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Thread: R. Kelly Likes To Videotape Himself and Then Masturbate To It According To ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by rat fakerman View Post
    I'm going for the $100 offer
    Quote Originally Posted by Artsdradamus View Post
    Dear Diary,

    I cannot wait for the next Wu-Syndicate release. Iím so excited that I canít sleep. Joe Mafia and Myalansky are so dreamy and cool. Sometimes I fantasize that they will be my first kiss.

    Yours truly,

    Lee Towers' Vagina

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    R. Kelly is a rapist and a pedophile.

    So why is he still relevant? Because black people hold him up as some kind of role model. That uncle tom D.L. Hughley just played R. Kelly on his show 5 minutes ago. I love how these self righteous frauds will pretend to be outraged if Donald Trump is secretly recorded making a chauvinist comment about a woman (like a normal alpha male), meanwhile all the Democrats in Hollywood are peddling violence, drugs, assaulting women and molesting little boys or raping underage girls.

    Let me tell you something about this democrat shill and fraud D.L. Hughley who plays what his white corporate elitist record label owners tell him to play like a good little slave. This fraud lives on Prado de la Marisopa St. in Calabasas, CA. This is a city with a 84% rich white population and only 1.4% black. According to the U.S. census, there's only 375 black people in D.L. Hugley's entire rich elitist Californian city!!! So D.L., if "black lives matter" so much then why did you move away from the black neighborhood like the rest of the rich black Democrat uncle tom frauds like you (Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, etc.) ? Because you are a FRAUD and a shill for the Democrat party! I'd call you a sellout but you were never keeping it real from the get go. You're another "comedian" who isn't funny. And I can hear a better bullshit playlist off pandora without the moronic radio host DJ pretending like he knows about politics.

    For a whole year this dipshit clamored about Trump's taxes. When one year of Trump's taxes were illegally released, we came to find out that Trump paid more taxes in one year than D.L. Hughley has paid in his entire life. The Trump organization employs 22,450 employees according to PrivCo. Assuming the average salary was just $35,000 (very low estimate) that means that Trump pays $5,225,237.50 in federal payroll taxes each year ALONE! That's not including the millions he pays just in property taxes on all his commercial and residential properties. Any moron liberal Democrat putz who believes Trump isn't paying taxes, or that the IRS headed by Obama's cronies wouldn't have nailed him if he had filed anything illegally, are the typical sheep that the liberal Democrat progressive neo-marxist establishment relies on being a majority in this nation.

    Most of the homes on D.L. Hughley's street sold for about $1.2 million. The city property tax is 1% so this dipshit probably pays $12,000 a year in property tax. The property tax for Trump tower alone was $3 million in 2012! So keep bitching about Trump's taxes, DL Hughley. Put your fake Malcolm X glasses on so people mistake you for being smart. Lebron and Oprah try to pull off the same gag with the fake thick eggshell glasses. IDIOTS!

    D.L. Hughley, according to the "interwebs," is net worth $5 million. Trump pays more in taxes each year than D.L. Hughley and his entire pathetic career is worth!!!

    R. Kelly is relevant because of the Democrat paid shills like D.L Hughley who are paid to corral as many naive blacks back on to the Democrat plantation as possible. When sHillary Clinton, the protege of KKK Robert Byrd and married to the protege of KKK J. William Fulbright, says she carries around hot sauce in her purse, uncle tom blacks like D.L. Hughley eat that shit up. You like being pandered to? If she said she carried around watermelons in her suitcase you'd get really giddy wouldn't you? Pathetic.

    Fuck R. Kelly and the mainstream corporate bullshit black culture that Democrats pimp to the black (and white) masses. They used the first half black president to sell you homosexuality, gay marriage, transsexualism, sodomy and food stamps. You happy? During Obama's administration black home-ownership declined, black household net worth declined, black household median income declined, black poverty increased, and the number of blacks on welfare programs skyrocketed. Not to mention that Obama kept black unemployment almost twice the rate of white unemployment. You call that a success? An achievement? Blacks fare better with those "wayyyyycist Republicans" you're so ignorantly scurrred of. Nevermind that all the important civil rights legislation of the last 150 years was passed by Republicans.

    R. Kelly represents the double standards and ignorance and low life culture pimped to you by corporate commercial porch sweepers and uncle toms like D.L. Hughley and the dumbass comedians on Comedy Central and your late night talk show crybaby dipshits like Jimmy Kimmel. If we can get every black man to be as dumb as Colin KaeperPrick (wearing Che Guevara shirts while there are no blacks in power in Cuba under the Castros) or get every black woman to be a filthy mouthed prostitute like Niki MInaj then the liberal democrat progressive neo-marxist establishment and their corporate shills would have accomplished something even more enslaving than getting you to pick their cotton.

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    jesus, fucking trump triggered lol - get a grip cunt.

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    lol at obama selling (amongst other things) food stamps hand in hand with sodomy.

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    hahaaha, wtf is going on in here?

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