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Thread: Dom Pachino - 'Fire God (The Gift Of Fire)' review thread

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    Default Dom Pachino - 'Fire God (The Gift Of Fire)' review thread

    PICS ARE IN!!!






    Got the album in the mail today. Sounds very good on first listen. Up to par with the previous Napalm releases. Will post a full review later today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Artsdradamus View Post
    Dear Diary,

    I cannot wait for the next Wu-Syndicate release. Iím so excited that I canít sleep. Joe Mafia and Myalansky are so dreamy and cool. Sometimes I fantasize that they will be my first kiss.

    Yours truly,

    Lee Towers' Vagina

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    Default Dom Pachino - 'Firegod (The Gift Of Fire)', Dec 25, 2017, NAPALM/WARFACE review


    hell yeah I'm rating the skits too lol

    kung fu meets napalm intro. nice way to get things going. I appreciate the nod to kung fu movies.

    'Young lad, your technique appears to be invincible. What is your style? Who is your master?'

    I like how they caught the vibe of the movies (this is not an original movie dialogue) and made it slightly cheesy with the voice work but made it sound ill too at the same time

    It appears the fire technique ain't nuthing ta fuck wit

    2. FIREGOD [Prod. Trickytrippz] 4/5 - it's a good lead single

    the first single. peep the vid if you haven't done so already

    a good album opener with a beat that reminds me of Bronze Nazareth (maybe it's the strings?) P spits that fire on here. definitely a good choice for a lead single. I appreciate the scratching at the end.

    3. EYE ON THE PRIZE [Prod. Dash Shamash] 4.5/5 - this is my shiiiit

    we get another kung fu skit here in the intro which is linked to the song's topic : competition and trying to outbest others.

    'You want to prove you are really the champion?'

    Dash Shamash puts some much appreciated electric guitars in the mix. this song maybe comes the closest to me to the vibe we got on Teraban's 'Camouflage Children', I mean musically speaking.

    P opens the song with some spoken word, starts it off with 'Ayo stay away from me with that loser mentality'. essentially the song tells us hard work pays off

    then come some tight verses.

    P also does wel on the sung chorus.

    'Winning is the object
    Proceed with logic
    You aint gotta worry about me n*gga
    I got this
    Champion state of mind
    Got my eye on the prize
    They doubted that I could do it
    But I gave it a try.'

    I like this track and its uplifting message.

    4. I'M SO FLY [Prod. Dunnezy] 3.5/5 - nice track with catchy chorus

    '_ I thank you all for coming here today.'
    _Thank the king!'

    More kung fu dialogue... loving it!

    This song is a bit more subdued than the previous tracks, due to Dunnezy's elegant and laidback musical landscape. There's some dope lyrics in the first verse with Dom P saying he is like the Professor X of the Napalm Academy. He assumes the teacher position explaining how his students can make it through Napalm Academy.

    Another chorus sung by Dom P on this one.

    'I'm so fly
    I got the girlies winking they eyes
    I'm so high
    Like a bald eagle soaring the sky
    My music so good
    I got em going crazy in the hood
    I'm just a problem child, misunderstood.'

    Some sex braggadocio in the second verse, amongst other boasts.

    5. KNOWLEDGE BE BORN [Prod. Trickytrippz] 4.5/5
    - give it up to P for trying something else (getting out of the comfort zone) and succeeding

    'The thing is, you gotta be consistent in your ideology ...'
    There's a cool KTL kind of intro on this (yeah, I never thought I'd use 'KTL' and 'cool' in the same phrase either). The spoken intro (movie dialogue or a black leader speech I can't place) sets the tone nicely for this conscious song.

    The track samples a children's choir throughout the whole song.

    There's some jewels in this track about the scriptures being abused, equality, ecology, police violence, staying in school etc.

    In the chorus P speaks to the little ones ...

    'Let knowledge be born
    Let your brother know when he wrong
    Speak the truth
    You're the future
    You're the youth
    Be wise and powerful
    If you wanna see change
    The change is up to you.'

    Children's choirs always make me thing of Pink Floyd (yeah, I know, that's just me) and I got a soft spot for 'em. I also gotta give it up to producer Trickytrippz at this point cuz obviously he's got different styles. This one has a soft backdrop, unlike the single he provided Dom P with earlier on the album.

    6. BLEED [Prod. GPScience] 5/5 - yeah it's flawless really.

    Hot damn this track is all kinds of ill!

    '_The music helps ...
    *The music is the only thing that helps me forget.'

    Once again we got some lovely movie dialogue setting up the track. There was a lot of attention to detail on this album, which is what we've come to expect from Napalm over the last few years.

    GPScience provides us with an updated version of Biggie's 'N*ggaz bleed' and let me tell you shit's beautiful. It's got the Biggie beat with a dope female voice sample thrown in regularly.

    Meanwhile Dom P paints a drug lord story, in the best Biggie tradition. Truly a worthy 'N*ggaz bleed' tribute

    Btw apparently El Chapo goes out to see Dom P shows. Hey, who knows who you might bump into next time at a Napalm concert?

    Very nice singing (vocal sample) at the end of the track too, good outro.

    7. AMERICA'S MOST featuring Bugsy Da God & Miss Patty [Prod. Dunnezy] 3.5/5- it's a worthy entry in the Teraban catalog

    Over piano keys and some crooning by Miss Patty your fav hood stars Dom & Bugsy link up for another Teraban banger. It's good to hear at least one guest rapper on this album. Sure Dom does a great job all by himself but it's still nice to have a guest verse, especially if it's Bugsy. His feature is tight.

    Here's Dom's chorus...

    'We're America's most
    I'm out for the bread
    Where the toast
    My niggaz bring that shit in by the loaf
    Yeah peep my dream team
    See Dom P he is the coach'

    Good Napalm anthem.

