now on the smartphone, which I mostly use, it's a hassle having all of these webpages open for third party hosting and quality uploading, so I just tend to stick to attachment uploading directly via the 'Go Advanced' option that goes with wucorp forum posting

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