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Thread: Dr Octagon - 'Area 54' (streaming track)

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    Default Dr Octagon - 'Area 54' (streaming track)


    it's ya boy Kool Keith

    you need Spotify for this shit, which is why YOU can listen to the whole song and I can't lol

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    any more full streams come out for this shiz?

    wasnt impressed with that thirty second sample, nor have i been impressed with much from Keith nowadays, the DOOM feature verse, Feature Magnetic.

    look forward to this though.

    had a good spin of Dr. Dooom today at work

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    The new album is out and the first reviews are in ... Here is some of the criticism ...

    * 'Dan The Automator's beats sound old and barely 3 tracks are on the level of the debut album'.

    *'Keith's rhymes are weak.'

    *'DJ Qbert's cuts and scratches are good but don't add much to the tracks.'

    Well, here's my 2 cents :

    *I longed to hear those types of beats again and I'm not disappointed. Ok, maybe the beats aren't on the level of the debut album but you gotta take the loss of the 'surprise effect' into account. There are some REALLY good beats on here like 'Polka Dots' (atmospheric strings and GREAT turntablism), 'Black Hole Son', 'Power of the world (Is curls)' (with a kicker last line lol), 'Area 54' and the lush/exotic 'Flying Waterbed' (the latter is reminiscent of Ray West's production on Kool Keith's 'A Couple Of Slices' album) to name a few. Granted, not all tracks have outstanding production ('Hollywood Tailswinging' sounds pretty basic, for instance. Good thing it's the last track on the regular album version imo.) But there's enough variety of soundscapes on this album and the whole thing DOES conjure up a great 'alt hiphop vibe' from back in the day.

    * I don't know if you've noticed this but with 'professional' reviewers it's standard operating procedure to stick to quoting and discussing the opening track of the album ( = laziness) and then just following that up with some general remarks on overall lyrical content.

    Well, the opening track on here sounds like Kool Keith's big FUCK YOU moment to critics and nostalgic/critical fans. People are saying about the opening track 'Octagon Octagon' 'Keith is so lazy, he just strings a bunch of phrases with the word 'Octagon' in there over and over.' Lol I think it's highly likely Keith did that on purpose to piss th people off / to make fun of the people who were constantly comparing Keith's whole career to his first 'solo' album. Imagine being told over and over again 'Do another Octagon album' and 'You were much sharper with Dan and Qbert'. It's like Keith thought 'I'll give you guys an Octagon overdose on the first track.' Personally, I think it's hilarious hahaha.

    So is Keith's lyricism as sharp as way back when? No, it isn't but that's hardly a surprise if you've been following his career. I think Keith does reasonably well on here. He's definitely solid and in places he's really good. The sex talk (which can either be extremely funny of just plzin boring with Keith, depends on HOW he uses sex talk in the context of a song) is largely missing here. But there's a lot of sci fi nerdery (is that a word lol) here, nonsense lyrics and free association. I'm not talking 'Supreme Clientele' levels but it's still entertaining stuff.

    *Now on the subject of DJ Qbert ... When's the last time you heard a lot of turntablism on a record? Riiiight, it's been a while. I'm digging the technique! The turntablism is an integral part of the album to me. The track 'Bear Witness IV' is outstanding in that respect.

    So all in all after a few listens I'd give this a solid 7/10, with potential for an 8 or even 8.5 after some more listens. Honestly, the more I listen to it the moee I like it.

    For those in doubt about buying mp3s or CDs and vinyl, the CD bonus track I have ('Aviator Hype') is on par with the rest of the album, in fact it's actually very good. I don't know whether this bonus track is akso included on the vinyl version.

    I ended up with 2 copies of the album (something went wrong with my UK order, so I preordered in France too, then the UK order came through anyway) and I gotta say, based on the quality of the album, I'm not mad I accidentally ended up wuih 2 physical copies.
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    Dope album on my first listen

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