    8. BRAIN POWER [Prod. Trickytrippz] 4/5 - that beat mayne! Nice conscious track too

    Another kung fu dialogue snippet (free gong sound included!) sets off the track. Wu fans are gonna LOVE Trickytrippz' beat. A sped up female vocal sample is laced over an ill as fuck uptempo beat. Meanwhile Dom goes IN. P dropping knowledge, with some nice metaphors (deliver like an obstetrician) too. 'My flow is sick every word is murder ...' is how he sets his first verse off.

    A chorus on the conscious tip, some choice words for homosexuals ('Adam and Steve') although he 'agrees to disagree' with you on this, ironman. A short discussion of early American history is included too.

    Here's the chorus ...

    'More land to grow my crops
    More peace less crooked cops
    More teachers, more schools, more education
    More equality and less segregation
    More knowledge of self, less poverty
    Lees hunger, more truth, more honesty
    More talking it out and less violence
    More speaking out and less silence.'

    9. INFLOWENZA [Prod. Trickytrippz] 3.5/5' - solid track, somehow has a bit of an ol' skool feel to it

    the intro movie dialogue discusses a deadly flu

    'The flu took 3 times as many lives ...
    and could a flu that deadly ...
    strike again?'

    The piano has the hiccups on this one. P is shit talking here haha nice. Basically a braggadocio rap. Redman and Cam'Ron are referended (not dissed) in this track

    Chorus :

    'This is that inflowenza flu flow
    Dog said Cujo
    Puerto Rican judo
    Put my son through school though
    You're a bitch n*gga
    Tell me what you gonna do, yo?
    Hurry up, move slow'

    10. PINTEREST [Prod. Trickytrippz] 3.5/5
    - good ladies track. I added 0.5 for the hilarious intro and outro haha.

    'There's only two syllables in this whole wide world worth hearing ...


    LOL I love these intro snippets. This is the first and only track about duh womenz on this album. Trickytrippz shows some more versatility with his organ drenched beat.

    'Picture a lil car seat in the back of the Mercedes.'

    As far as songs about being in love with women go this is a cool addition. The beat fits the topic nicely, in fact the beat elevates this song beyond pure 'ladies track'.

    'A very distant second ...

    ... is a Ferrari'

    Hahaha nice way to close out the song.

    11. FIGHT THEM ALL [SKIT] 4/5 - yeah this is some good kung fu shit right here

    Some full blown kung fu movie dialogue. Shit's ill, son. An old warrior who was about to retire has just received a message that makes him unsure whether he is still the reigning champion. So he goes back ... back to fight ... fight them all.

    Of course it's easy to see how this applies to Dom P and how he returned to the rap game.

    12. VIVID [PROD. Anthai] 5/5 - greatness

    It's great to see Anthai Tha Antagonist (71 Raw rapper and producer) turn up on this album to provide a beat, as he is one of my fav producers with an evergrowing catalog. This beat is on some creepy 1980s horror movie soundtrack tip. It's FABULOUS. Some nice beat tempo switches in there too. To me this is the best beat on the album.

    Since Anthai has scored full albums with other rappers before I hope these two link up again and do a whole album together. I would lap that shit UP son.

    P discusses his time away from the game, how he returned, the love he gets when he performs in Europe

    Peep his pensive chorus ...

    'I see things you haven't seen
    Cream you haven't seen
    Niggaz on the lean
    with a bundle in they jeans
    is this life?
    it's gotta be more than what it seems'

    P is at his most introspective and personal on this song (even more so as the song progresses). I appreciate his honesty.

    13. GOLDEN ERA (NY SHIT) [Prod. Trickytrippz] 4/5 -
    NY nostalgia at its finest

    Nostalgia reigns supreme on this one. Some delicate melodious violin strings and scratching on this one while Dom waxes poetic about the good old days. Ah, I can just picture it, while I was of course never even there lol. This track fits in nicely with the 'back in the day' tradition. Trickytrippz' beat evokes emotion, truly a nice way to close the album.

    Oh wait, there's one more kung fu movie snippet to wrap up the album in style. I couldn't be happier.

    This album GOES HARD. By now I must have listened to it about 8 or 9 times and I gotta say I like it even better than yesterday when I first discussed it in another thread. I had not always finished the album on previous listens yesterday (I was always listening while I was doing different chores around the house like a real euro gangsta is bound to do hahaha) but now that I've heard the final two tracks a bunch of times and that I've sat the fuck down to digest the album completely I gotta say we got another BANGER on our hands here. And 'Vivid' is an instant classic track.

    Btw I gotta say I was impressed with the way Dom handled chorus duty here. We already know he's got a great ear for beats so the beat selection here is as good as could be expected, but Dom really shows his affinity for catchy choruses on this release, and that was perhaps the biggest surprise to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Artsdradamus View Post
    Dear Diary,

    I cannot wait for the next Wu-Syndicate release. Iím so excited that I canít sleep. Joe Mafia and Myalansky are so dreamy and cool. Sometimes I fantasize that they will be my first kiss.

    Yours truly,

    Lee Towers' Vagina

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    Thank you for the thorough review

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    GPScience did not produce “Bleed”. That was my boy Wize Elementz. I was at his lab when he made that track with the movie intro and all. Just an FYI.

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    This album is FIRE, no question on thinking its average.
    Quote Originally Posted by soul controller View Post
    i remember random shit i dont need to know lol
    "Who's the wickedest, street officialist, Guess, Gortex
    Lex is the crispiest, ice the vidiculous
    Peep and look, the unexplainable'll keep ya shook
    High illism, the realism got you hooked"
    AZ - Doe or Die (Rza Remix)

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