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Thread: Unreleased Prodigy Verse

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    Default Unreleased Prodigy Verse

    Shit sounds great. Such a shame the mans gone. Hopefully there is a lot more material recorded to be released.

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    RIP Don P


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    Prodigy no longer exists in this world, but is solidified as a hip hop treasure. I am certain every rapper at some point wanted to be Prodigy. He just exuded what it is to be a roughneck, hardcore, gangster, crime figure. Who can forget that voice perfect for sampling in a hook? Even if Prodigy died right after Infamous was released, he could still be considered one of the best just off of the vivid power of his lyrical imagery alone.. Everything he said on that album was like it was being broadcast on a movie screen.. His gift for storytelling was not of this world. If there were any album where I could wish for a video for every song, it would definitely be the Infamous. Remember on D-X-L when Jadakiss said "Ya'll use beats for help, we help the beats" That defines Prodigy to a tee on the Infamous, and that is saying something considering Havoc's production on that album.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Daniel Davis View Post
    Prodigy no longer exists

    FUCK YOU!!!!! .|. .|.

    The infamous Don P



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