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Thread: [ PARTY IN A PYRAMID ] MENES the Pharaoh & Golden Mask [ Full album ]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sense-A View Post
    Get a haircut and a 9 to 5 job. Walking the dog looks like the highlight of your day. I like that you recorded the video wearing k-mart basketball shorts.

    bwahaha .. glad to see you still around SENSE! playin the background with a sour gobstopper in your cheek. pretty sure you used to be nice, but fell the same route of all these other bumz yo. I think you even asked me to do some shit for you at one point. Could be mistaken, but I really dont give a funk. You literally have done nothing with your life, and assumed I haven't either, so you mad we both failing. I appreciate that lord, for real. I do this for the love of hip-hop and not cause I want to quit my paid in pure maple syrup job. What the fuck you doing? Still posting tracks that no ones listening too, and being ignored. I'm here for you homie, I aint going to ignore you. You want to argue on some tracks? Lets breath some life back in here, i'll give you a couple spins. Judgin another mans pant selection though aha, the fuck is the sense in that? You probably sportin that LoPo equestrian gear. Anyways, You can talk all that nonsense bout me, but leave my homie big bruiser out of this, hes got no love for you, and might just think you a bird.

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    You took my comment personal. I was clownin. Check my comments. I always keep it positive round here. Please don't beat me up.

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    Menes' flamings r the best. I've always considered being called a 'gumshoe Slurpee clerk' by the god to be nothing short of the highest of honours.

    I should listen to this album again. Was actually gonna post some more comments back when I gave it a few spins. I know I really love the opening track n the way it comes in. Also the party in a pyramid track is mad catchy n I was rapping the hook to myself in my Menes impersonation for a while there.

    'come on in and get acquainted, get high, get lifted, get faded'. Cool shit.

    Also one of ur bwoys dropped a verse about being in school n kicking rhymes in hallways n shit, which I always look forward to.

    ^Download it here:


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    Suck this drunk alcohol dick.

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    This album still goes hard.

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